█ Mods with black text - Essential mods for a bug-free game that look exactly like the screenshots
> Requirements: At least 4GB video memory.

Mods with a green square -
Not necessary for visuals, but recommended mods that won't have any FPS impact
> Requirements: At least 6GB video memory
Mods with a blue square - Recommended mods that might impact FPS on low-end systems. (When installed on top of black/green mods)
> Requirements: At least 8GB video memory
Mods with a red square - Performance heavy mods, only recommended for high-end systems. (When installed on top of black/green/blue)
> Requirements: At least 12GB video memory
Mods where lore-friendliness is debatable - Moste mods in this list are lore friendly. However... Lore-friendliness is subjective, and sometimes lore-friendliness depends on usage of a specific mod. Whenever something could be questionable, pink is the color.



Choose a mod manager: (LINK)

Info for 1st time NMM users: When starting NMM for the first time, use the username and password from the Nexus site.
The links in the mod-list will take you to the description page of every mod. Click the "Files" tab and you will get to the download section.
NMM will automatically catch the file(s) and start downloading right away after clicking "Mod Manager Download". NMM will then save the file, and the mod will show in the "mods" tab in the main window. Right click the mod, and you can choose to install, uninstall or permanently delete it. When a mod has been installed, a green check mark will show next to the mod, and if the mod contains esm/esp/esl files, then they will then show in the "Plugins" tab.
IMPORTANT: If at any time, NMM shows an "upgrade" dialog box (See image below), claiming that another version of the mod has already been installed, and asks: "Would you like to update?". Always select "No". No exceptions. ALWAYS "No".




PLEASE READ: Install the following mods one by one, in listed order. This is important, as some mods overwrite files from others.

Most listed mods are from NexusMods. Unless otherwise specified, install the latest "Main File" and click "YES" to overwrite if asked.

Recommended: After installing each section of mods, launch the game and see if everything works. The list is long, and it's easy to miss an item or overwrite the wrong file. If the game doesn't work, at least you will know where to look.
*Before launching the game, sort the load-order according to the list here: (LINK)

Note: Some links will point to mods for Skyrim LE, 'Legendary Edition'.
Conversions and fixes are included where needed. If interested, here is info on how proper conversions have been made: (LINK)


Whenever the project is updated, changes are listed here

Mods 1: Bug-Fixes

Havok Fix (LINK)

Address Library for SKSE Plugins (LINK)
Install: "All in one (Special Edition)"

SSE Engine Fixes (LINK)
Download both files manually, and unpack into the Skyrim SE game-folder. *Don't use the mod manager

Enchantment Reload Fix SE (LINK)

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch 4.2.6a (DOWNLOAD)
*Version 4.2.6a is the last version that works for Skyrim SE. Don't download 4.2.7+ from Nexus, it's for Skyrim AE.
Download, then add the file to NMM via "Add mod from file". Then install the mod as usual

*Newly added files will show up under "Unassigned"

Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch - USMP SE

Vanilla Script (micro)Optimizations (LINK)

Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB (DOWNLOAD)
Download, then add the file to NMM via "Add mod from file". Then install the mod as usual

Bright Falling Leaves Fix (LINK)

ENB Helper SE (LINK)

ENB Helper Plus (LINK)
*During installation, select: "1.5.97 (Pre-AE)"

PrivateProfileRedirector SE - Faster game start (LINK)
Install the latest version for SE

Skyrim Priority SE - skse plugin (LINK)

SSE Display Tweaks (LINK)
This only works on Windows 10, and it might not work on all systems, so test the game after installing. If it doesn't work, just uninstall and skip.

SSE Display Tweaks SSEBP Settings (DOWNLOAD)
Add the file to NMM via "Add mod from file". Then install the mod as usual

Ancient Dwemer Metal - Missing Forgemaster Fix (LINK)

Animated Static Reload Fix (LINK)

Bug Fixes SSE (LINK)
Install: "Bug Fixes SSE (Special Edition)"

Dawnguard Don't Hunt Cured Vampires
Dawnguard Don't Hunt Cured Vampires - ESL

Dwemer Gates Don't Reset
Recommended installation options:

Eclipse Mesh Fix (DOWNLOAD)

Elwaps Patches and Fixes (LINK)
Install: "Rude Imperial Soldiers Escort Prisoner fix -FORM44-ESL-"

Labyrinthian Shalidor's Maze Fixes (LINK)

Magic Student (WIChangeLocation04) Quest Fix

NPC AI Process Position Fix - NG
Installation settings:

NVIDIA Reflex Support (LINK) *Only for Nvidia graphics cards
*This is just a small FPS boost. Nothing major.

Powerofthree's Tweaks
Installation settings:

Powerofthree's Tweaks - SSEBP ini (DOWNLOAD)

Powerofthree's Papyrus Extender
Installation settings:

Spell Perk Item Distributor
Installation settings:

Whiterun Mesh Fixes

Word Wall Transparency Fix for ENB

Papyrus Tweaks NG

Sound Fix For Large Sector Drives
Note: This mod is only needed if your drive has a sector size larger than 4096. (Typical Win10 drive sector size)

Alik'r Warriors Aren't Welcome

Aurora Fix

Blacksmith Forge Water Fix - Special Edition (LINK)
Install: "Blacksmith Forge Water Fix SE - USSEP"

Blood on the Ice- Wuunferth Dialog Fix

1st Person Candlelight Fix

College of Winterhold Quest Start Fixes
Installation settings:

Combat Music Fix SKSE
Install: "Combat Music Fix SKSE - SSE"

Creature Collision Fix

Durak Teleport Fix

Equip Enchantment Fix
Install: "Equip Enchantment Fix for 1.5.39 - 1.6.353"

Floating Ash Pile Fix

Flora Respawn Fix

Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice (LINK)
Install "Fuz Ro D'oh" version 2.1

Geirmund's Hall Pull Chain

HearthFires Display Case Fix SE

High Gate Ruins Puzzle Reset Fix

Potema CTD Fix - SSE Conversion

Invisibility and Eyes Mesh Fix by HHaleyy
Install: "Invisibility and Eyes Mesh Fix"
Installation settings:

Less ugly Solitude Catacombs Stone (LINK)

LOD Unloading Bug Fix

Mage Armor Script Fix

Modern Clap Bug Fix

Mount Anthor Dragon Fix

Navigator - Navmesh Fixes
Installation settings:

Neloth's Experimental Subject Quest (DLC2TTR4a) Fix

Nilheim BQ Fix

NPC Dialogue Audio Enhancer

PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions
Install: "PapyrusUtil SE - Scripting Utility Functions"

Quest Conflict Fixes (DOWNLOAD)

Riften Mausoleum corner mesh collision fix

Riften Ragged Flagon Flickering Fix

Riften Temple Sconce Fix

Roggvir's Execution Low Timescale Fix

Source of Stalhrim Quest Fix

Spiders of Solstheim - Transparency Fix

Torch sprint doubled footsteps SFX fix

Dawnguard Delayed (LINK)
I recommend installing: "Dawnguard Delayed - Level 30"

Dragonborn Delayed (LINK)
I recommend installing: "1 - Dragonborn Delayed - Horn of Jurgen Windcaller"

Dragonborn & Dawnguard Delayed - ESLs (DOWNLOAD)

New Game Delay (LINK) *LE mod
Install: "New Game Delay - 2 minutes delay"
Note: This mod doesn't need conversion. It's just a script. Download the file manually, add it to NMM and install as usual
Important: This mod might seem unnecessary at first glance. All it does, is delaying the cart from rolling for 2 minutes when starting a new game. *Reason: Starting a new game with mods, is extremely demanding on the game engine. This small change gives the engine a chance to catch up loading mods before starting the intro. This means lower chances of game-engine mess-ups and script errors.


Mods 2: Base Textures

Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures (LINK)
Install: "Kart_CSSET_Overwrite"

Clutter Textures Pack

D.E.R.P. - DarShonDo's Eyesore Retex Project

Skyrim HD - 2K Textures (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Download the file manually, add it to NMM and install as usual

Forgotten Retex Project
Installation settings:

Riften Ratway HD

Chris2012s Whiterun HQ Texture Pack (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Download the file manually, add it to NMM and install as usual

Detailed Chests Texture Replacers SE
I recommend installing: "Chests_WashedOut_2048"

HQ Towns and Villages (DOWNLOAD)

Leather details and other things

Terrain LOD redone
Terrain LOD Redone - ESL

Dragonsreach Balcony Landscape Fix

HD LODs Textures SE
Install: "HD Lods Textures SE 1K V9.3 Standard versio"

The Beauty of Skyrim - Caves and Mines
Download the file manually, add it to NMM and install as usual
The Beauty of Skyrim - Caves and Mines - SSE Patch (LINK)

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM (LINK)
Installation settings (LINK)

SMIM Merge
(LINK) *Note: This merge is ONLY for SMIM version 2.08
Download the file manually, add it to NMM and install as usual
*This file merges together 5 of the 7 SMIM esp files into one
After installation, click the "Plugins" tab and uncheck the 5 SMIM items. See image

Static Mesh improvement Mod - SMIM - Quality Addon

Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes
Installation settings:

Lightened Skyrim
Installation settings:

High Hrothgar Floating Pot Fix broken by SMIM
*I recommend installing version 1.4.0 instead of 2.0.0. This will replace the pot with a pettier one. If you choose version 2, you save an esp-spot in the load-order, but you get the regular pot instead.
Recommended installation settings:

Vivid Landscapes - All in One - Special Edition
Install: 1 "Vivid Landscapes - Special Edition"
Install: 2 "Vivid Landscapes - Special Edition - LOD correction"
Vivid Landscapes - Texture Optimization
*In case you wonder about the quality of the texture optimization, info and details can be found here: (LINK)
Download the file manually, add it to NMM and install as usual

Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture Special Edition

Solstheim landscape and furniture (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install: "All in one"
Download the file manually, add it to NMM and install as usual

Raven Rock HD

4K HD Fine Mines
4K HD Fine Mines - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

CC's HQ Caves
Install: "CC's HQ Caves - 4K - 1.1"
Recommended installation settings:

CC's HQ Caves - Texture Optimization

Cave Floor (DOWNLOAD)


Northfire's Castle Volkihar

Castle Volkihar Better Wood (DOWNLOAD)

LHs Dungeons Remaster HD 2K-4K (DOWNLOAD)

Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE
Install 1: "Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE version"
Install 2: "Ruin Levers addon SE version"
Install 3: "Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE - Patch for Smoking Torches and Candles"
Rudy HQ Nordic Ruins - Texture Optimization

Nordic Ruins UHD - SSEBP-Repack With optimization (DOWNLOAD)
This is a repack of "Nordic Ruins UHD" (LINK) - Made to compliment "Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE".  *Don't download from Nexus

Ruins Clutter Improved (LINK)
Install 1: "Ruins_Clutter_Improved_SE_NMM_v3-1" *
Install 2: "Falmer Temple Chandelier"
Install 3: "Ratway Wood Fix SE"
Install 4: "Ruins Linen Normal Map Fix SE"
*Installation settings (LINK)

Imperial Forts HD (DOWNLOAD)
Imperial Forts HD - Texture Optimization

Fort Helgen Door Mesh Fix

Sovngarde HD
Install: "Sovngarde HD 4K"
Sovngarde HD - 2K Normals (DOWNLOAD)

CC's HQ Fort Dawnguard (LINK)
Install: "CC's HQ Fort Dawnguard - 4K - 1.0"
CC's HQ Fort Dawnguard - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

College of Winterhold HD

HQ College of Winterhold (DOWNLOAD)

College Of Winterhold - Texture Optimization

Skyrim Textures Redone - SkyHaven
Install: "STR - SkyHaven"
Skyrim Textures Redone - SkyHeaven - 2K-Normals (DOWNLOAD)

4K Parallax High Hrothgar by Pfuscher (LINK) *LE
Install 1: "High Hrothgar"
Install 2: "Update1"
4K Parallax High Hrothgar - SSE
Install 1: "4K Parallax High Hrothgar - SSE Conversion Patch"
Install 2: "4K Parallax High Hrothgar - Texture Optimization"

Better prisonerstuff

Detailed Rugs
Install: "Detailed Rugs clean SE v1-5"

Rugnarok - Special Edition 2K-1K - SSEBP-Repack (DOWNLOAD)
Note: This is a repack of "Rugnarok - Special Edition" (LINK) - Made to compliment "Detailed Rugs".  *Don't download from Nexus

Windhelm HD - Windhelm HD
Windhelm HD - Puddles 2k (DOWNLOAD)

Windhelm HD Retexture 4K
Installation settings:

More Dwemered Textures - The Markarth and Dwemer ruins (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install: "More Dwemered Textures 2K V02"

Note: This is a repack of "Markarth HD" (LINK) - Made to compliment "More Dwemered Textures". *Don't download from Nexus

Solitude HD - Solitude HD
Solitude HD - Alternative Stonewall Textures (DOWNLOAD)
Solitude HD - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Solitude - Better Ground And Wood Textures (DOWNLOAD)

Riften HQ textures
(LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install: "Riften HQ textures 1_86 2048"

Riften HD

Riften In High Definition - 4K - SSEBP-REPACK (DOWNLOAD)
Note: This is a repack of "Riften In High Definition" (LINK) - Made to compliment "Riften HD". *Don't download from Nexus

