PLEASE READ: Install the following mods one by one, in listed order. This is important, as some mods overwrite files from others.

Most listed mods are from NexusMods. Unless otherwise specified, install the latest "Main File" and click "YES" to overwrite if asked.


Mods 1: Main Mods
These mods should be installed manually, not via NMM

MGSO - Morrowind Overhaul - Sounds & Graphics 3.0 (LINK)
Download the file, unpack into the Morrowind game folder, then run "MOInstaller.exe". When prompted by the installer, choose any option you like.

Morrowind Code Patch
Download manually, then unpack into the Morrowind game folder and overwrite.
*This mod has already been installed by MGSO 3, but this version is newer.
Run "Morrowind Code Patch.exe" and choose any options you like.
*I recommend these choices (LINK)
When done selecting, press "Apply chosen patches", and close the program.


Mods 2: Bug-Fixes
Due to Morrowind's age, some mods from the Nexus are structured in a way that NMM can't use. Those mods have all been repacked and put in the files section of this guide. (Repackaged so they work perfectly with NMM) Out of courtesy to the creators of those mods, links are provided to the original content, even though no download is necessary.

Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) info:

Launch NMM and use the username and password from the Nexus site.
When following the links in this mod-list, you will land on the description page of the specific mod. Click the "Files" tab and you will get to the download section. Unless otherwise specified, find the "Main Files", usually at the very top, and click
NMM will catch the file and start downloading right away. NMM will automatically save it to a mod folder, and the mod will then show in the "mods" tab of the main window. Right click it, and you can choose to install, uninstall or permanently delete it. When it is installed, a green check mark will show next to the mod, and if the mod contains esm/esp files, they will show in the "Plugins" tab.

Script Improvements (LINK) *Repacked file
*Download the file, and add it to NMM.
NMM manual download installation: Click "Add mod from file" from the side menu (See image)

Select the downloaded file, and it should appear in the mods window. If if doesn't, then hover the mouse over "Download Manager" at the bottom of NMM till it opens. Then click the mod, and following click the blue triangle. Now it will appear in the mods window for sure.
*Out of courtesy to the creator of the mod, here is a link to the original file (Which does not work with NMM, so no download needed): (LINK)

Ordiniran Fix (LINK)

MGSO 3 broken doors fix (LINK)

MGSO3 bloodmoon ice cave glowing snow texture fix (LINK)

Simple MGSO Table Fix (LINK)

MGSO Temporary Patch (LINK) *Repacked file
*Courtesy link (LINK)


Mods 3: Textures & Meshes

Better Crates (LINK)

Better Tanning Rack (LINK) *Repacked file
*Courtesy link (LINK)

Dwarven Gear Replacer (LINK)

Dwemer Mesh Improvement

Dwemer Pottery Replacer

HD Concept-art splash screen and main menu

HD Intro Cinematic - English
Download the file matching your monitors aspect ratio

Landscape Retexture
Install 1: "Landscape retexture 2k"
Install 2: "Bloodmoon Landscape Retexture"

Mesh Improvements
Install: "Mesh_Improvement_161"

Mushroom Tree Replacer (LINK)
Install: "PB Mushroom Tree Replacer (0.9)"

Mushroom Tree Replacer 2k PBR (LINK)


Mods 4: New Buildings

Bagel's Luxurious Manor (LINK)
Install 1: "Bagel's Manor main file 1.0"
Install 2: "Bagel's Manor TR Travel addon"

Dark Castle

Morrowind Buy A House

Seyda Neen Manor House


Mods 5: Character

Dagoth Ur Model Reworked (LINK)

Pluginless Khajiit Head Pack
I recommend installing: "Pluginless Khajiit Head Pack"

DMRA Type Curvy Body Replacer for Morrowind

Alienor Hairstyle

Morrowinds Epic Ladies (LINK)

MEL Redguard Addon (LINK)

MEL Altmer Addon (LINK)

MEL Hair Pack (LINK)


Mods 6: Armor & Weapons
*Some of the cloths/armor mode are not lore-friendly. Those are marked with pink text. Non of them are required, but they are all high quality and brings variety to the game.

Aleanne Clothes and Armor part 1 and 2 (LINK)
Install 1: "Aleanne clothes and armor 1"
Install 2: "Aleanne Clothes and Armor 2"

Darknut's Little Weapons Mod Complete
(LINK) *Repacked file
*Courtesy link (LINK)


Mods 7: New NPCs

Morrowind Comes Alive (LINK)
Install 1: "Morrowind Comes Alive"
Install 2: "Morrowind Comes Alive Patch"
*This mod has already been installed by MGSO 3, but this version is newer.

Install 1: "Jasmine"
Install 2: "jac_jasmine 2_7a"

Mistress Tilani_ an Adult Mod
*Don't overwrite files from any previous mod. Select "No to Mod" when asked.


