Frequently Asked Questions

Please skim through this FAQ before posting questions on the blog


1 - I have a lot of mods installed already. Can I still use the Skyrim Beautification Project settings and guide?
Yes. You have 3 options, if you already have a modded Skyrim.

Option 1: New game
Remove all mods, install Skyrim Beautification Project, start a new game.
This would be the ideal solution, but if you are in the middle of a play-through, it's probably not what you want to do.

Option 2: The "half" solution
If you are satisfied with the mods you currently have, you can try to keep them and just add the necessary mods (Black text mods) from the mod-list, and then install the SBP ENB settings. This should work, as long as you don't have any conflicting mods, or ANYTHING that alters lights or weather.

Option 3: Continue using your current save-game
Remove all mods, install Skyrim Beautification Project, and continue using your current save-game.
This is probably the solution you are looking for, and it IS possible. However,
as Skyrim saves a ridiculous amount of data in the save-game file, this will not work without doing some changes. You can of course try and see if your game actually loads after removing/adding the mods, but you will most likely get random CTDs and loading errors due to missing references and loose scripts. Unfortunately all scripts are stored in the save-game file, so if you uninstall a mod that contains scripts, these scripts will still be loaded with your game, even if you remove the mod. Having scripts constantly looking for missing content, creates constant errors in the Papyrus, which causes lag and CTDs, so this is not a good idea.
Here is how you get around this problem:
1 - Download "TESV ESS Files Editor" from the Nexus site (LINK) Download manually, and unpack the 7z package to where ever you like. Make a shortcut to "TESVESSE.exe" on your desktop.
2 - Uninstall all your current mods and any added content, except for the official updates and DLCs.
3 - Download and install SKSE (See mods preparation number 3 - LINK)
4 - S
tart Skyrim and load your save-game. In-game, go to a small cell (Any player-home will do) and bring down the console. Type: "clearinvalidregistrations" and press enter. Leave the console again and create a new save-game. Exit Skyrim.
5 - Start the "TESV ESS Files Editor" and open the save-game you just created. The save-games are usually located in: "C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves\"
In the left window, expand "Global data table 3", and click "2 Papyrus".

Press "Empty papyrus". This will remove ALL scripts from your save-game. Now save to a new save-game file.
6 - Start Skyrim and load your new script-free save-game. Once the game starts, all scripts from the original game will be added, so let the game be for a couple of seconds. Some settings like camera customized camera views and such might have gotten lost, but aside from that, everything should work just fine. If you get a CTD on this first load, no worries. It only happens because the cache doesn't match the loaded game. Just load the game once again, and everything will work perfectly.
7 - Follow the Skyrim Beautification Project guide and install the SBP ENB settings.
8 - Load your game and continue where you left off.


2 - I get random CTDs when I'm outdoors
Most likely you have some loose scripts in your save-game. Unfortunately all scripts are being saved in the save-game files, and after playing for some time, they sometimes mess up. Re-spawning of creatures, and the use of mannequins and weapon racks, are common causes of script errors, but there are many more. There is no way to know for sure, if scripts are in fact the problem, but if you activate papyrus logging, you will get an idea. Open up you skyrim.ini file with a note-pad "C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\).
Find [Papyrus], and add/change the following 3 lines:
Start Skyrim again, and wait for a CTD or an endless loading screen or whatever the problem might be. After Skyrim shots down, go to "C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Logs\Script\". Here you will find a log file, which will show what happened before the CTD/Shotdown.
* If you see script error, which is most likely, you need to clean your save-game (See FAQ number 1, option 3)
* If you see errors pointing to a specific mod, try removing the mod.
* If you don't see anything suspicious at all in the log, you might have too many textures loaded for your system to handle. You will need to remove some of the texture packs. Start with the ones covering the textures in the area where you see the problem most often. If it's completely random where it happens, you might want to look into both your environment texture-packs, and armor/NPC mods. Try to see where you can save the most memory.


3 - I get a CTD every time I enter a certain location
This is most likely due to corrupt item references in your save-game, or simply too many ID references. This can be easily fixed with a cell re-spawn. In-game, go to any player-home and sleep for 30 days. That will reset all cells except the "safe cells". *Make sure have all your stuff stored in your home before going to sleep, or you will loose them.


4 - I randomly get endless loading screens when traveling
This is commonly caused when the textures take up too much video memory. Even though ENB helps this, it can not eliminate the problem if you simply don't have enough memory for the textures you added. Endless loading screens also can have the same causes as random CTDs (See FAQ number 2), but in most cases they happen due to textures vs. video memory. The first textures you should look into are the LODs (Especially tree LODS), as they are more likely to cause endless loading screens in certain places. (See FAQ number 5 for an example)


5 - I get endless loading screens when leaving Markarth
This is typically caused by having 4k size tree LODs. Change to 2k instead. This will cause a slight decrease in distant quality, but the endless loading screen will go away.
Go to Nexus and install AOF HD Tree LODs 2k version (LINK) Under Optional-Files, install "AOF HD Tree LODs 2k"


