by Tore Andersen


Step-by-step modification guide
Improved visuals and effects


The Witcher Enhancement Project is a small guide on how to improve the visuals & effects of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. Including minor game-play tweaks and a custom ReShade with more vibrant colors, better lighting, and improved image clarity.



A fully updated version of The Witcher Enhanced Edition. (GOG and Steam versions are already updated)



Download & install the following mods. Unpack each file and copy the content into the Witcher game folder. In listed order.
*These mods have all been repacked for easy installation, plus some of the textures have been optimized to DXT5 format for better performance (Without quality loss). As a courtesy to the creators, I have placed a link to the original mod under each. *No downloads are needed from the courtesy links.

1: Perfect Blood Mod
Courtesy link to original mod: (LINK)

2: Texturen Mod (DOWNLOAD)
Courtesy link to original mod: (LINK)

3: Witcher Overhaul Project (DOWNLOAD)
Courtesy link to original mod: (LINK)

4: Kaer Morhen HD (DOWNLOAD)
Courtesy link to original mod: (LINK)

5: Realistic Moon HD (DOWNLOAD)
Courtesy link to original mod: (LINK)

6: Dagger Overhaul (DOWNLOAD)
Courtesy link to original mod: (LINK)

7: Complete Sword Overhaul (DOWNLOAD)
Courtesy link to original mod: (LINK)

8: Abigail Goth Version (DOWNLOAD)
Courtesy link to original mod: (LINK)

9: Carmen And Friends (DOWNLOAD)
Courtesy link to original mod: (LINK)

10: Dark Armor And Black Armor (DOWNLOAD)
Courtesy link to original mod: (LINK)

11: New Cute Shani (DOWNLOAD)
Courtesy link to original mod: (LINK)

12: Vesna See Through Dress (DOWNLOAD)
Courtesy link to original mod: (LINK)

13: HD Faces (DOWNLOAD)
Courtesy link to original mod: (LINK)

14: 1st Person View (DOWNLOAD) *If you don't care for 1st person view, just skip this file.
*Change 1st/3rd person view in-game with the mouse-wheel.
Courtesy link to original mod: (LINK)

15: HDR Reshade (LINK)


The Witcher is ready for launch





























The Witcher E.E. is the first game in the legendary RPG series about Geralt the witch hunter. The game was developed by the Polish "CD Project RED" team, and released by Atari in 2007. Even though The Witcher was a graphical masterpiece when it was released, time has caught up with it. This project will improve most of the textures and it has a new custom ReShader for better lighting and effects. Technically this first Witcher game is the weakest of the series by far, but the story and atmosphere is still amazing and definitely worth playing.

The Witcher was released in 2007, and following the Enhanced Edition in 2008. The Enhanced Edition contains a better editor and two new adventures. The game follows Geralt, a professional monster and witch hunter called "The White Wolf". He's part of a mutated faction with supernatural powers called the Witchers. These Witchers have been hunted by dark forces and mages, and in the beginning of the story, an attack takes place on the Castle where they reside. Geralt has amnesia, and through the game he meets friends and enemies who know him, but he can't remember anything. The relations with people and the story in general is defined by player choices. Most of which will have consequences later in the story, which will differ quite a lot depending on those choices.
The Witcher takes place in a typical medieval European setting, with classic knights, mages, armors and fireplaces. But the game differs from similar RPG's in many ways. First and most importantly, the story is amazing and interesting. It's not he usual "get this get that" arrant-boy quests, and the character development is not locked into the typical class system, but depends on the players style instead. Unfortunately the fighting mechanics are old and not very intuitive compared to e.g. the Elder Scrolls series. The world can also seem a bit stiff, as the player is unable to get through even tiny obstacles in his patch. It might be a small detail, but it breaks immersion and the feeling of roaming freely.
The Witcher is also different from other RPGs due to the fact that it's possible to have sex in the game. In fact this enhances realism quite a bit, and fit's perfectly in the game world. In the North American version of the Witcher Enhanced Edition, these scenes was censored, but a patch later came out. The current Enhanced Edition Directors Cut (Current Steam & GOG version) is not censored. Erotic content is also possible in the Elder Scrolls game series, but only via mods. The Witcher has adult content in the original game, which greatly adds to immersion, even though it's a very small and insignificant part of the game.
Alchemy is a pretty big part of the game, unless you play easy mode. On the hard difficulty level, Geralt need a variety of potions to stay alive. New potions are learned throughout the game, enabling different skills, like night vision or enhanced vitality. All of which are needed in certain situations. The more potions Geralt consumes, the higher his level of toxicity in his blood, which can only be decreased by meditating.
The Witcher game series is based on the Witcher books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

The Witcher, developed by CD Projekt Red and released in 2007, is a critically acclaimed action role-playing game based on the fantasy series of books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The game's story follows the journey of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter known as a witcher, as he navigates the political turmoil and supernatural threats of the medieval-inspired world of Temeria.

One of the standout features of The Witcher is its deep and engaging narrative. The game's main questline, as well as its numerous side quests, are filled with complex moral dilemmas, political intrigue, and shades of gray. Players must make difficult choices that affect the game's story and world, leading to multiple potential endings. The game also features a strong emphasis on non-linearity, with many quests offering multiple solutions and outcomes.

The gameplay of The Witcher is focused on fast-paced, strategic combat, with a mix of melee and magic abilities at the player's disposal. Geralt has access to a variety of swords, bombs, traps, and signs (magic spells) which he can use to take down his enemies. The game also features a robust alchemy system, allowing players to create potions and oils that can enhance Geralt's abilities or debuff enemies.

The game's characters are also a highlight, with a diverse cast of memorable NPCs that players will encounter throughout their journey. Geralt himself is a complex and nuanced protagonist, with a tragic past and a cynical outlook on the world. The player's choices and actions will also affect how NPCs perceive and interact with Geralt, leading to potential allies or enemies.

In terms of graphics, The Witcher was considered impressive at the time of its release, featuring detailed character models and environments. The game's art direction is heavily influenced by Slavic folklore and fantasy, creating a unique and immersive world. The game's engine has been updated multiple times, allowing for improved visuals and performance on modern systems.

The development of The Witcher was a challenging process for CD Projekt Red, with the studio facing financial difficulties and production delays. However, the game ultimately became a commercial and critical success, leading to the development of two successful sequels and a successful adaptation to other media. The game also helped establish CD Projekt Red as one of the top developers in the industry, known for their commitment to player choice and storytelling.

In conclusion, The Witcher is a genre-defining action role-playing game with a rich and engaging story, complex characters, and challenging moral dilemmas. Its fast-paced combat, alchemy system, and multiple possible endings make it a must-play for fans of the genre. The game's visuals and art direction, while showing their age, still hold up well and immerse the player in the game's unique world. The game's development was challenging, but the end result was a game that has stood the test of time and remains a classic in the RPG genre.