Frequently Asked Questions

Please skim through this FAQ before posting questions on the blog


1 - I already have a good mod-setup, I just want the SSEBP-ENB
No problem, your just need to uninstall any mod that alters lighting (ELFX, ELE, RLO, etc.), and you need to install "Climates Of Tamriel". (Any version)
*After installing CoT, let 24 in-game hours pass (Sleep for 24 hours), so the weather cycle starts. The ENB won't look great until CoT takes over.


2 - I want to use both the SSEBP mods and ENB, but I would like to continue my saved game instead of starting over.

If you
have a save-game from a game without mods, then you can use that save-game without any problems.

If you want to use a save-game from an already modded skyrim, but you want to exchange your current mods with the SSEBP mods and ENB, then you need to clean your save-game before you can use it.
*Skyrim saves a ridiculous amount of data in the save-game files, including script data! This fact makes adding/removing mods with scripts a bit of a headache. If you install a mod that contains scripts, save your game and later uninstall that mod, then the scrips are still stuck in the save-game, which can cause lag and crashes, as the game will be looking for items that no longer exists.

How to clean your save-game from leftover scripts:
> Download "TESVESSE Files Editor" from the Nexus site (LINK) Download manually, and unpack to any folder. Make a shortcut to "TESVESSE.exe".
*It's made for the "old" Skyrim, but SSE's save-game files are identical.
> S
tart Skyrim and load your save-game. In-game, go to a small cell (Any player-home will do) and bring down the console. Then type: "clearinvalidregistrations" and press enter. Leave the console again and create a new save-game. Exit the game.
> Start "TESVESSE Files Editor" again, and open the save-game you just created.
*The save-games are usually located in: "C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Saves\".
In the left window of TESV ESS Editor, expand "Global data table 3", and click "2 Papyrus".

Press "Empty papyrus". This will remove all scripts from your save-game. Now save to a new save-game file.
> Start Skyrim and load your new script-free save-game. Once the game starts, all scripts from the base-game and current mods will be added, so let the game be for a couple of seconds. Some settings like customized camera views RaceMenu sliders and such might have gotten lost, but aside from that, everything should work just fine. If you get a CTD on this first load, no worries. It only happens because the cache doesn't match the loaded game. Just load the game once again, and everything will work just fine.


3 - I get random CTDs when I'm outdoors
Most likely you have some loose scripts in your save-game. Unfortunately all scripts are being saved in the save-game files, and after playing for some time, they sometimes mess up. Re-spawning of creatures, and the use of mannequins and weapon racks, are common causes of script errors, but there are many others. There is no way to know for sure, if scripts are in fact the problem, but if you activate papyrus logging, you will get an idea.
Open up skyrim.ini with notepad "C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\).
Add/change the following 3 lines:

Start Skyrim again, and wait for a CTD or an endless loading screen or whatever the problem may be. After Skyrim has crashed, go to "C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Logs\Script\". Here you will find a log file, which will show what happened before the crash.
* If you see script error, which is most likely, then you need to clean your save-game (See FAQ number 2)
* If you see errors pointing to a specific mod, try removing that mod.
* If you don't see anything suspicious at all in the log, then you may have too many textures loaded for your system to handle. You will need to remove some of the texture packs. Start with the ones covering the area where you see the problem most often. If it's completely random where it happens, then you might want to look into both your environment texture-packs, and armor/NPC mods. Try to see where you can save the most memory.


4 - How do I properly read a Papyrus log file? (See FAQ number 3 on how to generate a Papyrus log)
The Papyrus log can be a mess to look at with notepad. If you have strange CTDs, and you find the log to be larger than 100kb in size, then you definitely need to have a closer look at it.
I can recommend downloading "Sublime Text 3". It will show a clean version of the log, and can also be used to edit scripts. (LINK)
Open the log and try to look for errors, especially those that are repeated, or those that are at the very bottom, right before the crash.
When you see an error that you suspect could be the cause of the problem, look at the number. Example: (44000D62): "44000D62" is the "name" of the mod from which the error came. The two first digits (in this case "44") is the HEX number for the load-order, starting with 0. Convert the HEX number to decimal, and add 1, then you have the load-order number of the mod. (In this case it would be "69")
HEX to Decimal converter: (LINK)
Now try to uninstall the mod which created the error, and see if the problem has disappeared.


5 - I just installed the weather mods and the ENB, but everything looks weird?
This happens because the weather system has not started it's cycle yet. Give it about 24 in-game hours, and everything will look much better. The ENB is made for CoT, and won't look great without.
*Quick fix: Find a bed and sleep for 24 hours.


6 - I get a CTD every time I enter a certain location
This is most likely due to corrupt item references in your save-game, or simply too many ID references. This can be easily fixed with a cell re-spawn. In-game, go to any player-home and sleep for 30 days. That will reset all cells except the "safe cells". *Make sure to have all your stuff stored in your home before going to sleep, or you will loose it all.
It can also happen if you don't have video memory enough. For instance, if you bring 50 followers to the same house, or if you have too many HD mods installed for your system to handle.


7 - I randomly get endless loading screens when traveling
This is commonly caused when the textures take up too much video memory. Even though ENB helps this problem, it may still happen, if you simply don't have enough memory for the textures. Endless loading screens also can have the same causes as random CTDs (See FAQ number 3), but in most cases they happen due to lack of video memory.