Whiterun HD - Whiterun HD (DOWNLOAD)
Whiterun HD - Whiterun Shields Texture Fix
Whiterun HD - Alternative Street Textures Granite Stones
Whiterun HD - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Whiterun HD Retexture - 4K-2K-Mix - SSEBP-REPACK
Note: This is a repack of "Whiterun HD Retexture" (LINK) - Made to compliment "Whiterun HD". *Don't download from Nexus


Mods 3: Environment

Depths of Skyrim - An Underwater Overhaul SSE (LINK)
Depths of Skyrim - Texture Optimization

Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul UPDATED ESL
Installation settings:

HD Lava for Dawnguard

Skyrim SE Improved Puddles
Recommended installation settings:

Gecko's 4K Mountain Textures (LINK)
Gecko's 4K Mountain Textures - Better Grey Color

The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold
*This turns the bland tundra surrounding Whiterun into a lush pine forest instead. It does come with a small performance decrease, but in my opinion it's definitely worth it

Enhanced Vanilla Trees SSE (LINK)  *Download mirror (DOWNLOAD)
I recommend installing version 1.9.0 from "Old files". It contains all the options in one easy file, instead of the new separated 2.0.0 version
Recommended installation settings (LINK)
Enhanced Vanilla Trees SSE - ESL

TreesHD Skyrim Variation - Ultra - SSEBP-REPACK
Note: This is a repack of "TreesHD Skyrim Variation - Ultra" (LINK) *Don't download from Nexus
*It's repacked to compliment "Enhanced Vanilla Trees" and "Better PineTree Branches"

Ugly Roots Removal

LH's Realistic Field Grass HD (DOWNLOAD)
LH's Realistic Field Grass HD - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Veydosebrom - Grasses And Groundcover (DOWNLOAD)
Installation settings (LINK)
Veydosebrom - 1K Normals (DOWNLOAD)

Pure Waters
Installation settings:

Pure Waters - Texture Optimization

Just Ice
Install: "Just Ice 4k-2k Hybrid"

Birds of Skyrim SSE Edition

Dandelions - Realistic Dandelion Seeds
Install: "2K Dandelion Seeds"

Leaves (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install 1: "LEAVES v4 x1024"
Install 2: "Aspen to Cherry Blossom compatability x1024"

Skyrim 3D StoneWalls

Hybrids HD Plants and Herbs Retexture (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed

EEKs Renthal Flora Collection
Install 1: "EEKs Renthal Flora Collection v1"
Install 2: "EEKS Renthal Flora Collection Update v1 - v1.2"

Deathbell HD - All-New Textures
(LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install: "Deathbell HD - 2K"

Flora Mod Collection (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install: "Mountainflowers - 2K"

HD Photorealistic Ivy
HD Photorealistic Ivy - Texture Optimization

Hanging Moss replacer into plant
(LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install 1: "2K"
Install 2: "Update 1.1"
Hanging Moss Replacer - More Green (DOWNLOAD)

Mora Tapinella Retexture - SSEBP-REPACK
Note: This is a repack of "Mora Tapinella 2k" (LINK) - Made to compliment "Mushroom Retextures". *Don't download from Nexus

Mushroom Retextures (LINK)

Jazbay by Mari
I recommend installing: "Jazbay by Mari - Green"
Note: I recommend choosing the 2k version during installation
Jazbay - Texture Optimization

High Poly Canticle Tree

Assorted mesh fixes
Don't overwrite files from the following 5 mods:
"Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins",  "Forgotten Retex Project",  "EEKs Renthal Flora", "Riften HD" or  "Enhanced Vanilla Trees"

Fixed Mesh Lighting
Installation Settings (LINK)

Water in Wells - mesh-only animated wells (LINK)
Installation settings:

Water in Wells - Textures Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Nordic Snow (LINK)
Don't overwrite files from "Enhanced Vanilla Trees SSE"

Quality SnowFlakes HD V2 - Luminous

Sea of Ghosts 3D Icefloes
Sea of Ghosts 3D Icefloes - Better Ice Texture (DOWNLOAD)

Skyrim 3D Icefloes

Better Windhelm Ground Meshes - With Parallax Support
Install: "Better Windhelm Ground Meshes"

Caveworm Plant Retexture
Install: "2K Caveworm"

Falling Gildergreen Petals - SE
Install: "Falling Gildergreen Petals - ESL file"

Fire and Frost Impact Decals HD

High Poly Blackreach Mushrooms (LINK)

Blackreach Tentacle Mesh Fix (LINK)

High Poly Gleamblossoms (LINK)
Install: "High Poly Gleamblossoms - ENB light"

Improved Gourds (LINK)

Less Ugly Tundragrass (LINK)

Skyrim Textures Redone - Enhanced Night Sky (LINK)
Recommended installation settings (LINK)

8K Night Skies - Vanilla Blue - SSEBP-REPACK
Note: This is a repack of "8K Night Skies - Stars and Galaxies" (LINK) *Don't download from Nexus
*It's repacked to compliment "Skyrim Textures Redone - Enhanced Night Sky"

Aurora SE
Install: "AURORA v5 x2048"

Better Nebula

Rallys Solstheim Scathecraw 2K
I recommend installing "Rallys Solstheim Scathecraw 2K - Vanilla Colors"

Remove Hanging Moss From Trees (LINK)

Riekling Barrels SMIM

Scallions of Skyrim - High Polygon Leeks

Sconces of Skyrim - Markarth Braziers Improved

Skyrim Better Roads
Install: "Skyrim Better Roads SE (FOMOD Installer)"
Installation settings:

*The bridges will conflict with "CLARALUX SSE", so choose only the roads, unless you don't plan to install CLARALUX SSE

Improved Clouds Mesh

Smooth Sky mesh - SSE

Smoking Torches and Candles
Installation settings:

Note: Don't overwrite files from "Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE" or "Ruins Clutter Improved"

Simplicity of Snow
Installation settings:

Shaders of Solstheim - Ash and Moss

Ultimate HD Fire Effects
Install: "Ultimate HD Fire Effects -Medium Resolution-"
Ultimate HD Fire Effects - SSE Patch (LINK)

Solstheim Objects SMIMed - High Poly Dark Elf Furniture
Recommended installation settings:

Wall mounted dead animals fixes (LINK)

Skyrim Is Windy (LINK)

No grass in caves
Install: "No Grass In Caves"

No Grassias - A Universal Grass Fix For Grass Mods
Install: "NoGrassias"

Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods

Landscape Seam Fixes

Complementary Grass Fixes
Installation settings:

Wolfskull Cave Fix
Wolfskull Cave Fix - ESL

CLARALUX SSE - Controllable Lights Everywhere
Install 1: "CLARALUX for SSE"
Install 2: "CLARALUX for SSE - Support Patches"
Installation settings:

CLARALUX for SSE - Support Patches - ESL (DOWNLOAD)

Install: "Claralux SSE without Testing Facility door"
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)

Towns and Villages Enhanced - SSE Patches (LINK)
Install 1: "Towns and Villages Enhanced - Riften - SSE Conversion Patch"

Install 2: "Towns and Villages Enhanced - Riverwood - SSE Conversion Patch"
Install 3: "Towns and Villages Enhanced - Solitude - SSE Conversion Patch"

Install 4: "Towns and Villages Enhanced - Villages - SSE Conversion Patch"

Install 5: "Towns and Villages Enhanced - Whiterun - SSE Conversion Patch"

Install 6: "Towns and Villages Enhanced - Windhelm - SSE Conversion Patch"

Note: It is not necessary to install the original LE mods. The patches will overwrite all files regardless, so just install the 6 above files

Towns and Villages Enhanced - Markarth (LINK)

4K Gildergreen


Mods 4: New Buildings, Lands and Quests

Helsmyrr Village - SSE (LINK)

Ebonvale Settlement

Falkreath Bathhouse (LINK)

Raven Rock Bathhouse (LINK)

Solitude Public Bathhouse (LINK) *LE
Solitude Public Bathhouse - SSE Patch

The Dibellan Baths (LINK)
Install: "The Dibellan Baths - ESL"


The Evil Mansion - Final Edition
(LINK*Although inspired by Resident Evil, this mod still fits the Skyrim world
Install 1: "The Evil Mansion - Finale Edition - SSE only"
Install 2: "The Evil Mansion - Final Edition - FaceGen Fix"
Install 3: "The Evil Mansion - Final Edition - NavMesh Fix by Kalipou"

Wyvern Rock Castle (LINK)
Wyvern Rock Castle  - ESP Fix

Ravenscale Castle - SSE (DOWNLOAD)

Timber Springs (LINK)
Timber Springs - Texture Optimization

Blood and Silver - Cidhna Mine Expanded (LINK)

House Whitewatch - SSE (DOWNLOAD)

Inns and Taverns SE (LINK)

Baths for Hearthfire Homes Redone (LINK)
Install: "Hearthfire Baths"  *The all-in-one option

Locked Chests Have Keys (LINK)

Missives (LINK)

Missives - Notes Retexture (LINK)

Missives - The Witcher Board HD (LINK)
Recommended installation settings:

Note: The "Candles + ENB Light" option has glitches in certain weathers. Select "Candles".
Missives Notes And Board Texture Optimization And Better Notes (DOWNLOAD)

Treasure Hunter for SSE (LINK)

New Treasure Hunt SSE (LINK)

Dynamic Treasure Map Journal (LINK)
Installation settings:

Sidequests of Skyrim (LINK)
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)  *You can't see them in-game yet, but you will after installing "Sky UI" later in the list

Distinct Interiors (LINK)

Caught Red Handed - Quest Expansion (LINK)
Install 1: "Caught Red Handed - Quest Expansion"
Install 2: "USSEP Optional Patch"

Granite Hill (LINK)

Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles SE (LINK)
Install 1 "Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles SSE 1.2"
Install 2 "Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles SSE 1.3"
NOTE: Don't overwrite files from any previous mods. No to all.

Wyrmstooth (LINK)

Wyrmstooth Upscaled Textures (LINK)
Install: "Wyrmstooth_2x"

Modpocalypse NPCs - Wyrmstooth (LINK)
I recommend installing: "Modpocalypse NPCs (v3) Wyrmstooth"

Wyrmstooth Integration (LINK)

Falskaar (LINK)

Falskaar - Addons and Patches (LINK)
Installation settings (LINK)

FalskaarBoatTravelScriptFix (LINK)

Project AHO (LINK)
Install 1: "Project AHO (EN)"
Install 2: "Project AHO ESM Flag Edition"

Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE - Project AHO (LINK)

Project AHO - Smelter Patch (LINK)
Install: "Project AHO - Unique Smelter Patch"

Unofficial Project AHO - Bugfix and Improvement Patch (LINK)
Install 1: "Project AHO Bugfix and Improvement Patch"
Install 2: "Table Mesh Fix"

Unofficial Project AHO Chains Patching (LINK)
NOTE: Don't overwrite files from any previous mods

Unofficial Project AHO Patch (LINK)

Apachii Hair for Interesting NPCs - Project AHO (DOWNLOAD)
Install: "Project AHO - Apachii Hair"

Project AHO Sadrith Kegran ENB Fix (LINK)

Project AHO - Start when You want (LINK)
Install: "Project AHOPatch SE"
Note: Don't download the ESL version, it doesn't work.


VIGILANT SE (LINK)  *This mod is huge. I recommend installing it, but disabling it until you want to use it
Install 1: "VIGILANT SE-AE v171"
Installation settings:

Install 2: "VIGILANT SE HiRes Pack 170b"
Installation settings:

Install 3: "VIGILANT SE HiRes Pack 170b - Lost Textures"
Install 4: "VIGILANT SE HiRes Pack Landscape 4K"
VIGILANT SE - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

VIGILANT Voiced - English Addon (LINK)

VIGILANT - Book Covers (LINK)
Install: "Vigilant - Book Covers"



NOTE: Don't overwrite files from KS Hairdos SSE

VIGILANT - Stendarr Statue Replacer for Vigilant (LINK)
Install: "LorSakyamuni's Version - Main File"

Better Falskaar and Wyrmstooth Map With Roads (LINK)

Jewel Of Solstheim (LINK)

Karlov Manor (LINK)
Download file: (LINK)

Kel-Rii Temple SSE (LINK)

Lighting The 7000 Steps (LINK)

Maelstrom - Fully Voiced Follower and Quest Mod SSE (LINK*Contains nudity & adult language. Well-made and with a lore-friendly story
Recommended installation settings:

Maelstrom - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Maelstrom - Jocelyn Makeover (LINK)
Install: "OregonPete's Maelstrom Jocelyn Makeover - ESL-flagged"
Jocelyn Makeover - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Jocelyn Makeover - M7BBP2 Replacer

Magical Blackreach (LINK)

Midwood Isle SE (LINK)
Install 1: "Midwood Isle SE - Light file size"
Install 2: "Midwood Isle Patches"
Installation settings: (LINK)

Midwood Isle - Wyrmstooth Spell Consistency Patch (LINK)

Whistling Mine (DOWNLOAD)

Moddor's Manor (LINK)  *A bit over-the-top manor, but still within lore-friendliness in my opinion

Nchuand-Zel Lower Levels (LINK)

Nordic Ruins of Skyrim SSE (LINK)

Magical College of Winterhold (LINK)

College of Winterhold - Quest Expansion (LINK)

Return to Pelagius' mind (LINK)

Penitus Oculatus (LINK)

Rigmor of Bruma (LINK)  *This mod contains a lot of scripts. I recommend installing it, but disabling it until you want to use it
Install 1: "Rigmor of Bruma - Reboot"
Install 2: "Reboot FNIS Loose Files - Reboot"

Rigmor of Cyrodiil (LINK*This mod contains a lot of scripts. I recommend installing it but, disabling it until you want to use it
Install 1: "Rigmor of Cyrodiil - Reboot"
Install 2: "Support for FNIS users SSE"
NOTE: Don't overwrite files from any previous mods. No to all.

