Please skim through this FAQ before posting questions on the blog


1 - I have a lot of mods installed already. Can I still use the Fallout 3 Beautification Project settings and guide?
If you want to keep you own mod setup, but want use the F3BP ENB settings, you can do so without any problems. However, since the ENB settings are based on the mods in this guide, the results may vary. I good idea would be to add the environment mods from this guide on top.


2 - Can I continue a save-game after uninstalling my current mods, and adding the F3BP mods?
Yes, there is a chance it will work. If no leftovers from the previous mods are saved in the save-game file, you should be good. But if you get random CTDs, this will be the reason, and you have to start a new game. I know there are save-game cleaners for Skyrim, but I have not seen any for Fallout 3. If you find one, or create one, please let me know on the Nexus blog.


3 - I get a CTD every time I enter a certain location.
This is most likely due to corrupt item references in your save-game, or simply too many ID references. This can be easily fixed with a cell re-spawn. In-game, go to any player-home and sleep for 30 days. That will reset all cells except the "safe cells". *Make sure you have all your stuff stored in your home before going to sleep, or you will loose it all.


4 - I randomly get endless loading screens when traveling.
This is commonly caused when the textures take up too much video memory. Even though ENB helps this, it can not eliminate the problem if you simply don't have enough memory for the textures. I that case, remove some of the larger texture packs.


5 - Some walls are invisible.
This happens if you didn't install "Capitol Building interior Invisible Walls Fix" or "Transparent texture fix for ENBs". A quick fix, if you are in-game, is to temporary disable the ENB effects. Press Shift+Enter, and uncheck "UseEffects", then press Shift+Enter again. When you leave the area, enable the effects again the same way.


6 - A get a green screen when standing in specific interior cell locations.
Unfortunately this is an ENB error, for which there is no fix. I have tried multiple options, and downloaded every single Fallout 3 preset from other creators, but the error persists. Fortunately it only happens in very few places, and it is very easy to fix in-game. All you need to do, is to temporary disable the ENB effects. Press Shift+Enter, and uncheck "UseEffects", then press Shift+Enter again. When you leave the area, enable the effects again the same way.


7 - I can't see any difference in the graphics, even though I installed the ENB settings.
This happens if you have missing/incorrect ini settings, or if you didn't disable AA in the driver settings. Correct settings can be found here.


8 - Random textures are invisible?
There are a few reasons why this can happen:
1 - If AA has not been disabled in the driver settings or in the Fallout.ini file. Correct settings can be found here. (LINK)
2 - If the memory settings has not been set correctly in the enblocal.ini file. Correct settings can be found here. (LINK)
3 - If for whatever random reason the ENB fix works different in different areas. As the ENB issue has already been addressed by .esp files, the ENB "fix" setting needs to be "off", or it will actually reverse the .esp fix. However, if the invisible textures appear slightly green, turning the ENB fix "on" might help. It can be turned on/off in-game by entering the ENB settings consol. (Shift+Enter). Or it can be changed in the enblocal.ini under "[FIX]" variable "FixTransparencyBugs=false". Just change it to "FixTransparencyBugs=true".


9 - Some NPCs have pink hair or cloths/armor.
This can happen if an NPC is missing a texture. This happens either if something went wrong during installation of the specific NPC mod, or if not all the recommended texture resource mods (Base textures) were installed correctly, as some NPC's depend on these.
It could also be due to incorrect load-order. See load-order here (LINK)



10 - Most NPCs face color doesn't match their body.
Same reasons as number 9.


11 - Some NPCs face color doesn't match their body.
This is due to incorrect match between head/body color code. The only fix for this, is not to install any face/body textures, and therefore no head/body model replacers either. In my personal opinion, the default models and textures are extremely bland, so I much rather have a few NPCs with a slight mismatch between head/body color, than having every single character in the game look boring. But that's a matter of taste. If the few color mismatches are too annoying for your eye, then simply uninstall he character model replacer and the character textures.


12 - Everything is too dark, or everything is too bright?
Every monitor is different, and everyone has different display settings, so what looks good on one monitor, might look too dark or too bright on another. Instead of changing your monitor settings, this can easily be changed within the ENB.
Open up the ENB settings in-game (Shift+Enter), and find "Brightness". Change the value so it matches your monitor and personal preference.


13 - I can't find the download link on Boris's website. Where is it?
First click the latest version to get to the download page. Now scroll to the very bottom, and the download link will be a tiny square. I know, not the first place people look, and I would certainly have put it somewhere else, but that's Boris's choice.


14 - The game crashes before the menu, or right after loading/starting a new game.
This is due to incorrect load-order. See load-order here (LINK)


15 - The FOV camera mod complains that FOSE is not installed.
This is nothing to worry about. FOSE works just fine. Open up the mod settings (Under apparel in the Pip-boy 3000) and you will see that everything works fine.


16 - The water looks really weird (Above surface)
This can happen with different AA settings. Try disabling AA everywhere, even in the ENB settings.
enblocal.ini - make these changes:
This should fix the problem. Now try different AA settings and see what works. It might differ from system to system and drivers etc..


17 - How does Animated Prostitution work?
1 How to start the mod.
The adult content of this mod will not be available until you start the quest, and speak to one of the working girls.
2 Once the content has been activated, open the Pip-Boy and go to "Aid" and Select "Sex Options".
First choose "Body's", then select "Mens", "Females" and "Player" one by one, and select "Use FOSE Unequip/Equip" in all 3 instances. (See images)

After that, go to "Options", and select "Cam options". Here I recommend selecting "Use FOSE Free cam". (See images)

Then go to "Same sex options" and select "I have a strap on". (See images) *This will enable female character players to use the mod as well

*If the animations don't work, then the load-order is incorrect. (See Tweaks for correct load-order)


18 - I can't find my question(s) here.
Send me a message on Discord (LINK)