A few things to setup before installing mods

1 - Make sure that you have the latest drivers and redistributables installed.
This is important for most games and programs.

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.
*Install all versions (Both x86 and x64) from 2008 and later.

DirectX9 End-User Runtimes.
*This will not interfere with DirectX 10/11/12+.

.NET Framework.
*Install all versions from 4.7.2 and newer.

GeForce Drivers.
AMD Drivers.

If interested, here is a small Windows optimization guide (LINK)

2 - Make sure that Morrowind is updated to the latest version, and that both expansions (Bloodmoon & Tribunal) are installed.

3 - Sign up at the Nexus. (LINK- It's free and takes about 2 minutes. The Nexus site is the main source of mods used in this guide.

4 - Make a Nexus account and download the Nexus Mod Manager. (LINK)
It's free, and it's the main source of mods in this guide.
*Install the "NMM Community Edition"

5 - Launch NMM
At the very first startup, NMM will search for your game(s). Let it finish, or cancel the auto-search and type in the Morrowind game folder path manually. Then you will be asked where to store the mod files. Any place will do.

6 - Make some coffee and get ready for several hours of downloading and installing.





BEFORE                                           AFTER                                                    BEFORE                                            AFTER