River Rock Village (LINK)

Ryn's Alchemist's Shack (LINK)

Ryn's Anise's Cabin (LINK)

Ryn's Brandy-Mug Farm (LINK)

Ryn's Goldenglow Estate (LINK)

Ryn's Hollyfrost and Hlaalu Farms (LINK)

Ryn's Karthspire (LINK)

Ryn's Loreius Farm (LINK)

Ryn's Merryfair Farm (LINK)

Ryn's Mistwatch Folly (LINK)
Install 1: "Ryn's Mistwatch Folly"
Install 2: "Missing Tower Base Fix"

Ryn's Sarethi Farm (LINK)

Amber Guard (LINK)

Iggath (LINK)

Oakwood (LINK)

Reich Corigate (LINK)

Vernim Wood (LINK)

Showers in Inns SSE (LINK)

Skyrim Underground SSE (LINK)
Install 1: "Skyrim Underground - esm"
Install 2: "SkyrimUnderground_Add-On"
Skyrim Underground - Writing Patch (LINK)

Solstheim Lighthouse (LINK)
Install: "Solstheim Lighthouse v1.2 ESL"

The Great City Of Falkreath SSE Edition
Install 1: "The Great City of Falkreath 1.21"
Install 2: "TGCoF LOD"
Rob's Bug Fixes - TGC Falkreath

The Great City Of Morthal SSE Edition

The Great City of Solitude SSE
Install 1: "The Great City of Solitude 2.02"
Install 2: "USSEP Patch"
The Great City of Solitude SSE - USSEP Patch - ESL

The Great City Of Winterhold SSE Edition
Install 1: "The Great City of Winterhold 3.02" *Download from Old Files
Install 2: "TGCoW LOD" *Download from Old Files
*The latest version 4 has some small compatibility issues

The Distinct Great Cities Interiors (Patch)
Installation settings:

Hill House Returned SE  *Goth & vampire themed house. Within lore-friendliness in my opinion
Install 1: "Hill House Returned SE" (DOWNLOAD)
Install 2: "Hill House Returned - Flower Girls Patch" (DOWNLOAD)  *Install this only if you plan to install Flower Girls (further down the list)

Paarthurnax - Quest Expansion (LINK)
Don't install this mod if you already passed the Paarthurnax quest. Install only for new game or a save-game pre-Paarthurnax

The Rift's Rest (LINK)
Install 1: "The Rift's Rest (main)"  *Don't overwrite files from any previous mods. No to All
Install 2: "The Rift's Rest (Ostim)"
The Rifts Rest - Texture Optimization
The Rifts Rest - Better Banner
The Rifts Rest - M7BBP2 Replacer

The Vault of Maraf - SE (LINK)
Install latest version for SE

Hammet's Dungeon Packs for SE (LINK)
Install: "Hammet Dungeon Packs - SE - esm version"

New Vominheim - SE (LINK)
Install: "New Vominheim - SE (esm version)"

White Flower (LINK)

White Lighthouse (LINK)

Simply Knock SE (LINK)
Simply Knock SKSE64 DLL
Install: "SimplyKnockSE SKSE64 2.0.19 DLL"
*The newer versions are just changes for EA. Nothing new in them.

PapyrusUtil - Original & SimplyKnock Fix
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)  *You can't see them in-game yet, but you will after installing "Sky UI" later in the list


Mods 5: HD Textures

2K Imperial Tents Retexture (LINK)
I recommend installing: "2K Imperial Tents Retextured", but choose any main file

2K Nordic Tents Retexture
Install: "Desaturated Alternative Tents 4K or 2K Option Version 2"

2k Retextured Ring Of hircine (LINK)

2K Ring of Namira Retextured
Install: "1K Ring of Namira"

3D Solitude Market Trellis (LINK)

3D Whiterun Trellis (LINK)

3D Trellis Improved - Gildergreen Plaza (LINK)

4K Dragon Priest Masks of Immersion (LINK)
Install: "2K_D.P.M.I_2.0"

4K Hagraven House
4K Hagraven House - Texture Optimization

A Canticle Tree (LINK)
A Canticle Tree - Texture Optimization

A Quality World Map (LINK)
I recommend installing: "8.4 A Quality World Map - Classic with All Roads", but choose any main file
A Quality World Map - ESL (DOWNLOAD)

The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold (LINK)
Install: "AQualityWorldMap With Roads Level 32 textures"  *Only if you installed "The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold" mod

Aetherial Crown SE
Recommended settings:

Alternative Meadbarrel and Spigot

Ancestor Glade Boulders HD

Ancient Dwemer Metal - 4K-2K-Mix SSEBP-REPACK And SSE Conversion (DOWNLOAD)
Note: This is a repack of "Ancient Dwemer Metal" (LINK) - 4K Diffuse with 2K normals. *Don't download from Nexus

Ants Replacer- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Mihail's Ant Replacer - Cleaned Textures and Alt Resolution Options
I recommend installing: "Mihail's Ants - Cleaned Textures 2K"

Apple Retextures for SMIM
(LINK) *LE - No conversion needed

Ashes and Flames - Spawn and Guardian Retex SE (LINK)
Install 1: "Ash Guardian Retexture"
Install 2: "Ash Spawn Retexture"

Awesome Apiaries - Retextured Beehives

Bee HD

Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack SSE
Recommended installation settings (LINK)

Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer Pack (LINK)

Better Bats
I recommend installing: "Dark Grey Texture"

Better Signage - Inns and Shops
(LINK) *LE - No conversion needed

Better than Nando's

Better Candle Glow (DOWNLOAD)

Boiled Creme Treat Sweet Roll and Pies

Book Covers Skyrim Updated (LINK)

Burned Book 2K

Corpse burned UHD
Install: "Diffuse 2k, Normal 1k."
Corpse burned UHD - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

CC's HQ Buckets
Install: "CC's HQ Buckets - 2K - 1.1"

Chappers Demonic Alduin Mashup

CleverCharff's Apocrypha 4K 2K (LINK)
Install: "CleverCharff's Apocrypha 2K"
CleverCharff's Apocrypha - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

CleverCharff's Soul Cairn 4K 2K (LINK)
Install: "CleverCharff's Soul Cairn 4K"
CleverCharff's Soul Cairn - 4K Texture Cleaning - 2K Normals (DOWNLOAD)


Better Ship Window 

Dark Brotherhood Tenets (LINK)
Install: "4K Dark Brotherhood Tenants"

Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Riekling Architecture

Draconic Oghma Infinium 
Draconic Oghma Infinium - Texture Optimization 

Dwemer Pipework Reworked
Install 1: "Dwemer Pipework Reworked 4"
Install 2: "Dwemer Pipework Reworked - optional ENB Lights"
Dwemer Pipework Reworked - Texture Optimization 

Better Jorrvaskr Shield 

ElSopa HD - Better Bloody Rags SE
I recommend installing: "ElSopa - HD Better Bloody Rags 2k"
ElSopa HD - Better Bloody Rags SE - Texture Optimization 

ElSopa HD - Grindstone SE
Install: "4K ElSopa HD - Grindstone"
ElSopa HD - Grindstone SE - 2K Normals (DOWNLOAD)

ElSopa HD - Keys Redone SE
Install: "ElSopa - HD Keys Redone 1k"

ElSopa HD - Strider And Netches SE
Install: "4K ElSopa HD Strider And Netches"
HD Strider And Netches SE - 2K Normals (DOWNLOAD)

Embrace cabbage

Ennead - Banners (LINK)
Install 1: "Ennead - Banners 4K"
Install 2: "Ennead Banners - 2K Clean Detailed Rugs Patch"
Ennead - Banners - 2K Normals (DOWNLOAD)

Falmer Ear and Hagraven Claw
(LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install: "Falmer Ear 1K"

Falmer Texture Overhaul (LINK)
Install 1: "4K Falmer Overhaul"
Install 2: "Falmer Hut 4K Red Cloth"
Falmer Texture Overhaul - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Finer Dust (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed

Five Cities Roadsigns 2K

Garlic - A Garlic Mod
Recommended settings:

Hammer Fix

HD Better Instruments (LINK)
HD Better Instruments - Texture Optimization

HD Charcoal for Smelter - 2K and 1K texture replacer
(LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install: "HD Charcoal 2K - SMIM compatible"

HD Dragonborn Skull Variants SE (LINK)
I recommend installing: "2K HD Dragonborn Skull Variants"
Recommended settings:

HD Giant Mortar Texture SE (LINK)

HD Hanging Elves Ear SSE

HD Horker (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install: "2k Version with filepath"

HD Leatherrack SSE

HD Local Map

HD Meridias Beacon SE
I recommend installing "2K HD Meridias Beacon"

HD Reworked Baskets
Recommended installation settings:

HD Ruined Book Retexture 4k - 2k (LINK)
Install: "Ruined Book 2018 2k"
HD Ruined Book Retexture - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

HD Sabre Cat Tooth Mesh and Texture

HD Skeleton Key SE (LINK)

HD Serpentine Dragon and Mesh Fix SE (LINK)
Recommended installation settings:

HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit for Hearthfire
Install: "HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit 2K"
HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit - SSE Conversion Patch (DOWNLOAD)

Hermaeus Mora - Water and tentacles - My HD version SE

High Definition HAY
(LINK) *LE mod - No conversion needed


Business Ledger HD Retexture
(LINK) *LE - No conversion needed

Imperial Metal Replacer - Love for Sconces (LINK)

Improved Sparks
I recommend installing: "Grindstones - 10X Sparks"

Iron 1836 Real Textures SSE
Note: This is an SSE Conversion of "Iron 1836 Real Textures"

Iron and Steel Ingots - Retexture
Iron And Steel Ingots - SSE Conversion Patch (DOWNLOAD)

JS Bloodstone Chalice SE
Install: "JS Bloodstone Chalice SE - 2k Textures"
JS Bloodstone Chalice SE - Texture Optimization

JS Dragon Claws AE
Install: "JS Dragon Claws AE Anniversary Edition - 2k"
Installation settings:

JS Dragon Claws AE - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

JS Shrines of the Divines SE (LINK)
Install: "JS Shrines of the Divines SE - 2K"
JS Shrines of the Divines - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Install: "Draugr.4k-2k"

Install: "Falmer.4k-2k"

Install: "Giant.4k-2k"

Install: "Hagraven.4k-2k"

Install: "Sabrecat.4k-2k"

Install: "Skeleton.and.Human.Bones.4k-2k"

Install: "Troll.4k-2k"

Install: "Wispmother.4x2k"

Kanjs - Soul Husk Reimagined (LINK)
Install: "Kanjs - Soul Husk Reimagined 2k"

Kanjs - Soul Husk - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

M7 Striped Sabrecats (DOWNLOAD)

LH's Bed Pillows Textures (DOWNLOAD)

LH's HD High Hrothgar Shrines With Optimized Textures (DOWNLOAD)

LH's Noble Nordic Bed Texture - Red Blanket
LH's Noble Nordic Bed Texture - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

LH's Orc StrongHolds HD 4K (DOWNLOAD)
Matching Stockade 4K (DOWNLOAD)
LH's Orc StrongHolds - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

LH's Torch HD 2K - Alternative New (DOWNLOAD)

Lockpicking Interface Redone SSE

Magic Runes HD (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
I recommend installing: "Full Pack - All Magic Runes HD V2"

Mammoth Cheese Retexture - 4k and 2k (LINK)
I recommend installing: "LESS SLIME 2k"

Mines Texture Enhancements (DOWNLOAD)

MIST by Ramccoid (LINK)
Install: "MIST v2 x2048"

Install: "MM REAL ELKS 2K"

MM - Real Skeevers (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
I recommend installing: "MM- REAL SKEEVERS 2K"

Nightingale circle (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
I recommend installing: "More wet version"

Noble Furniture Improved
Install: "Noble Furniture Improved - Replacer."

