A few things to setup before installing mods


1 - Make sure that you have the latest drivers and redistributables installed.
This is important for most games and programs.

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. (LINK)
*Install all versions (Both x86 and x64) from 2008 and later.

DirectX9 End-User Runtimes. (LINK)
*This will not interfere with DirectX 10/11/12+.

.NET Framework. (LINK)
*Install all versions from 4.7.2 and newer.

GeForce Drivers. (LINK)
AMD Drivers. (LINK)

2 - If you haven't already, sign up at the Nexus.
It's free, and it takes 2 minutes.

3 - Downloading and install NexusModManager, "NMM". (LINK)
*Install the "NMM Community Edition"

4 - Download and install "New Vegas Script Extender", NVSE. (LINK)
Download, unpack and copy the files from within the "nvse_5_1_beta4" folder, into the Fallout: New Vegas game-folder.

5 - Download and install "xNVSE 6", NVSE. (LINK)
Download "nvse_6_2_4.7z", unpack and move the files into the Fallout: New Vegas game-folder. Overwrite.

6 - Steam version: Rename the launcher
Go the the Fallout: New Vegas game-folder and rename "FalloutNVLauncher.exe" to "FalloutNVLauncher.exe.backup". Then rename "nvse_loader.exe" to "FalloutNVLauncher.exe".

7 - Non-Steam version: Open the Fallout: New Vegas game-folder and make a shortcut to "nvse_loader.exe". Use this to start the game from now on.

8 - Download 4GB Memory Patch. (LINK)
Download the file manually, don't try to add it to NMM. Unpack "FalloutNVpatch.exe" into the game folder and run it. That's it.

9 - Launch NMM
At the very first startup, NMM will search for your game(s). Let it finish, or cancel the auto-search and type in the Fallout: New Vegas folder-path manually. Then you will be asked where to store the mod files. Choose any place you like.

10 - Make some coffee and get ready for several hours of downloading and installing.

When done installing the basic tools, please proceed to Tweaks before going to the mod-list.




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