6 - I get endless loading screens when traveling from Solsthein to Skyrim
Two possibilities:
1 - Tree LOD size. (See FAQ number 5) *Most likely reason
2 - Too many IDs in your save-game. (See FAQ number 3)


7 - When I swim underwater, it looks weird because everything is 100% clear
This happens if "bDoDepthOfField" is set to "0" in the SkyrimPrefs.ini
Open SkyrimPrefs.ini in a note-pad (normally located in: "C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\")
Find [Imagespace], and change the line "bDoDepthOfField=0" to "bDoDepthOfField=1"


8 - Some plants looks too black at night.
This happens because the "Skyrim Flora Overhaul" mod doesn't set correct IDs on some plants. This makes the shader not recognizing them as plants, and therefore they are not given correct source of light in some situations. No fix yet, as the creator of Skyrim Flora Overhaul claims that it's an error within ENB. I find this hard to believe, as ENB puts the correct lighting effects when Skyrim Flora Overhaul is disabled, but I must admit I can't tell for sure. Anyway, bottom line is that we will have to live with those few dark plants, at least for now.


9 - I see grass floating in the air??
This happens if the following lines are not added to SkyrimPrefs.ini
Open SkyrimPrefs.ini in a note-pad (normally located in: "C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\")
Find [Grass], and add the following two lines:


10 - I can't see any difference in the graphics, even though I installed the ENB settings.
This happens if you didn't change the ini files, as shown on the Tweaks page -
LINK. If your SkyrimPrefs.ini doesn't contain the following strings, ENB will not activate.

Open SkyrimPrefs.ini in a note-pad (normally located in: "C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\")
[Display], and add/change the following lines:

The ENB render has it's own AA, so if you activate any form of AA in the SkyrimPrefs.ini, it will deactivate the ENB settings completely.


11 - I get an invisible wall behind the enchanter in Vlindrel Hall.
This can happen if some of the textures are not installed in correct order. (See correct order at the Mod-List - LINK)


12 - Random textures are invisible?
There are two reasons why this can happen:
1 - If you haven't disabled AA or Anisotropic Filtering in your driver settings or in the Skyrim ini files. (See Tweaks for details - LINK)
2 - If you haven't configured your memory settings correctly in the enblocal.ini file. (See ENB page for details - LINK)


13 - The puddles at the marketplace in Windhelm are purple.
This can happen if some of the textures are not installed in correct order. (See correct order at the Mod-List - LINK)


14 - The mannequins act weird. They don't remember poses or float around.
It's a common error, and unfortunately there are no definite fix. (Not even the mannequin script fixing mod, it just minimizes it)
My personally experience: If you only equip them "lightly", and if you activate "live mode", they will behave. With that said, they still act out now and then, and end up in the standard pose, or physically misplaced.
Activating "live mode" is done by clicking them while in sneak mode. (Made possible by the "Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix" mod)


15 - The sun shines through everything. Trees and buildings and mountains?
This may happen if you have not set "bFloatPointRenderTarget=1" in the "SkyrimPrefs.ini" file.
Open SkyrimPrefs.ini in a note-pad (normally located in: "C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\")
Find [Display], and change or add the line: "


16 - All or some NPCs have gray faces. It's NOT pretty.
This may happen if you have an incorrect load-order between mods that contain NPCs with loose files instead of bsa/esm archives. (See Tweaks for correct load-order - LINK)
It may also happen, if you have two mods that use the same character ID. (If you only have SBP recommended mods installed, and if you followed the entire SBP guide to the letter, you will not see this problem) But if you have added more non-standalone characters to the game, a good place to start looking, is in the folders of "Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul" and "Interesting NPCs". These mods both have loose files in these four folders:
Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul: (Your Skyrim folder)\Data\textures\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceTint\Skyrim.esm
Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul: (Your Skyrim folder)\Data\meshes\actors\Character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom\Skyrim.esm
Interesting NPCs: (Your Skyrim folder)\Data\textures\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceTint\3DNPC.esp
Interesting NPCs: (Your Skyrim folder)\Data\meshes\actors\Character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom\3DNPC.esp
If you have a mod that use any of the same IDs from those folders, you need to delete that specific ID from those folders. Alternatively you can try putting that specific mod after "Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul" and "Interesting NPCs" in the load-order, but you might end up with nearly all characters having gray faces instead of fixing the problem. To find out which ID is used by the conflicting mod, you can bring down the console in-game, and click the character from the mod. The ID will then show on the screen. If you afterwards find a file with this ID name inside the above mentioned folders, just delete the file, and your character should look just fine.


17 - After gathering 2 or more followers at the same time, I get CTDs now and then?
This may happen in rare combinations of certain NPCs and use of "Amazing Follower Tweaks". I'm not 100% sure what exactly triggers the error, but it happened to me once after trading some items between followers, dismissing them, saving the game, and then loading a previous save-game. Unfortunately the error is not fixable without a complete cleaning of the save-game. Even if you remove the mod, the error will still be present because it is caused by scripts, which are stored in the save-game.
(See FAQ number 1, option 3)
Note: Before cleaning your save-game, you need to dismiss all followers, uninstall
"Amazing Follower Tweaks", and make a new save. Then clean this save-game, start Skyrim and make yet a new save-game. Then re-install "Amazing Follower Tweaks", and everything will be back to normal, and the error gone.