Paragon Gems HD - SE (LINK)
Install 1: "Paragon gems 1K"
Install 2: "Paragon gems EnbLight Patch"

PELTAPALOOZA - Special Edition (LINK)
Install: "PELTAPALOOZA Special Edition - FULL"

Photoreal Foxes 2K HD Retexture
Photoreal Foxes 2K HD Retexture - Texture Optimization

PondFish - HD

Pretty Gemstones SSE
Install: "Pretty Gems"

Ragged Flagon Sign 4k 2k (LINK)
Install: "Ragged Flagon Sign 2.2"
Ragged Flagon Sign - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Rally's Ants HQ (LINK)

Rally's Blackreach Mushrooms (LINK)
Install: "Rallys Blackreach and Glowing Mushrooms 4K-2K"
Rallys Blackreach and Glowing Mushrooms - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Rallys Dark Elf Furniture 2K (LINK)

Realistic HD Mushrooms Remastered (LINK)

Realistic HD Ores Remastered (LINK)

Realistic HD Pickaxe Remastered

Realistic HD Woodcutter's Axe Remastered

Realistic horse saddle (LINK)

Retexture for Soup (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install: "For SMIM Mesh - Fancy Version"

R's Windmill

Superior Silverware - HD Textures
Install: "Superior Silverware 2K High Quality"
*SSE Conversion-files are included in the following mod

Rudy HQ - Miscellaneous SE (LINK)
Install 1: "Rudy HQ - Misc SE - Imperial Candles"
Install 2: "Rudy HQ - Misc SE - Lanterns"
Install 3: "Rudy HQ - Misc SE - Pottery Vanilla 4K"
Install 4: "Pottery Vanilla - Texture Optimization" (DOWNLOAD)
Install 5: "Rudy HQ - Misc SE - Sliverware for Superior Silverware"
Install 6: "Superior Silverware - Texture Optimization" (DOWNLOAD)
Install 7: "Rudy HQ - Misc SE - The Rest"

Ruins Linen Sheet SSE

RUSTIC AZURA'S STAR - Special Edition

RUSTIC CLUTTER COLLECTION - Special Edition - SSEBP-REPACK - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Note: Repack of "RUSTIC CLUTTER COLLECTION - Special Edition" (LINK) *Don't download from Nexus

RUSTIC COOKING - Special Edition (LINK)
Install: "RUSTIC COOKING - Special Edition - 2K"

RUSTIC DAEDRA - Special Edition
RUSTIC DAEDRA - Special Edition - 2K Normals (DOWNLOAD)

I recommend installing: "RUSTIC DEATH HOUND AND GARGOYLE SSE - DARK - 4K-2K"

RUSTIC DRAGON CORPSE - Special Edition - 2K Normals (DOWNLOAD)

(LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
I recommend installing: "RUSTIC EAST EMPIRE COMPANY SIGNAGE - Dark Version"

Install: "RUSTIC ELDERSCROLL - Special Edition - 4K-2K"

This is a repack of "RUSTIC FURNITURE - SPECIAL EDITION" (LINK) *Don't download from Nexus

I recommend installing: "RUSTIC MAPS - 2K"

(LINK) *LE - No conversion needed

(LINK) *LE - No conversion needed

RUSTIC SOULGEMS - Special Edition
Install: "RUSTIC SOULGEMS - Special Edition - 1K Unsorted"

RUSTIC SPRIGGAN - Special Edition (LINK)
Install: "RUSTIC SPRIGGAN - Special Edition - 4K"
RUSTIC SPRIGGAN - Special Edition - 2K Normals (DOWNLOAD)

Note: This is a repack of "RUSTIC STANDING STONES" (LINK) *Don't download from Nexus

RUSTIC WINDOWS - Special Edition (LINK)
Install: "RUSTIC WINDOWS - Special Edition - 2K"
Note: Don't overwrite files from "4K Parallax High Hrothgar by Pfuscher"
Note: Don't overwrite files from "HQ college of Winterhold"

Salmon Retex

SD's Farmhouse Fences SE (LINK)
Install 1: "2k Farmhouse Fences SE Version 1"
Install 2: "4k Slightly Desaturated Version 1 Deffuse"

SD's Horn Candles SE (LINK)
Install 1: "SD's Horn Candles SE 2k"
Install 2: "SD's Horn Candles SE - STAC Patch (subtle version)"
SD's Horn Candles SE - 1k Normals (DOWNLOAD)

Security Overhaul SKSE - Lock Variations (LINK)
Installation settings:

Security Overhaul SKSE - Add-ons (LINK)
Installation settings:

Security Overhaul SKSE - Regional Locks (LINK)
Installation settings:

Security Overhaul - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Septim HD SSE (LINK)
I recommend installing version 1.0 from "Old files", as it doesn't have an esp file

Serious Mammoth Bone Retex HD (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed

Silky Spider Eggs SE
Recommended installation settings (LINK)

Simple Sacks SE
Recommended installation settings (LINK)

Soul Husk Retexture (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed

Spell Tome Replacers (LINK)
Install: "Spell Tome Replacers HQ Paper Compatible v2.1"

Stalhrim Source
Install: "Stalhrim (4K)"

Stunning Statues of Skyrim
Recommended installation settings (LINK)

Improved Statue Textures (DOWNLOAD)

New Dibella Statues (LINK)

New Falmer Statue SE (LINK)
New Falmer Statue SE - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

New Mara Statue SE (LINK)
New Mara Statue SE - Alternative Color (DOWNLOAD)

New Nocturnal Statue SE (LINK)
Install: "2K-4K. Ver.2 New Nocturnal Statue SE"
New Nocturnal Statue - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

New Shrine of Boethiah SE (LINK)
Install 1: "2k-4k. New Shrine of Boethiah SE"
Install 2: "LoadSreen Boethiah Statue Patch"
New Shrine of Boethiah - Better Textures

New Statue of Malacath SE (LINK)
Install: "2k-4k. New Statue of Malacath SE VER.1"
New Statue of Malacath - Better Textures

New Statue of Mehrunes Dagon SE (LINK)
Install 1: "2-4k. New Statue of Mehrunes Dagon. Version 1"
Install 1: "Mehrunes Dagon Altar"
Install 1: "Mehrunes Dagon Distant Lod"
New Statue of Mehrunes Dagon - Better Textures

New Statue of Meridia SE (LINK)
I recommend installing: "2K-4K. New Statue of Meridia - Clean Statue. SE"
New Statue of Meridia SE - Better Textures (DOWNLOAD)

New Statue of Shalidor SE (LINK)
Install: "2k-4k. New Statue of Shalidor. Version 1A"
New Statue of Shalidor - Better Textures (DOWNLOAD)

New Statue of Ysgramor (LINK)
Install 1: "2-4k. New Statue of Ysgramor"
Install 2: "Loading screen Ysgramor"
New Statue of Ysgramor - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

New Vaermina Statue (LINK)
Install 1: "2-4k. New Vaermina Statue"
Install 2: "Loadscreen Vaermina fix"
New Vaermina Statue - Better Textures (DOWNLOAD)

Take clam shell (DOWNLOAD)
Recommended installation settings:

Taproot 1K
(LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install: "Taproot 1K"

Thrones of Skyrim (LINK)

Thunderbolt - HD Lightning (LINK)
Thunderbolt - HD Lightning - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Training Dummies Retexture 4k and 2k (LINK)
Install 1: "Training Dummies 4k Texture Replacer"
Install 2: "Rain Barrel Fix and Retexture"
Training Dummies Retexture - 2K Normals

Transparent and Refracting Icicle and Frost Atronach
Install: "Loose Clear refracting icicle and FrostAtronach"

Unique Skulls HD - SE - 2K-1K Version (DOWNLOAD)
Installation options:

Vampire Coffins 2k-4k (LINK)
Vampire Coffins - 2K Normals
Vampire Coffins Lighter Retexture

Vampire Lord Retexture

Install: "WEBS SE x2048"

Iconic's Weathered Dragonstone Retexture (LINK)
Install: "Weathered Dragonstone 4K"
Iconic's Weathered Dragonstone Retexture - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

White Phial Replacer SE

Windhelm Enhanced - HD 4k Metalwork (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Windhelm Enhanced - Texture Optimization

Windhelm Fence 3D (LINK)
Installation settings:

Windhelm Fence 3D - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Misc Retexture Project - SSEBP-Repack (DOWNLOAD)


Mods 6: UI


Fix Note icon for SkyUI (SKSE64 plugin)
Install: "FixNotesForSkyUI Skyrim SE 1.5.97"

Better SkyUI Config - Smart sorting by type (LINK)

Player Rotation in ShowRaceMenu (LINK)

Auto Kill Move Screenshots (LINK)
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)

Install: "RaceMenu Special Edition v0-4-16"
*The newer versions are just changes for AE. Nothing new in them.
RaceMenu Plugin - ESL (DOWNLOAD)

RaceMenu 0.4.16 Memory Leak Hotfix (LINK)

Immersive HUD - iHUD Special Edition (LINK)
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)


Mods 7: Character and Race

Animals Swim (LINK)

Faster Spiders - Ultimate Arachnophobia (LINK)
I recommend installing: "2.5x Faster Spiders" or "5x Faster Spiders" or..
Faster Spiders - 3x (DOWNLOAD)

Arachnid -Spiders Sounds Rework SFX (LINK)

Supreme Chaurus Hunters

Supreme Vampire Lords
Install: "Supreme Vampire Lords XP32 SE"

Bathing in Skyrim - RePack (DOWNLOAD)
Note: This is a repack of "Bathing in Skyrim Special Edition" (LINK) - Repacked to work with NMM.  *Don't download from Nexus
Bathing in Skyrim SE - Pure Waters Patch (LINK)
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)

Bathing in Skyrim SE - Seamless Soap Texture (LINK)

Artisan Soaps for Bathing in Skyrim (LINK)
Install: "Artisan Soaps for Bathing in Skyrim - opaque - ESL"

Believable Crime Report Radius (LINK)
Believable Crime Report Radius - ESL

Fixed body collision (LINK)
Fixed body collision - ESL (DOWNLOAD)

Mannequins Stay Put (DOWNLOAD)
Mannequins Stay Put - ESL

NARC Remade - No Animals Report Crimes for Skyrim SE (LINK)
Installation settings (LINK)

Superior Lore-Friendly Hair - HD textures (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install: "Superior Lore-Friendly Hair - HD 2K - Straight hair"

ApachiiSkyHair SSE
Install 1: "ApachiiSkyHairMale_v_1_2_Optimized"
Install 2: "ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_5_Optimized"
Install 3: "ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_6_Full_optimized"
Install 4: "Fix Khajiit_ApachiiSkyHairFemale"
Install 5: "Fix_Hair_82_ApachiiSkyHairFemale"

KS Hairdos SSE
Install: "KS Hairdos SSE"

RaceCompatibility (LINK)
Installation settings:

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE
Installation settings (LINK)

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - Fixed Scripts

Better Males Remesh for Skyrim SE (LINK)  *Contains nudity
Install 1: "Better Males Remesh for Skyrim SE 2.3 - FOMOD installer"
*Recommended installation settings (LINK)
Install 2: "Better Males Erect - Update Addon"  *Choose only one
Install 2: "Better Males Flaccid Cut FULL with vertice correction included"  *Choose only one

Better Males - Skin

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
(LINK)  *Contains nudity
Install 1: "Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer" *Latest version of the main-file
Installation settings (LINK)
Install 2: "CBBE ESL-flagged .esp"
Choose one:
Option 1: CBBE - Texture Optimization
 (DOWNLOAD) *Choose only one texture optimization file
Option 2: CBBE - Texture Optimization - Shaved
 (DOWNLOAD) *Choose only one texture optimization file

Lazy Tools
Install: "LazyTools 0.10.1"

CBP Physics (LINK)
*During installation, select your version of Skyrim, and choose "CBBE Curvy" as body

HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics)
Install: "HDT-SMP for SSE 1.5.97 v2.11"

Note: This mod has system specific option, so you have to research which ones will be optimal for your specific PC
These options work on my system (Intel Core i7 - RTX 3090):

*Do not select CUDA, even if you have an nVidia graphics card. It's currently unstable
*Don't worry about the "config.xml" file, even though it says to configure it. It will be overwritten anyway

Firm HDT-SMP and CBP Settings for CBBE

RaceMenu High Heels
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)

M7BBP2 - MayheM7 Bootyful-Body with Physics 2 (LINK)  *Contains nudity
Install the main-file only: "M7BBP2 - MayheM7 Bootyful-Body with Physics 2"
*If you don't want to use M7BBP2, just skip it and use plain CBBE or any other body. And skip the M7BBP2 replacers later on

Masculine Argonian Textures (Chameleon and Lizard) (LINK)  *Contains nudity
Install: "Masculine Chameleon and Lizard (Better Males) 2K"
*Choose any option during installation
Masculine Argonian - Textures Fix

Masculine Khajiit Textures (Grey Cat and Leopard) (LINK)  *Contains nudity
Install: "Masculine Grey Cat and Leopard (Better Males) 2K"
*Installation settings: "Grey Cat" during installation
Masculine Khajiit - Textures Fix (DOWNLOAD)

Feminine Argonian Textures (LINK)  *Contains nudity
Install: "Feminine Chameleon and Lizard (CBBE) 4K"
*Installation settings: "Lizard" and "Heavy Scales"
Feminine Argonian - Textures Optimization

Feminine Khajiit Textures (LINK)  *Contains nudity
Install: "Feminine Grey Cat and Leopard (CBBE) 4K"
*Installation settings: "Grey Cat" and "Normal Nipples"
Feminine Khajiit - Textures Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE (LINK)
Install 1: "FNIS Behavior SE 7_6"
Install 2: "FNIS Spells SE 7.0"
After installation, open the Skyrim SE game-folder, and go to "\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users\". Make a shortcut to "GenerateFNISforUsers.exe". NOTE: You will need to run this tool after installing any mods with animations. ..Run after installing all character mods, then again after installing the NPC mods later.