Mods 8: Game-Play Alterations

Romance English Version (LINK)

Unoffical Romance Mod Addons -URMA-

Morrowind UI Revamped
See images for recommended settings:

Quick Char
(LINK) *Repacked file
*This mod sets the timescale to 1to5 instead of 1to30 (Default game time). However, it ONLY works on new games.
*Courtesy link (LINK)

Run Faster - Faster Running Speed
This mod comes with 4 different speed options. (Fast, Faster, FasterPlus, Fastest)
*In NMM's "plugins" window, select only one of the 4 speed files. Uncheck the other 3. See picture. Choose any you like.

*Courtesy link (LINK)

Strength Encumberance Multiplier (LINK) *Repacked file
*Courtesy link (LINK)


Mods 9: Lighting
This needs to be installed manually, not via NMM

Download "MGE XE beta" manually, then unpack into the Morrowind game folder and overwrite.
*This mod has already been installed by MGSO 3, but this version is newer.
Run "MGEXEgui.exe" and choose any options you like.
*I recommend these choices (LINK)
When done selecting, close the program.

*Note for Windows 10 users:
The Creators update for Windows 10 introduced a wide variety of problems, especially for games with custom renders like ENB or ReShade. If you encounter problems like messed-up graphics or extreme slowdowns, then follow the steps in number 4 here: (LINK) *Pay special attention to the RivaTuner settings.
If this doesn't work, then Windows is somehow still blocking it. Search Google for alternative ways of forcing Windows 10 to use custom d3d files.




Info: The load-order is a list that determines in which order Morrowind loads additional content. (Mods) The load-order has 255 slots which are loaded into the memory one by one in the exact order they are listed. If identical data appears (If two mods contain the same data), the mod listed last, overwrites whatever came first. Also, if a mod has references to another mod, then this other mod HAS to be listed in the load-order before the mod with the dependency. If a mod is depending on something that is missing or listed later in the load-order, Morrowind will either not load those mods, load them with errors, or not even start up. This fact makes it VERY important to have a 100% correct load-order. Besides dependencies, some mods edit the same location cells, and often have different lighting settings, even if the mod has nothing to do with lighting. This doesn't cause the game to crash, but it might cause graphical, lighting or weather errors. Having a correct load-order is absolutely necessary for Morrowind to run properly.

NMM and click the "Plugins" tab. Then sort everything according to this list


Texture Fix - Bloodmoon 1.1.esm
Morrowind Patch 1.6.5 Beta (BTB Edit).esm
Texture Fix 2.0.esm
Poorly Placed Object Fix 1.2.esm
Odirniran Fix-V1.esp
Unique Banners and Signs.esp
Better Bodies.esp
Windows Glow.esp
Key Replacer Trib & BM.esp
Barabus' fireplaces 2.esp
Windows Glow - Tribunal Eng.esp
Windows Glow - Bloodmoon Eng.esp
Windows Glow - Raven Rock Eng.esp
Better Skulls.ESP
Particle Arrow Replacer.esp
Vurt's Grazelands Trees.esp
Statue Replacer - Normal.esp
Book Jackets - Morrowind.esp
Book Jackets - Tribunal.esp
Book Jackets - Bloodmoon.esp
Better Clothes_v1.1.esp
Neo's Unique Creatures.esp
Vality's Balmora Addon.esp
correctUV Ore Replacer 1.0.esp
Bloated Caves.esp
Graphic Herbalism.esp
almalexia armor.esp
More Better Clothes.ESP
Golden Gold.esp
Animated Morrowind.esp
New Voices.esp
Vurt's Ashlands Overhaul.esp
Sleepers, Awake!.esp
Unique Jewelry and Accessories.esp
Clean MCFC_1.0.esp
imperial chain fix.esp
Vurt's BC Tree Replacer II.esp
Bagel's Manor.ESP
Dark Castle.ESP
Buy A House.esp
New Bodies - Mature.esp
Alienor Hairstyle by Mandamus.esp
Mels Faces.ESP
Female Armor - Complete.esp
Better Weapons and Armors.esp
Mistress TIlani Mod_v2.esp
Bisexual Prostitution (URMA).esp
Bisexual Vampiric Lust (URMA).esp
Guard Rape (URMA).esp
Vampiric Lust (URMA).esp
MW Containers Animated.esp
Quick Char (Timescale Edit).esp
Encumberance increaser StrX25.esp
XE Sky Variations.esp



The game is now fully modded and ready for launch!
If the game CTD on the very first launch, don't worry. CTDs sometimes happen at the very first launch after file changes. This happens because of inconsistency with game-cache. Start Morrowind again, and everything will be fine.