Info: ENB is a graphics extender and memory manager made by Boris Vorontsov. It adds new visual effects and makes the game more stable at the same time. It does however come with a small performance impact. How much completely depends on the system, drivers and settings. On mid- to high-end systems the impact will barely be noticeable, but if may come at a small FPS-drop on a low-end system. I still strongly recommend installing the ENB even on a low-end system, as you still get the added stability and memory improvements, even if the effects are disabled.

If you just want the ENB, and didn't install the recommended mods, please note the following:
For the SSEBP ENB to look as intended, remove all mods that alter lighting (ELFX, ELE or RLO), and any mod that removes outdoor fog. Then install any version of "Climates Of Tamriel" and the "ENB helper SE" (LINK)
*Changing weather/lighting mods won't impact your save-games, and can be installed/uninstalled at any time without any problems.


1 - Installing ENB & the SSEBP ENB Settings

1 - Download the ENB files

Official ENB Download Site: (LINK)
*Download the latest version. Unpack to a temporary folder, then move the content of the "WrapperVersion" folder into the Skyrim SE game-folder.

2 - Download the Skyrim SE Beautification Project ENB Settings

Skyrim Beautification Project ENB Settings: (LINK)
Download and unpack the file(s) into the Skyrim SE game-folder. When asked, overwrite any existing files.

Note: The Heavy DoF Addon is mostly for screenshots. Comparison images:

Normal DoF                                                                                                  Heavy DoF Addon

Note for Windows 10 users:
The Creators update for Windows 10 introduced a wide variety of problems, especially for games with custom renders like ENB or ReShade. If the game refuses to launch with ENB enabled, then follow the steps in number 4 here: (LINK)


2 - ENB Settings In-Game

ENB will load automatically when Skyrim starts. You can access the settings in-game with the following shortcut keys:

Open the ENB settings console: Shift+Enter

Enable/Disable ENB Effect: F12
Show FPS: Insert
Take Screenshot: PrtScr
Free VRAM: F4


Proceed to Tweaks
Time to correct the load-order. The final step



If you want to play with the ENB setting, you can do so by editing "enbseries.ini" with notepad, or you can edit the ENB in-game by pressing shift+enter.
A little word of advise: ENB currently contains more than 1000 environmental settings, which all differ with time of day, location and weather. When playing around with the settings in one location, it may have unforeseen effects elsewhere, so it's a good idea to test ONE thing at a time, and see how it effects different environments/weathers before making more changes. Messing everything up is VERY easy, trust me on this one. It is very time consuming to fully test ENB changes in all different environments and weathers, but it's absolutely necessary if you want a great looking ENB. If you don't have time for testing, I strongly suggest not to play around with the environmental settings. However, if you do have the time, by all means, I would LOVE to receive ideas for improvements and better settings, and incorporate them into this project. (Please write me on the Nexus SSEBP Blog)



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