360 Walk and Run Plus AND YY Animations SSE (LINK)
Installation settings (LINK)

Victoria's High Heel Walk by XP32 (LINK)

Super Fast Get Up Animation (LINK)
Installation settings:

Feminine Pickup Animation SE (LINK)  *A bit silly, but nothing crazy
Install 1: "Feminine Pickup Animation SE"
Install 2: "Animated Harvesting"

Dynamic Animation Replacer (LINK)
Install: "DynamicAnimationReplacer v1.1.0 for SkyrimSE"

Smooth Magic Casting Animation (LINK)

Animated Dragon Wings (LINK)
Recommended installation settings:

NOTE: This doesn't add dragon wings to the game. It's just a resource needed for the Succubus Race and some of the NPCs

Disable Turn Animation SE I AE (LINK)

Flute Animation Fix
Installation settings:

Better Females Eyebrows - Standalone
Better Females Eyebrows - ESP Fix (DOWNLOAD)

SG Female Eyebrows
SG Female Eyebrows - SSE Conversion Patch (DOWNLOAD)

(LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install: "coverwomen look_1"
Coverwomen - Look 1 - CBBE Face Match

Ugly Bronze Shine Remover SSE

M7BBP2 - Sweaty Textures (LINK)
*Optional sweaty body texture

Expressive Facegen Morphs SE (LINK)

Enhanced Character Edit SE (LINK)
Install: "Enhanced Character Edit for 1597 SE"
Note: Don't overwrite files from "XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended"
Installation settings:

Eyes AO Clipping Fix

Improved Eyes Skyrim
Installation settings (LINK)

The Eyes Of Beauty SSE (LINK)
Install: "The Eyes of Beauty SSE"

Note: This is a repack of "Covereyes" (LINK) - Made to compliment "Improved Eyes Skyrim". *Don't download from Nexus

xrayys hd eye normal map SE

Lamae's Gaze
Install 1: "PAN_Lamae's Gaze SE"
Install 2: "PAN_Lamae's Gaze - vanilla vampires"

The Witcher 3 Eyes SE (LINK)
The Witcher 3 Eyes SE - Texture Optimization

Female Vampires Have Fangs

Fangs and Eyes - A Vampire Appearance Mod (LINK)
I recommend installing: "Fangs and Eyes - Red", but choose any main file

Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition-

Expressive Facial Animation -Male Edition-

High Poly Vanilla Hair

High Poly Head
Alternative download link: (DOWNLOAD)
Install settings:

High Poly Head ENB Brow Fix

Followers Don't Draw Weapons (LINK)
Followers Don't Draw Weapons - ESL

No More Standing Too Close SSE (LINK)
No More Standing Too Close SSE - ESL

No Spinning Death Animation (LINK)
Install: "No Spinning Death Animation MERGED"
No Spinning Death Animation - ESL (DOWNLOAD)

I'm Glad You're Here - a follower and spouse appreciation mod - SSE (LINK)
Install latest SE version
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)

Better Lips

Mu Joint Fix (Knee Fix dll edition)
Installation settings:

*Don't choose the 'Ostim' option, even if you plan to install Ostim. It may cause crashes in certain circumstances.

Succubus Race SSE (LINK)  *Contains nudity and a new species. Lore-friendly in my opinion
Download and install version 1.7.61 SSE
Don't overwrite files from "RaceCompatibility"
Succubus Race SSE - Texture Optimization
Succubus Race SSE - M7BBP2 Replacer (DOWNLOAD)
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)

Temptress Race CBBE - SSE (DOWNLOAD)  *Contains nudity and some new spells. Lore-friendly in my opinion
Note: This is an SSE Conversion of "Temptress Race" (LINK) *Don't download from Nexus
Temptress Race - Texture Optimization
Temptress Race - M7BBP2 Replacer

High Poly Head For Custom Races
Installation settings:

Vampires Regen in Shade
Vampires Regen in Shade - ESL

ENB Brow Fix

No More Ugly Effects SE (LINK)
No More Ugly Effects SE - ESL

Teach Followers Spells Through Spell Tomes SE (LINK)
Install: "Teach Followers Spells v1.0 - Light SE"


NOTE: Remember to run the "Generate FNIS Tool" before testing the game

Mods 8: Weapons & Armor
Some of these mods are not strictly Bethesda-policy lore-friendly, as they are not 100% unattractive. I would argue, that the complete absence of anything remotely appealing, is not entirely lore-friendly. Some of these mods change that. None of them are un-immersive or out of place. They all fit the world of Skyrim in terms of materials and presence.

Accingite Vos - Shields HQ Retextures (LINK) *LE mod - No conversion needed

Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes
Install 1: "Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes"
Install 2: "WACCF 4K-2K Textures"

Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes - CBBE Patch (LINK)
Installation settings:

Unofficial Skyrim Modders Patch - USMP - Patch Emporium (LINK)
Install: "USMP - WACCF patch"

Hooded Skeleton Corpse Fix for WACCF

Heel Sounds SE

M7BBP2 - Vanilla Outfits Replacer (LINK)
*Install this only if you installed the M7BBP2-Body mod

aMidianBorn - Book Of Silence - SSE Conversion
Note: This is an SSE Conversion of "aMidianBorn Book of Silence" (LINK) All mods/patches included. *Don't download from Nexus

aMidianborn Skyforge Arrow Fix (LINK)

Auriel's Bow HD (LINK)
I recommend installing: "Auriel's Bow HD"

Auriel's Shield HD
I recommend installing: "Auriel's Shield HD"

Better Circlets HQ

Dark Brotherhood Armor Male 2k (LINK)

Dragonbone Armor and Weapons HD by Natterforme
I recommend installing: "Dragonbone Armor and Weapons 2K HD"

Falmer Weapons for aMidianBorn Book of Silence (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed

LH's Imperial Arsenal HD - Complete

Nightingale Pride - Bow And Blade Reincarnation (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install: "NightingalePride - ULTRA"
Nightingale Pride - Bow And Blade Reincarnation - 2K Normals

Nightingale Prime HD (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed

Remiros' Wabbajack HD
Remiros' Wabbajack HD - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Vanilla-friendly Spellbreaker Retexture

RUSTIC CLOTHING - Special Edition
Install: "RUSTIC CLOTHING - Special Edition - 4K-2K"

Frankly HD Thieves Guild Armors (LINK)
During installation, choose 4K textures
Frankly HD Thieves Guild Armors - 2K Normals (DOWNLOAD)

ElDruin Dawnbreaker - mesh and texture replacer

Elven Weapon for Silence - SSE Conversion
Note: This is an SSE Conversion of "Elven Weapon for Silence" (LINK) *Don't download from Nexus
Recommended installation settings:

Riekling Spears Revamped Texture (LINK)
Install: "Riekling Spears Black Leather 4k"

Elven Silver Daggers by ClipsyMoon (LINK)
Elven Silver Daggers by ClipsyMoon - ESL (DOWNLOAD)

Shields of the Holds (LINK)

Ultimate Assortment by FavoredSoul-SSE (LINK)
Install 1: "Ultimate Assortment by FavoredSoul - Core Files"
Install 2: "Ultimate Assortment CBBE Amulet Mesh Pack_SSE"

Weapons of the Third Era SSE (LINK)

Jewels of the Nord - HD rings and necklaces (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed
Install: "jewels of the nord - high res"
Download the file manually, add it to NMM and install as usual

Frankly HD Miraak (LINK)
Install 1: "Frankly HD Miraak 1.0" *
Install 2: "Frankly HD Miraak HOTFIX 1.11"
Install 3: "Frankly HD Miraak - CBBE SE"
Frankly HD Miraak - Texture Optimization
*Recommended installation settings:

Frankly HD Silver Sword (LINK) *LE
Frankly HD Silver Sword - SSE Patch And Texture Optimization

Battle Claws - Normal Damage SSE (DOWNLOAD)
Note: This is an SSE conversion of this mod (LINK)
*Don't download from Nexus

SPOA Silver Knight Armor SE (LINK)
Install: "SPOA Silver Knight Armor 2.0 VERY HIGH 4K-2K"
SPOA Silver Knight Shield SE (LINK)
Install: "SPOA Silver Knight Shield SE 4K Ultra"
SPOA Silver Knight - Texture Optimization with Loose Files (DOWNLOAD)

Crimson Twilight Armor - CBBE SSE (LINK)
Install: "Crimson Twilight Armor - CBBE SSE"
I also recommend installing: "White Textures"
Crimson Twilight Armor - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Scarlet Dawn Armor - CBBE SSE (LINK)
Install: "Scarlet Dawn Armor - CBBE SSE"
I also recommend installing: "White Textures 1"
Scarlet Dawn Armor - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

The Witcher 2 - Eilhart Dress (LINK)
Install: "Eilhart_Dress"
I also recommend installing: "Eilhart_retexture_BLACK"
The Witcher 2 - Eilhart Dress - ESP Fix (DOWNLOAD)
Note: If you want the BodySlide files, here is a repack with correct file-paths (DOWNLOAD)

Armor Merge 1 (LINK)
*This file merges together the previous 6 esp files into one
After installation, click the "Plugins" tab and uncheck the previous 6 items. See image

JS Barenziah SE (LINK)
I recommend installing: "JS Barenziah SE - 2K Textures"

Equippable Underwear for NPCs (LINK)
Installation options:

Equippable Underwear - Lingerie Replacer - M7BBP2 (DOWNLOAD) *Almost lore-friendly

Lustmord Vampire Armor - SSE CBBE BodySlide (LINK)

Viridian Knight Armor (LINK)
*During installation, choose any texture resolution. They will all be overwritten regardless
Viridian Knight Armor - New Textures (DOWNLOAD) *Optimized and with better colors
Daring Viridian Knight Armor (LINK) *Almost lore-friendly

Merta Assassin Armor - CBBE BodySlide (DOWNLOAD) *Almost lore-friendly
Merta Assassin Armor - CBBE SE - No Heel Addons (DOWNLOAD)
Merta Assassin Armor - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Merta Black Rose - CBBE BodySlide (DOWNLOAD) *Not lore-friendly
Merta Black Rose - 4K Ultra Texture SSEBP-REPACK (DOWNLOAD)

Dragon Priest (DOWNLOAD)
Recommended installation settings:

DX Dark Knight Armor - UNP (LINK)
Install: "Dark Knight Armor 4K"
DX Dark Knight Shield - SE
Install: "DX Dark Knight Shield"
DX Dark Knight Armor - SSE CBBE BodySlide
Install 1: "DX Dark Knight Armor - SSE CBBE BodySlide"
Install 2: "DX Dark Knight Armor and Shield Plugin - ESPFE"
DX Dark Knight Armor And Shield Texture Optimization

Daring Demon Hunter Armor (LINK) *Almost lore-friendly
Install 1: "Daring Demon Hunter CBBE SMP"
Install 2: "Daring Demon Hunter Heels Sound Patch ESPFE"
Daring Demon Hunter Armor Texture Optimization

Daughters of Dimitrescu Outfit - CBBE 3BA - TBD - BHUNP (LINK) *Almost lore-friendly
Install 1: "Daughters of Dimitrescu CBBE 3BA SE"
Install 2: "1.OPTIONAL ESP - Daughters of Dimitrescu - Heels Sound"
Daughters of Dimitrescu - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

DX Celes Nightingale Outfit and Weapons - UNP (LINK)
Install: "Celes Nightingale High Heel"
DX Celes Nightingale Outfit - SSE CBBE BodySlide (with Physics)
Install 1: "DX Celes Nightingale Outfit - SSE CBBE BodySlide"
Install 2: "DX Celes Nightingale Outfit - ESPFE version"

DX Crimson Blood Armor - UNP (LINK)
DX Crimson Blood Armor - SSE CBBE BodySlide
Install 1: "DX Crimson Blood Armor - SSE CBBE BodySlide"
Install 2: "DX Crimson Blood Armor - HDT-SMP Patch"
DX Crimson Blood Armor - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Deified (LINK) *Almost lore-friendly
Installation settings:

H2135's Fantasy Series 8 (LINK) *Almost lore-friendly
Installation settings:

Fantasy Series 8 - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

AMI - Armor Mod Integration - H2135's Fantasy Series8 (LINK)

Mysterious Knight - CBBE-TBD-UUNP SE (LINK) *Almost lore-friendly
Install: "Mysterious Knight - COCOBody CBBE SE"
*During installation, I recommend selecting "Yes" to Heel Sound
Mysterious Knight - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Twilight Princess Armor Mashup (LINK)
Install: "Twilight Princess Armor CBBE Version"
Twilight Princess - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

DX Witcher Armor - UNP (LINK)
DX Witcher Armor - SSE CBBE BodySlide (with Physics)
Install 1: "DX Witcher Armor - SSE CBBE BodySlide"
Install 2: "DX Witcher Armor - ESPFE"
DX Witcher Armor Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

DCR - Daring King Crusader Armor (LINK) *Almost lore-friendly
Install 1: "DCR_Daring King Crusader Armor CBBE SMP"
Install 2: "DCR Daring King Cusader ESPFE Heels Sound"
DCR - Daring King Crusader Texture Optimization