8 - I see grass floating in the air??
This happens if the following lines are not added to SkyrimPrefs.ini
Open SkyrimPrefs.ini with notepad (normally located in: "C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\")
Find [Grass], and add the following two lines:


9 - I can't see any difference in the graphics, even though I installed the ENB.
This happens if you didn't change the ini files as shown in the Tweaks section (
LINK). Please make proper changes to both ini files and your graphics driver.


10 - Random textures are invisible/pink/black?
This can happen for two reasons:
A - If you haven't disabled AA or Anisotropic Filtering in your driver settings or in the Skyrim ini files. *Proper settings: (LINK)
B - If there is a mismatch between two mods. Example: If a mod installs both a nif and a texture for an object. Then another mod installs only a nif or only a texture for the same object.
This can will 99% likely cause texture errors, such as invisible, pink or black textures. - Following the SSEBP mod-list guide, this error will not happen. If you installed more textures mods, or if something went wrong during installation, or if you installed some in a different order, then this error is very likely to happen.


11 - Serana's face is black. It looks messed-up.
This happens if "Superb Serana" is not put correctly in the load-order. (LINK) If another mod alters anything in either Serana's data or in the Vampire Race data, that mod HAS to be loaded BEFORE "Superb Serana". Note: If you have not met Serana yet, then you can put "Superb Serana" anywhere in the load-order, and she will still work. But if you already already met her, Serana's data is stored in your save-game file, which will cause the black-face error, unless placed correctly in the load-order.


12 - All or some NPCs have gray/black faces.
This may happen if you have an incorrect load-order between mods that contain NPCs. *See the Tweaks section for correct load-order (LINK)
It also may happen, if you have two mods that use the same character ID. (If you only have SBP recommended mods installed, you should not see this problem) But if you have added more non-standalone characters to the game, try uninstalling them and see if the problem disappears.
Cleaning your save-game may take care of the problem, but it's not guaranteed. (See FAQ number 2)


13 - After gathering 2 or more followers at the same time, I get CTDs now and then?
This may happen in rare combinations of certain NPCs and use of "Amazing Follower Tweaks". I'm not 100% sure what exactly triggers the error, but it happened to me once after trading some items between followers, dismissing them, saving the game, and then loading a previous save-game. Unfortunately the error is not fixable without a complete cleaning of the save-game. Even if you remove the mod, the error will still be present because it is caused by scripts, which are stored in the save-game. (See FAQ number 2)
Note: Before cleaning your save-game, you need to dismiss all followers, uninstall
"Amazing Follower Tweaks", and make a new save. Then clean this save-game, start Skyrim and make yet a new save-game. Then re-install "Amazing Follower Tweaks", and everything will be back to normal.


14 - NPCs get black eyes.
This may happen on certain systems, with certain drivers, with certain settings, after playing for a certain amount of time. I have personally never seen this myself, but if for whatever reason you experience this, then It's very easy to fix. In-game, open the ENB menu (shift+enter), deactivate and reactivate AA, and re-apply settings. That's it.


15 - The shadows are not that great, but the ENB settings are at it's best option?
ENB only draws shadows as big as allowed by SkyrimPrefs.ini. If you want better looking shadows, open SkyrimPrefs.ini with notepad and find:

The screenshots are taken with "iShadowMapResolution=2048", but you can set the number to 512, 1024, 2048 or 4096. On low end systems, 2048 and higher comes with a small decrease in performance. In my opinion, the quality difference between 2048 and 4096 is minimal. That is however a matter of taste, so if you are not satisfied with 2048 shadow resolution, try 4096 instead.


16 - I want to use different mods than the recommended ones, but I get CTDs and other problems.
If you post your mod-list and load-order on the blog, then I'll take a look. I can't promise that I can help, but I'll try my best.
*Before posting, please try two things:
1 - Clean your safe-game (See FAQ number 2)
2 - Look at the Papyrus log (See FAQ number 3 & 4)


17 - I can't find the download link on Boris's website.
Click on the version you want. At the download page, scroll to the very bottom, and the download link will be a tiny square. I know, not the first place people look. I certainly would have put it elsewhere, but that's Boris's choice.


18 - The water is flickering.
Flickering is very difficult to get rid of, as it's different from system to system. It's mostly dependant on the graphic card drivers and settings, but also on the game settings. I have researched a LOT on this, but didn't find anything that eliminates the problem completely. The only thing you can do is play around with your driver settings and see if you can find a pattern.


19 - The game crashes right before/after the menu.
If the game crashes before you get to the menu, then either your load-order is incorrect, or you have a mod that is depending on another mod that is missing. Re-check your load-order. Tweaks section (LINK)

20 - The game crashes almost immediately after launch.
This is a Windows 10 issue with ENB. If the problem disappears after removing the d3d11.dll file from the game-folder, then it's a Windows 10 issue for sure. If the problem persists, then it's a load-order issue (See FAQ 19)
This problem was introduced in the Creators "Update" on Windows 10. This fix worked for me (LINK) See number 4.
Others have reported fixing the error by using this guide for enblocal.ini (LINK)


21 - When I try to install a certain mod with NMM, I get this error "An exception occured in the script".
This can happen with mods that have scripted installers.
Solution: Add shell extensions for supported file types in NMM settings. Then restart NMM.


22 - I can't find my question(s) here.
Try the Nexus SBP Blog - There are some answered questions already, and you can post any new question you might have.