by Tore Andersen

4K Animated Wallpapers for Wallpaper Engine via STEAM workshop




























The Wallpaper Engine Info
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The Wallpaper Engine is a tool that makes it possible to have animated wallpapers in Windows, without it taking resources from gaming.

There are millions of animated wallpapers for The Wallpaper Engine, but finding good quality animated wallpapers is not as easy as it sounds. Anyone can add wallpapers to the pile, and 99% of them are bloat, in my opinion. I started making my own instead. Not the backgrounds, except a few, but the animation. It takes a while to get the hang of 2d animation with the few tools available, but I think I got some decent results. Most of them are animated with slow-motion in mind. They are suppose to be backgrounds after all, so they are not suppose to be too distracting.

The Wallpaper Engine can be bought and downloaded from STEAM here: (LINK)

The program is very reasonably priced at $4 in the US. Worth every cent. It's fairly easy to create, and definitely easy setup for use. There are an abundance of wallpapers to choose from, and even though quality varies, there is definitely something for everyone. Retro Wave, Fantasy, Gaming, Anime, Photography, Screenshot, Virtual Photography, and more.