Bladedancer's Edge (LINK) *Almost lore-friendly
Install: "Bladedancer's Edge CBBE-3BA"
Installation settings (LINK)
Bladedancer's Edge - Texture Optimization

COCO Scarlet Rose (LINK) *Almost lore-friendly
Install: "COCO Scarlet Rose - CBBE 3BA"
Installation settings:
COCO Scarlet Rose - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Daedric Chainmail - CBBE SSE Bodyslide (DOWNLOAD) *Almost lore-friendly

Justice Glass Armor - CBBE SSE BodySlide (LINK) *Almost lore-friendly

Justice Stalhrim Armor - CBBE SSE BodySlide (LINK) *Almost lore-friendly

Light refracting Glass armor and weapons - UNP CBBE 7Base (LINK) *Almost lore-friendly
Install 1: "Light Refracting Glass Armors and Weapons Loose"
Install 2: "Glass optional for Loose option"
Installation settings:

Note: If you want the BodySlide files, here is a repack with correct file-paths (DOWNLOAD)

Refracting Stalhrim Armors and Weapons - UNP CBBE 7Base (LINK) *Almost lore-friendly
Install 1: "MAIN Stalhrim mesh and texture loose files"
Install 2: "Refracting Stalhrim Options"
Installation settings:

Armor Merge 2 (LINK)
*This file merges together the previous 5 esp files into one
After installation, click the "Plugins" tab and uncheck the previous 5 items. See image

Tera Berserker Armor CBBE (LINK) *Not lore-friendly

Tera Rogue Armor - CBBE-TBD SE (LINK) *Almost lore-friendly
Install: "Tera Rogue Armor - CBBE SE"
Tera Rogue Armor - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Tera Succubus Armor - CBBE-TBD SE (LINK) *Not lore-friendly
Install: "Tera Succubus Armor - CBBE SE"
Tera Succubus Armor - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

The Amazing World of Bikini Armor - CBBE SE (LINK) *Not lore-friendly
M7BBP2 - The Amazing World of Bikini Armor Replacer (LINK)

The Amazing World of Bikini Armor for CBBE - Skyforge Fixes (LINK)
The Amazing World of Bikini Armor - Skyforge Fixes - ELS (DOWNLOAD)

The Amazing World Of Bikini Armor Level List Integration (LINK)
I recommend installing: "TAWOBA Level Lists No Chance Topless"

Vampire Leather Armor - CBBE SSE BodySlide (LINK)
Vampire Leather Armor - Texture Optimization

White Leopard Forsworn Armor Replacer - M7BBP - SSE Conversion (DOWNLOAD)
Note: This is an SSE conversion of "TroubleMakers Forsworn Armor" (LINK) - non-topless version. *Don't download from Nexus

Witch of the Wild - CBBE SSE BodySlide (LINK)
Install: "Witch of the Wild - CBBE SSE BodySlide"
I also recommend installing: "Light version - Black"

The following mods are definitely not Bethesda-policy lore-friendly, and they don't bring anything significant to the story. However, the complete absence of appealing clothing is not entirely lore-friendly either, so in my opinion, these mods fit-in well. If the game had a category for lingerie, that's where these mods would be. They are fairly moderate, and don't contain out-of-place materials or fabrics. They are pretty lore-friendly with regards to what 'could' exist in the universe.
If you are looking for "not so moderate" mods, try these sites:
Sky TM (
LINK) - Killingdoll (LINK) - Ninirim (LINK) - EiheiSpot (LINK) - Schaken (LINK) - Coco (LINK)

Black Bandit Armor 3BA (LINK)
Install: "C5Kev's Black Bandit Armor 3BA ESL"
Black Bandit Armor - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Charles Rene from BDO SE CBBE (DOWNLOAD)

DX Fetish Fashion Volume 1 SE CBBE - 3BA - BHUNP (LINK)
Install: "DX Fetish Fashion Volume 1 SE CBBE Physics"
DX Fetish Fashion Volume 1 - Texture Optimization

DX Fetish Fashion Volume 2 SE - CBBE Physics (LINK)
Install: "DX Fetish Fashion Volume II SE CBBE with Chest ESL"
DX Fetish Fashion Volume 2 - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

PeroPeroArmorPack 1.0.4 (LINK)
PeroPeroArmorPack - Texture Optimization

N8k Black Rose II - CBBE BodySlide (DOWNLOAD)

Nausicaa Lingerie Set - CBBE SE - Bodyslide - Physics (DOWNLOAD)

Queen Bikini - CBBE BodySlide (DOWNLOAD)
Queen Bikini - Red Retexture
 (DOWNLOAD) *Makes the fabric red instead of blue. Optional of course

Undies - SSE CBBE BodySlide (LINK)

Void Armor - CBBE - BodySlide (DOWNLOAD)

Aradia Lace Dress SSE - CBBE (DOWNLOAD)
Aradia Lace Dress SSE - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Aradia Lingerie Dress SSE - CBBE (DOWNLOAD)

Armor Merge 3 (LINK)
*This file merges together the previous 7 esp files into one
After installation, click the "Plugins" tab and uncheck the previous 7 items. See image

COCO Caress of Venus - CBBE-TBD-UUNP SE (LINK)
Install: "COCO Caress of Venus - CBBE 3BA"
Installation settings:

NOTE: Don't overwrite files from "Tera Succubus Armor"
COCO Caress of Venus - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

COCO 2B Wedding Outfit - CBBE-TBD SE (LINK)
Install: "COCO 2B Wedding Outfit - CBBE SE"
COCO 2B Wedding Outfit - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

COCO - Anaconda - CBBE SE - BodySlide (DOWNLOAD)
COCO - Anaconda - CBBE SE - Texture Optimization

Install 1: "COCO Pinup Cheongsam - CBBE SE"
Install 2: "COCO Pinup Cheongsam - Heels Sound SE Patch"
COCO Pinup Cheongsam Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Install: "COCO Shadow Assassin - CBBE SE"
*During installation, select "Yes" to High Heels
COCO Shadow Assassin - Texture Optimization

Flyin Dance SE - CBBE (DOWNLOAD)

Winter Snow Dress (DOWNLOAD)

AnimObject Swapper (LINK)
Installation settings:

Sharpen Other Swords II - AnimObject Swapper (LINK)

M7BBP2 - Mods Outfit Replacer (LINK)
Install 1: "M7BBP2 - Mods Outfit Replacer"
Install 2: "M7BBP2 - Mods Outfit Replacer Update 1"
Install 3: "M7BBP2 - Mods Outfit Replacer Update 2"
Install 4: "M7BBP2 - Mods Outfit Replacer Update 3"
Install 5: "M7BBP2 - Mods Outfit Replacer Update 4"
Note: This will make most of the armor/clothing mods fit the M7BBP2-Body. If you didn't install all of the armor/clothing mods, no worries, you can still use this file. It will update whichever armor/clothing mods you installed.


Mods 9: New NPCs & Quests
These mods are all optional, so just pick any you like. I highly recommend installing at least some of them, so Skyrim won't feel so "empty". You can of course use any standalone follower mods from the Nexus. However, these mods have all been tested to work together and with the rest of the guide. I have made texture optimizations where needed, making them less demanding. In short, these mods are guaranteed to work, and they will perform well

Populated Skyrim Prisons Cells Legendary Edition (LINK)

Populated Solstheim (LINK) *LE
Install: "Populated Solstheim 2"
Populated Solstheim - SSE Patch (LINK)

Immersive College NPCs (LINK)
Installation settings:

Seedy Merchant SSE (LINK)

A Redguard Follower Set (LINK)
Install 1: "A Redguard Follower Set CBBE"
Install 2: "All in One no Warpaint"
A Redguard Follower Set - M7BBP2 Replacer (DOWNLOAD)
A Redguard Follower Set - Texture Optimization

Aliya and Alessa Followers SE (LINK)
Install: "Aliya and Alessa Followers - Default FOMOD"
*During installation, choose: "ESL Plugin"
Aliya and Alessa - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Anaka Winter-Mane - The Nord Warrior Priestess (DOWNLOAD)
Installation settings:

Anaka Winter-Mane - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Anaka Winter-Mane - M7BBP2 Replacer
Anaka Winter-Mane - M7BBP2-Variety Replacer
 (DOWNLOAD)  *Optional plus-size body model

Andromeda Follower (LINK)
I recommend installing: "Andromeda Follower - Hair A"
Andromeda Follower - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Arien Starsong - SSE (LINK)
Install: "Arien Starsong Follower SSE - CBBE (SE) - Physics - v2.0.1"
Arien Starsong - SSE - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Arien Starsong - SSE - M7BBP2 Replacer

Armana - Daughter Of Dibella SE (LINK)
Install: "Armana_v1.0_default SE"
Armana - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Queenieangels Cousins - Athenyaa Athos SSE (DOWNLOAD)
Queenieangels Cousins - Athenyaa Athos - Texture Optimization
Queenieangels Cousins - Athenyaa Athos - M7BBP2 Replacer

Black Rose - standalone follower for SSE (LINK)
Black Rose - Texture Optimization
Black Rose - M7BBP2 Replacer

Gabriella Standalone Voiced Follower High Elf (LINK)
Install 1: "Gabriella SE 1.8.7a"
Install 2: "Gabriella - English Voice"
Install 3: "Gabriella - Texture Optimization"
Install 4: "Gabriella - M7BBP2-BBW Replacer"

Milante warrior size plus (LINK)
Install: "Milante Plus Size Warrior SE"
Milante warrior - Texture Optimization with Better Skin
Milante warrior - M7BBP2-BBW Replacer

Blonde's Mansion - SSE Conversion (LINK)
Install 1: "Blonde's Mansion - SSE Conversion"
Install 2: "Blonde's Mansion - M7BBP2-BBW Replacer"

Calista Summerstar - Combat Mystic Companion SSE (DOWNLOAD)
Note: This is an SSE conversion of this mod (LINK)
*Don't download from Nexus

Christine Follower (LINK)
Christine Follower - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Christine Follower - M7BBP2 Replacer

Dark Elf Melissa Follower - Normal Eyes - SSE - M7BBP2 (DOWNLOAD)
Note: This is an SSE conversion of this mod (LINK)
*Don't download from Nexus

Demonic Sisters - Standalone Followers (LINK)
Install 1: "Demonic Sisters Followers CBBE"
Install 2: "Calypso No Warpaint"
Install 3: "Cassandra No Warpaint"
Install 4: "Daphne No Warpaint"
Install 5: "Evelyn No Warpaint"
Demonic Sisters - Texture Optimization
Demonic Sisters - M7BBP2 Replacer

DJQ Zafira - Rayya Replacer by Djacko Quatro (LINK)
Install: "DJQ Zafira SSE"
DJQ Zafira - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
DJQ Zafira - M7BBP2 Replacer

Ella Follower (LINK)
Install 1: "Ella Follower CBBE"
Install 2: "Ella No Warpaint"
Ella Follower - M7BBP2 Replacer (DOWNLOAD)
Ella Follower - Texture Optimization

YuiH Standalone Follower - Emily - SSE (LINK)
Install: "Emily YuiH Follower SSE - CBBE (SE) Curvy - Special Physics - v1.0.0"
YuiH Standalone Follower - Emily - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
YuiH Standalone Follower - Emily - M7BBP2 Replacer

YuiH StandAlone Follower - Eva - SSE (LINK)
Install: "Eva - YuiH StandAlone Follower SSE - CBBE (SE) - Physics - v1.0.0"
YuiH StandAlone Follower - Eva - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
YuiH StandAlone Follower - Eva - M7BBP2 Replacer

Eveline Winters Standalone Follower SE (LINK)
Install: "Eveline Winters CBBE SE"
Eveline Winters - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Eveline Winters - M7BBP2 Replacer

MBWS Yamato Nadeshiko Followers ACT2 by Ria - SSE (LINK)
Install: "MBWS Yamato Nadeshiko Followers ACT2 SSE - CBBE (SE) - Physics - v1.1.2"
Followers ACT2 SSE - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Followers ACT2 SSE - M7BBP2 Replacer

Freya Gray-Mane - follower or Olfina replacer (LINK)
Install 1: "PAN_Freya SE"
Install 2: "PAN_Freya SE - no warpaint"  *Recommended
Freya Gray-Mane - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Freya Gray-Mane - M7BBP2 Replacer

GK Orc Followers - SSE (DOWNLOAD)
GK Orc Followers - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
GK Orc Followers - M7BBP2 Replacer

GK Redguard Followers - SSE (DOWNLOAD)
GK Redguard Followers - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
GK Redguard Followers - M7BBP2 Replacer

The Hunters by Gman749 - SSE - Physics (LINK)
Install: "Gman749 Hunters SSE - CBBE (SE) Curvy - Special Physics - 4k Bijin Skin - v1.0.2"
The Hunters - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
The Hunters - M7BBP2 Replacer

LamaKreis's Maidens of Skyrim - Inuel (LINK)
Install: "Inuel_v2.0_CBBE_esl SE"
Inuel - Texture Optimization
Inuel - M7BBP2 Replacer

Irene Follower (LINK)
Irene Follower - Texture Optimization
Irene Follower - M7BBP2 Replacer
Irene Follower - Luscious-Body Replacer
 (DOWNLOAD) *Optional hour-glass-type body model

