A few things to setup before installing mods


1 - Make sure that you have the latest drivers and redistributables installed.
This is important for most games and programs.

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (LINK)
*Install all versions (Both x86 and x64) from 2008 and later.

DirectX9 End-User Runtimes (LINK)
*This will not interfere with DirectX 10/11/12+

.NET Framework (LINK)
*Install all versions from 4.7.2 and newer

GeForce Drivers (LINK)
AMD Drivers (LINK)

2 - If you haven't already, sign up at the Nexus. (LINK)
It's free, and it takes 2 minutes. The Nexus is a great site for mods in general, so it's definitely worth your time.

3 - Download and install a mod manager. (LINK)
This guide has instructions for NMM only, but choose any you like. *Just make sure that you can set proper mod and files priority, and know how to manually sort the load-order.

4 - Download and install "Fallout 4 Script Extender". (LINK)
Download the latest version, unpack the file and move the content of the F4SE folder into the Fallout 4 game-folder.
Inside the Fallout 4 game-folder, rename "Fallout4Launcher.exe" to e.g.: "Fallout4Launcher.exe.backup".
Then rename "f4se_loader.exe" to "Fallout4Launcher.exe".

5 - Download and install FO4Edit. (LINK)
Unpack and copy the files to any directory, then make a shortcut to "FO4Edit.exe".
This tool is used to clean up Bethesda's "lazy edits" from the official DLC-files. See description in the Cleaning section. (LINK)

6 - Download and install "Fallout 4 Save Game Editor". (LINK) *Optional but recommended
Download the latest version and unpack the files to any directory. Make a shortcut to "F4SGE.exe".
*If you plan to start a new game after the F4BP installation, this file is not necessary. If you want to continue a saved game, then you probably need this tool. It's used to remove old script data from a save-game file. Unfortunately Fallout 4 store all used scripts in the save-game files, so if you remove a mod that contain scripts, the scripts stay in the save-game and can cause all kinds of errors. This tool can remove these scripts, so you can still use your old save-game file.

7 - Make some coffee and get ready for several hours of downloading and installing.

When done installing these basic tools, proceed to the cleaning section before going to the mod-list.