18 - NPCs get black eyes now and then? ..It's freaky!
This may happen on certain systems, with certain drivers, with certain settings, after playing for a certain amount of time.
It's very easy to fix. In-game, open the ENB menu (shift+enter), deactivate and reactivate AA, and re-apply settings.


19 - The shadows are not that great, but the ENB settings are at it's best option?
ENB only draws shadows as big as allowed by SkyrimPrefs.ini. If you want better looking shadows,
open SkyrimPrefs.ini in a note-pad (normally located in: "C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\")
Find [Display] and find
The screenshots are taken with "iShadowMapResolution=1024", but you can set the number to 512, 1024, 2048 or 4096. On low end systems, 2048 and higher comes with a small decrease in performance. In my opinion the quality difference between 1024 vs. a higher resolution, doesn't make up for even slightly lower FPS. That is however a matter of taste, so if you are not satisfied with 1024 shadow resolution, try setting it to 2048 or 4096 instead.


20 - Everything is too dark, or everything is too bright?
Every monitor is different, and everyone has different display settings, so what looks good on one display, might look too dark or too bright on another. Instead of changing your monitor settings, this can easily be changed within ENB.
Open up the ENB settings in-game (Shift+Enter), and find "Brightness". Change the value so it matches your monitor and personal preference.


21 - Nightvision doesn't work?
For some reason, nightvision doesn't work on some systems with ENB enabled. This can however easily be fixed.
Open the "enbeffect.fx" file with a note-pad. (enbeffect.fx is located in the root of the Skyrim game folder)
This should make nightvision work perfectly on any system.


22 - I want to use different mods than the recommended ones, but I get CTDs and other problems.
If you post your mod-list and load-order on the blog, I'll take a look. I can't promise that I can help, but I'll try my best.
*Before posting, please try two things:
1 - Clean your safe-game (See FAQ number 1 - Option 3)
2 - Look at the Papyrus log (See FAQ number 2)


23 - I can't find the download link on Boris's website. Where is it?
Click on the version you want. (Probably the latest) At the download page, scroll to the very bottom, and the download link will be a tiny square. I know, not the first place people look, and I would certainly have put it somewhere else, but that's Boris's choice.


24 - I want black cinematic bars on the top and bottom of the screen? Is there an ENB option for that?
Yes. If you want black cinematic bars, you just need to add some text to the "enbeffect.fx" file. "enbeffect.fx" is found in the Skyrim folder. Open it in a notepad, and find the line that says: "".

Between the line "" and "return _oC0", insert the following text:

#define LETTERBOX_BARS 1 // Enable (1)/Disable (0) cinematic bars



float fLetterboxOffset = 8.0; // size of the bars (in % of the screen)
float2 fvTexelSize = float2(1.0 / 1920.0, 1.0 / 1200.0); // Enter display resolution


float offset = fLetterboxOffset * 0.01;
float2 sspos = fvTexelSize * vPos;
if (sspos.y <= offset || sspos.y >= (1.0 - offset)) _oC0.rgb = 0.0;

If you don't want to use the bars anymore, but don't want to delete the code again, just change:
"#define LETTERBOX_BARS 1" to "#define LETTERBOX_BARS 0"
Credit goes to Matso for the code (


25 - The water is flickering, how do I make it stop?
Flickering is very difficult to get rid of, as it's different from system to system. It's mostly dependant on the graphic card drivers and settings, but also on the game settings. I have researched a LOT on this, but didn't find anything that eliminates the problem. The only thing you can do is play around with your driver settings and see if you can find a pattern.


26 - The game crashes before I even get to the menu. What in the world?
If the game crashes before you get to the menu, either your load-order is incorrect, or you have a mod that is depending on another mod that is missing. Re-check your load-order (
Tweaks page - LINK), and make sure that you installed ALL the essential mods (LINK).


27 - Khaliza - The new Housecarl of Markarth is extremely pale in her head, did she see a ghost?
This happens because she uses the same FaceTint ID as one of the edited characters from "Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul"
Go to: (Skyrim game folder)/Data/Meshes/Actors/Character/FaceGenData/FaceGeom/Skyrim.esm/
Delete the file: "000a2c8c.nif"
Go to: (Skyrim game folder)/Data/Textures/Actors/Character/FaceGenData/FaceGeom/Skyrim.esm/
Delete the file: ""


28 - The loading screens look way too bright some times.
This happens from time to time. It may even happen in-game right after you load a save-game for the first time. If it does, just walk to another room or open a door, and it will go away for good. Why the loading screens become too bright now and then, I honestly don't know. It only happens with ENB 3.05 and newer. However, since it only happens to the loading screens, I have not invested THAT much time looking into it.


29 - I can't find my question(s) here.
Try the Nexus SBP Blog - There are some answered questions already, and you can post any new question you might have.