Isabelle Standalone Follower (LINK)
Install: "Isabelle Follower CBBE"
Isabelle - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Isabelle - M7BBP2 Replacer

Jasmine Follower (LINK)
Install: "Jasmine Follower - CBBE 3BA"
Jasmine Follower - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Kamilah Follower (LINK)
Kamilah - Texture Optimization
Kamilah - M7BBP2 Replacer
Kamilah - M7BBP2-BBW Replacer
 (DOWNLOAD) *Optional very curvy body model

Kellece - Redguard Follower - SSE Conversion (LINK)
Install: "Kellece SSE - CBBE"
Kellece - Armor Fix (DOWNLOAD)
Kellece - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Kellece - M7BBP2 Replacer 
Kellece - M7BBP2-BBW Replacer 
(DOWNLOAD) *Optional very curvy body model

Khalia Follower SE (LINK)
Install: "Khalia - CBBE SE"
Khalia - Texture Optimization 
Khalia - 3BA Replacer 

Khorah Orc Standalone Follower (LINK) *LE
Install: "Khorah Orc CBBE HDT"
Khorah Orc - M7BBP2 - SSE Conversion (DOWNLOAD)

Lady Arkay - standalone follower (LINK)
Lady Arkay - Texture Optimization
Lady Arkay - M7BBP2 Replacer

Legend Of Andromeda SE (LINK)
Install: "Legend Of Andromeda SE Redguard UNP BSA 1.0"
Legend Of Andromeda - M7BBP2 Replacer & Texture Optimization - Loose Files
Legend Of Andromeda - Texture Optimization Only
 (DOWNLOAD) *Choose this file if you do not want the M7BBP2 body
Legend Of Andromeda - Weight 60
 (DOWNLOAD) *Optional. Change her weight from 0 to 60

Thedoodlebob aka PillowFun's Lendri Follower - SSE (LINK)
Install: "Lendri SSE - CBBE (SE) - Physics - 4k - Naked - v1.0.0"
Lendri Armor Patch (DOWNLOAD)
Lendri Follower - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Lendri Follower - M7BBP2 Replacer

Lilla - Standalone follower - UNP-CBBE (LINK)
Install: "Skykix Follower Lilla SSE CBBE curvy"
Lilla - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Lilla - M7BBP2 Replacer
Lilla - M7BBP2-BBW Replacer
 (DOWNLOAD) *Optional very curvy body model

Luzie Standalone Follower by Skykix - SSE (LINK)
Install: "Luzie Skykix Follower SSE - Hair 1 - CBBE (SE) - Physics - v1.1.0"
Luzie Standalone - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Luzie Standalone - M7BBP2 Replacer

Mai - HP Follower - 3BA-BHUNP-TBD-Bodyslide - ESPFE (LINK)
Install: "Mai - HP Standalone Follower - Default ESPFE"
Mai - Texture Optimization

Maia Standalone Follower SE (LINK)
Install: "Maia - Default - ESPfe"
Maia Standalone Follower - Texture Optimization

Marie - A Redhead Follower - SSE (DOWNLOAD)
Note: Don't overwrite files from the "Amazing world of bikini armor" mods
Marie - A Redhead Follower - SSE - No Freckles (DOWNLOAD) *Optional
Marie - A Redhead Follower - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Milla curvy girl (LINK)
Install: "Milla Milova 1.2a SE"
Milla - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Mornhilde Raven-Hair - Nord Spellsword
Installation options:

Mornhilde Raven-Hair - Texture Optimization
Mornhilde Raven-Hair - M7BBP2 Replacer

Natasha Follower (LINK)
Natasha Follower - Texture Optimization

Nicola Avenicci (LINK) *LE
Install: "Nicola Avenicci CBBE TBBP v0.2"
Nicola Avenicci - SSE Patch And Texture Optimization

Paris Nyr - Standalone Follower - CBBE 3BA (LINK)
Paris Nyr - M7BBP2 Replacer
Paris Nyr - Textures Optimization

Sassy Teen Girls - SSE (DOWNLOAD)
Note: This is an English SSE conversion of this mod (LINK)
*Don't download from that site

Seductress Elizabeth SSE (DOWNLOAD)
Note: This is an SSE conversion of this mod (LINK)
*Don't download from Nexus
Recommended installation settings (LINK)

Snow High Elf Standalone Follower (LINK)
Install: "Snow (Esp-FE)"
Snow High Elf - Armor Patch
Snow High Elf - M7BBP2 Replacer
Snow High Elf - Texture Optimization

Unicorn SE (LINK)
I recommend installing: "Unicorn SE - Vulnerable"

Valentine Follower (LINK)
I recommend installing: "Valentine Follower Hair A - CBBE or CBBE 3BA Edition"
And "Valentine Follower Hair A - CBBE 3BA The Luscious Bodyshape"
Valentine Follower - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Vanmoriel - Standalone Follower - SSE (DOWNLOAD)
Note: This is an SSE conversion of this mod (LINK)
*Don't download from Nexus

Victoria Velina SSE (LINK)

Violet Follower (LINK)
Violet - Textures Optimization
Violet - M7BBP2 Replacer
Violet - Luscious-Body Replacer
 (DOWNLOAD) *Optional hour-glass-type body model

Vorgha Gra-Dushnikh Orc Companion
Vorgha Gra-Dushnikh - Texture Optimization

Immersive Wenches (LINK)
Install 1: "Immersive Wenches SE"
Install 2: "Immersive Wenches -KS hairs- Patch_SE (KS hairs 1.61f)"
Note: Don't mind the screenshots on the Nexus page. The mod uses default body model, so the NPC's won't look like the screenshots
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)
Deadly Wenches (LINK)
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)
Immersive Wenches - Beast wenches replacement (LINK)
Install: "Immersive Wenches- No beast"
High Quality Tintmasks for Immersive Wenches (LINK)
Installation settings:
Immersive Wenches - Better Poster (DOWNLOAD)
Immersive Wenches - Outfit Replacer M7BBP2 (DOWNLOAD)
Immersive Wenches - Player Dialogue Rewritten (LINK)

Interesting NPCs SE (LINK*Huge mod with many scripts. Has minor errors and conflicts with other mods. Great mod, but heavy on the game.
Install 1: "Interesting NPCs 3DNPC"
Install 2: "Interesting NPCs - 4.5 to 4.53 Hotfix"
Interesting NPCs and WACCF Outfits Patch
Cuyima Interesting NPCs SE
Install: "Cuyima Interesting NPCs SE - Custom Hair"
Assorted 3DNPC Patches
Install 1: "Hammets Dungeons1 - 3DNPC Patch"
Install 2: "Project AHO - 3DNPC Patch"
Install 3: "3DNPC - Vigilant Patch"

ConsoleUtilSSE (LINK)
Install: "ConsoleUtilSSE" 1.2.0 (For SE)

JContainers SE (LINK)
Install: "JContainers SE" version 4.1.13 (For SE)

Mfg Fix (LINK)
Install: "MfgFix" version 1.5.4

Download version 2.023.  *All newer versions have been made incompatible with OStim
NOTE: Don't overwrite files from "PapyrusUtil SE"

Download version 2.02a.  *All newer versions have been made incompatible with OStim

Unofficial OSex Bug Patch (LINK)

OSexPack Bad Boys of Skyrim (LINK)
Download version 2.02.  *All newer versions have been made incompatible with OStim

OSexPack Bad Girls of Skyrim (LINK)
Download version 2.02.  *All newer versions have been made incompatible with OStim

New animations for OSex - OpenSex addon version (LINK)
This animation pack will overwrite some animations with different ones. It's optional to install it. Depends on personal taste

OStim - OSA overhaul and API (LINK) *Lore-friendliness depends on usage
During installation, choose "SE 1.5.X"

Nibbles Animation Pack for OStim (LINK)

Billyy Lesbian Animation Pack for OStim (LINK)

OHeels (LINK)

Flower Girls SE and VR (LINK) *Lore-friendliness depends on usage
Install 1: "FlowerGirls SE and VR Main File"
Install 2: "Amorous Adventures FG SSE 3.4.1" *Optional
Install 3: "FlowerGirls SE Adventures"
Install 4: "FlowerGirls SE Immersive Wenches Patch"

Flower Girls - M7BBP2 Strap (DOWNLOAD)

Flower Girls - EquipItem fix for SKSE (LINK)

Flower Girls SE Threesome Dialog Fix (LINK)

Amorous Adventures - Player Dialogue Rewritten (LINK)

Flower Girls Visual Replacer (LINK)
Install: "FlowerGirls_Replacer (NocturnalRobes)"
Flower Girls Visual Replacer - Texture Optimization

FG-Adventures - Missing Dialogue Fix (LINK)

More Adventures for Flower Girls (LINK)
Install: "FG More Adventures v1.1a"

More Adventures For OStim (LINK)

Flower Girls NPC Relationships (LINK)

Romance of NPCs for Flower Girls (LINK) *Lore-friendliness depends on usage
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)

Caught Red Handed - Quest Expansion - Flower Girls Patch (LINK)
*Install any preferred version

Interesting NPCs - Flower Girls Patch (LINK) *Use only if you installed the "Interesting NPCs" mod

Sidequests of Skyrim - Flower Girls Patch (LINK)

SPID - COCO Scarlet Rose for Flower Girls (LINK)


NOTE: After installing OStim & Flower Girls, run the "Generate FNIS Tool". Neither of the mods will work without. (LINK)
In-game: To make the mods work together and be as immersive and easy to use as possible, try these MCM settings: (LINK)

Mods 10: NPC Changes

Modpocalypse NPCs - Resources (LINK)
NOTE: Don't overwrite files from any previous mods. No to all.
Modpocalypse NPCs - All Vanilla NPCs (LINK)
Install: "Modpocalypse NPCs - All Vanilla NPCs v3"

Pandorable's NPCs - Males (LINK)
Install 1: "PAN_NPCs - Males SE"
Install 2: "PAN NPCs Males - 1k facetints"
Note: Choose any option during installation, and check "I have USSEP" at the end
Pandorable's NPCs - Males - Clothing Patch (DOWNLOAD)  *This patch is not needed if you are starting a new game
Pandorable's NPCs - Males - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Pandorable's NPCs - Males 2 (LINK)
Install 1: "PAN_NPCs - Males 2 SE"
Install 2: "PAN NPCs Males 2 - 1k facetints"
Note: Choose any option during installation, and check "YES" to USSEP at the end
Pandorable's NPCs - Males 2 - Clothing Patch (DOWNLOAD)  *This patch is not needed if you are starting a new game
Pandorable's NPCs - Males 2 - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

The Kids Are Alright SE - Final Cut 5.0 - SSEBP Repack (DOWNLOAD)
*If you didn't install/activate "Rigmor of Bruma", then disable "Rigmor TKAA Patch.esp"
*If you didn't install "Interesting NPCs", then disable "3DNPC TKAA Patch.esp"

Taarie and Endarie Re-Imagined (LINK)
Install 1: "Taarie and Endarie Re-Imagined CBBE"
Install 2: "Taarie and Endarie Re-Imagined Plugin Hotfix"
Install 3: "Taarie and Endarie Re-Imagined - Optional ESL Plugin"
Taarie and Endarie Re-Imagined - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Kalilies NPCs (LINK)
Install: "Kalilies NPCs"
Installation settings:
Kalilies NPCs - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Pandorable's Heroes of Sovngarde (LINK)
*Choose any options during installation
Pandorable's Heroes of Sovngarde - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Pandorable's NPCs (LINK)
Install 1: "Pandorable's NPCs SE"
*Recommended installation settings: (LINK)
Install 2: "PAN_NPCs SE - blonde Elisif"
Pandorable's NPCs - Clothing Patch (DOWNLOAD)  *This patch is not needed if you are starting a new game
Pandorable's NPCs - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Pandorable's NPCs - Dragonborn (LINK)
*Choose any options during installation, and click "yes" at the last page, to the confirm that USSEP is installed
Pandorable's NPCs - Dragonborn - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Pandorable's NPCs - Dawnguard
Install 1: "Pandorable's NPCs - Dawnguard SE - USSEP"
Install 2: "Grey face fix SE"
Pandorable's NPCs - Dawnguard - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Improved Bards - Special Edition
Improved Bards - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Improved Bards - M7BBP2 Replacer

Bijin NPCs SE - M7BBP2 And UUNP - With Optimized Textures
Note: This is a repack of "Bijin NPCs SE" (LINK) - Includes M7BBP And UUNP body models and optimized textures. *Don't download from Nexus
Installation settings (LINK)

Bijin Merge
*This file merges together the 11 esp files from "Bijin NPCs SE" into one
After installation, click the "Plugins" tab and uncheck the 11 items. See image

Josephine - Follower and Irileth Replacer SE
Install: "Irileth - CBBE"
Irileth - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Irileth - M7BBP2 Replacer

Migal's Housecarl Beauties SE
Migal's Housecarl Beauties - Clothing Patch (DOWNLOAD)  *This patch is not needed if you are starting a new game
Migal's Housecarl Beauties - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Skyrim Beautiful Followers - SSE - SSEBP-Pick
Note: This is an SSE conversion and repack of "Skyrim Beautiful Followers - SBF" (LINK). *Don't download from Nexus

SBF Merge
*This file merges together 16 out of 18 esp files from "Skyrim Beautiful Followers - SSE - SSEBP-Pick" into one
After installation, click the "Plugins" tab and uncheck the 16 items. See image


Pandorable's Initiates (LINK)
Install: "PAN_Initiates - vanilla voices ESL"
Pandorable's Initiates - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)
Pandorable's Initiates - M7BBP2 Replacer (DOWNLOAD)

Nox-NPCs - Gerdur and Sigrid (LINK)
Gerdur and Sigrid - Texture Optimization
Gerdur and Sigrid - M7BBP2 Replacer

GLAM Senna
Install: "GLAM Senna - non standalone default body and skin"
GLAM Senna - Clothing Patch (DOWNLOAD)  *This patch is not needed if you are starting a new game
GLAM Senna - Textures Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Hott Ildari - Ash Witch of Tel Mithryn - Villain-Follower (LINK)
Install 1: "Hott Ildari 3.0"
Install 1: "Loose Facegen Patch"

Hott Ildari ESPFE Patch (LINK)

Khaliza of Gilane - Redguard Housecarl of Markarth SSE
Khaliza of Gilane - Clothing Patch (DOWNLOAD)
Note: This is an SSE conversion of this mod (LINK)
*Don't download from Nexus

LKs Lydia Replacer or Lynn Follower CBBE
Install 1: "LKs Lydia_v1.1_Default SE"
LKs Lydia - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

MBWS NPC Replacer Karliah and Vex by Ria
Install: "MBWS NPC Replacer SSE - Karliah AND Vex - Default Body - CBBE Textures - v1.1.0"
MBWS NPC Replacer Karliah and Vex - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Superb Serana
Install: "Serana CBBE"
Superb Serana - SSE Conversion Patch with M7BBP2 Replacer (DOWNLOAD)
Note: The SSE version from Nexus (LINK), doesn't have proper conversion of esp/nif files. *Don't download from Nexus

VriTarl An Orc Tank Follower
Install: "Vritarl Ugor Replacer"
VriTarl - Clothing Patch (DOWNLOAD)  *This patch is not needed if you are starting a new game
VriTarl - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)


Mods 11: Game-Play Alterations

Bandit Lines Expansion (LINK)

Civil War Lines Expansion (LINK)

Forsworn and Thalmor Lines Expansion (LINK)

Nilheim - Misc Quest Expansion (LINK)

Sleeping Expanded - Animations and NPC reactions (LINK)

Carriages and Stables Dialogue Bundle (LINK)

Conjure Rideable Ethereal Horse SE (LINK)

Enhanced Reanimation (LINK)
*Select "1.5.97" during setup

Hide and Seek grants Sneak XP (LINK)

NPCs Wear Amulets of Mara (LINK)

Run For Your Lives (LINK)

Positive Undressed Reactions (LINK)

Sleep Tight SE (LINK)
Install: "Sleep Tight SE"
Note: Don't download the ESL version. It's flagged so it can't be placed late in the load-order
Sleep Tight SE Fixes (LINK)
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)

Super Simple Needs (LINK)

Sensual Needs for Flower Girls or SexLab (LINK)
Install: "Sensual Needs for Flower Girls"
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)

Amazing Follower Tweaks SE (LINK) *Not lore-friendly
Install 1: "Amazing Follower Tweaks"
Install 2: "AFT_iNPC Alpha SSE Fix"
Note: This mod has conflicts with several follower and quest mods. Nothing game-breaking, but it might be annoying or immersion breaking
Warning: This mod can potentially ruin your save-game, if used excessively. For example, if you have 10 followers everywhere you go, or if you put 20 followers in one house. Use at own risk!
Warning: If you install it, don't uninstall it again, once you have saved your game. That WILL break your game
Recommendation: Don't installing this mod unless you have a specific need for it, and know exactly what you are doing

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO SE (LINK)
Install 1: "Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO Final"
Install 2: "RDO - AFT SE Patch Final"  *Install only if you installed "Amazing Follower Tweaks"
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - Update and MCM (LINK)

Hunters Not Bandits (LINK)

Unofficial Skyrim Modders Patch - USMP - Patch Emporium (LINK)
Install: "USMP - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul patch"  *Install only if you installed Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

A Lovely Letter Alternate Routes (LINK)

Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE (LINK)
Installation settings:

Note: After installation, pay attention to the .esp placement (LINK) All 4 .esp files have different places in the load-order
*If you didn't install Interesting NPCs, don't check the "Interesting NPCs" option

Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE - Falskaar and RDO - ESLs (DOWNLOAD)

Serana Dialogue Add-On (LINK)
Serana Dialogue Add-On Patch Hub (LINK)
Recommended installation settings: (LINK)

Rich Skyrim Merchants (LINK)
*Use whichever option you find best
Rich Skyrim Merchants 5x - ESL (DOWNLOAD)  *Install only if you chose 5x

Ash Pile Expiration - Special Edition (LINK)
Recommended settings:

Ash Pile Expiration - ESL (DOWNLOAD)

Troll Tweaks (LINK) *LE
Troll Tweaks - SSE Conversion Patch (DOWNLOAD)
Troll Tweaks - SSE - ESL (DOWNLOAD)

Facelight Plus SE (LINK)
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)  *If set incorrectly, the game will CTD after exiting dialog

Grand Fireball (LINK)

Vampire Faction (LINK) *LE
Install: "Vampire Faction 1.1 Dawnguard"
Vampire Faction - SSE Conversion Patch

Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers (LINK)

JK Crafting Breakdown - Junk Melting Smelting (LINK) *LE
JK Crafting Breakdown - SSE Conversion Patch

Craftable Torches (LINK)

Lost Art of the Blacksmith (LINK) *LE
Lost Art of the Blacksmith - SSE Conversion Patch

Carry Weight Modifier (DOWNLOAD)

Dibellas Compulsion - Nude Spell (LINK) *LE
Dibellas Compulsion - SSE Conversion Patch

Resurrect Dead Spell (LINK) *LE
Resurrect Dead Spell - SSE Conversion Patch (DOWNLOAD)

Shorter Cell Respawns SSE

Final Merge (LINK)
*This file merges together the previous 9 esp files into one
After installation, click the "Plugins" tab and uncheck the 9 items. See image

Better Jumping SE (LINK)
Install: "Better Jumping SE"

Crafting Voidsalt (LINK)
Crafting Voidsalt - ELS

Master Trainers train to 100 (LINK)
Master Trainers 100 - ESL

Sweeping Organizes Stuff - Use Broom to Clean Mess (LINK)

Teleportation Spell with Menu and Mark and Recall with Menu (LINK) *LE
Install: "Teleport Menu Spell_DLC" (v4.0) from Old Versions
*The newer versions require "JCONTAINERS", which can cause problems with player homes. Version 4.0 works perfectly and has no requirements
Teleportation Spell - SSE Conversion Patch (DOWNLOAD)

Better Candlelight (LINK)
Select any option you prefer during installation

Timescales Close to Real Life (LINK)
I recommend installing: "Timescale Value 3"
Timescales ELS  (DOWNLOAD)

Faster Mining (LINK) *LE - No conversion needed

Classic Sprinting Redone (LINK)
Install: "Classic Sprinting Redone (Legacy SE)"

Realistic Melee Range (LINK)
Realistic Melee Range ESL  (DOWNLOAD)

Combat Evolved (LINK)
*This mod makes combat significantly more difficult (and interesting). If you are new to Skyrim, skip this mod until the original combat becomes too easy

Sneak Tools SE Edition (LINK)
I recommend installing: "Sneak Tools (Minimal)"

Deadly Damage (LINK)

Deadly Damage Re-Config & ESL (DOWNLOAD)
*This mod restores Vanilla values for Novice and Apprentice difficulty, but keeps Adept to Legendary at Deadly Damage levels.

Difficulty MCM (LINK)

Less Sniperlike NPCs (LINK)
I recommend installing: "Less Sniperlike NPCs 70 percent"

Customizable Camera (LINK)
Customizable Camera - ESL (DOWNLOAD)
Note: Recommended in-game settings (LINK)

Skyrim Skill Uncapper (LINK)

Soaking Wet - Character Wetness Effect (LINK)


NOTE: Remember to run the "Generate FNIS Tool" before testing the game

Mods 12: Lighting

Download the latest version and unpack into a temporary folder. Move the content of the "WrapperVersion" folder into the Skyrim SE game-folder. Overwrite existing files
NOTE: Don't use NMM for this file. It will not work, as the files need to go into the root of the game-folder

Skyrim Beautification Project ENB Settings
Download the latest version and unpack into the Skyrim SE game-folder. Overwrite existing files
NOTE: Don't use NMM for this file either

ENB Particle Lights - Dwemer Lanterns (LINK)

Rudy HQ - More Lights for ENB SE - Bthardamz (LINK)

Rudy HQ - More Lights for ENB SE - Chaurus Eggs and Sacs (LINK)

Rudy HQ - More Lights for ENB SE - Deathbells and Nirnroots (LINK)

Rudy HQ - More Lights for ENB SE - Moths (LINK)

Rudy HQ - More Lights for ENB SE - Soul Gems (LINK)
Install 1: "Rudy HQ - More Lights for ENB SE - Soulgems"
Install 2: "Rudy HQ - More Lights for ENB SE - Patch for Rustic Soulgems"

Particle Lights for ENB - Wisps - Witchlight (LINK)

Particle Lights For ENB SE - Undead Creatures (LINK)
Recommended installation settings:
NOTE: Don't overwrite files from "Unique Skulls HD - SE"

Alchemy Ingredients ENB Light (LINK)

Awesome Sigil Stones (LINK)
Install 1: "Awesome Sigil Stones - 1k Glowmap"
Install 2: "Awesome Sigil Stones - ENB Light PATCH"

Ayleid Ruins ENB Light (LINK)

Dark Elf Lantern ENB Light - Animated Glow (LINK)

ENB lights for Aetherium shards (LINK)

ENB Lights For Effect Shaders (LINK)
NOTE: Don't overwrite files from "High Poly Gleamblossoms"

Particle Lights for ENB - Ice Torches (LINK)

Picta Series - ENB Particle Glow - Architecture (DOWNLOAD)

Spiders of Solstheim - ENB Light (LINK)

Apocrypha ENB Light (LINK)

Butterfly Improved by zzjay - SE (LINK)
Install 1: "Butterflies"
Install 2: "Rudy HQ - Luna Moth ENB Light"

Particle Lights for ENB - Dwarven Spiders (LINK)

Particle Lights for ENB - Falmer Drips (LINK)

Particle Lights for ENB - Fire Traps (LINK)

Particle Lights for ENB - Luminous Ground Cover (LINK)

Particle Lights for ENB - Riekling Outposts (LINK)

Particle Lights for ENB - Spectral Warhound Eyes (LINK)

Wyrmstooth Animated ENB Light (LINK)

Beating Daedra Sound Mod (Animated Heart Mesh - ENB Light) (LINK)

HD Sleeping Tree Sap Replacer (LINK)
I recommend installing: "dpillari sleeping tree 1k Enb light"
HD Sleeping Tree Sap - Texture Optimization (DOWNLOAD)

Hearthfire Light - Reshaped (LINK)

Re-enable ENB on Loading and Title Screens (DOWNLOAD)


Mods 13: Weather System - Choose Option 1 or Option 2

Option 1 - Recommended
Diverse weather system, ranging from clear skies to heavy fog and rough storms. Includes volumetric fog system. See screenshots (LINK)

Blowing in the Wind (LINK)
Installation settings:

Blowing in the Wind - Working CLARALUX Patch (LINK)  *Download mirror (DOWNLOAD)

Remove Interior Fog (DOWNLOAD)

Climates Of Tamriel 3.1 SSE
Note: This is an SSE conversion of "Climates Of Tamriel 3.1" (LINK) *Don't download from Nexus
*This version is needed for the Weather Patch and Supreme Storms to work.

Falskaar - Climates of Tamriel Patch SSE (DOWNLOAD)

Supreme Storms SSE
Note: This is an SSE conversion of "Supreme Storms" (LINK) *Don't download from Nexus

Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch - SSE (DOWNLOAD)
This is an SSE conversion of "Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch" (LINK) *Don't download from Nexus

Expanded Snow Systems - SSE
Expanded Snow Systems - Patch for CoT DG - SSE (DOWNLOAD)

Climates of Tamriel - ESLs (DOWNLOAD)


Option 2
The latest CoT. A newer but more modest system without the rough weathers. See screenshots (LINK) *The most noticeable disadvantage compared to option 1, is the lack of volumetric fog. This fog looks more like distance-fade, same as most other weather mods.

Blowing in the Wind (LINK)
Installation settings:

Blowing in the Wind - Working CLARALUX Patch (LINK)  *Download mirror (DOWNLOAD)

Remove Interior Fog (DOWNLOAD)

Climates Of Tamriel Special Edition - Weather - Lighting - Effects - Audio 5.7
*This latest version of CoT does have some minor improvements compared to CoT 3.1. However, in my opinion, this mod by can't compare to the changes brought by "Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch" and "Supreme Storms".


Time to fix the load-order