Step-by-step guide by Tore Andersen



1: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl, updated to version 1.0005 or newer. (The Steam version comes already updated)
2: Start the game at least once before installing mods.
3: After installation, start a new game. Old save-games will not work.


Download and install the following mods in listed order

Absolute Structures (LINK)
Download, unpack and install.

Photo Realistic Zone 2.1
(DOWNLOAD) *Re-packed for easy installation and integration with the rest of the mods here.
Download the file and unpack to the game folder. Overwrite.

Complete Mod 1.4.4

Execute the file and install.
*If for some reason the installer can't find the game installation folder, just download the package instead (LINK) - Follow instruction on the site.

Complete Mod 1.4.4 - Fix 1
Delete two folders inside the STALKER game folder. "shaders" and the "weathers":
1: (Game-folder)\gamedata\shaders
2: (Game-folder)\gamedata\config\weathers
*The shaders are outdated, and the weather has a bug that will make the sky visible through buildings.

Complete Mod 1.4.4 - Fix 2 (DOWNLOAD)
Unpack to the game folder and overwrite all files.

Weight Mod
Download and unpack into the game-folder. Overwrite.
*This will change how much weight you can carry from 60kg to 6000kg.

Download and unpack the ENB. Copy the files from the "WrapperVersion" folder into the STALKER game folder.
*Download mirror: In case the ENB site is down, download here instead: (DOWNLOAD)

STALKER Enhancement Project ENB Settings
Download and unpack to the game folder. Overwrite.

Driver Settings
*This is only for nVidia drivers. If you have an ATI or an Intel graphic card, you might want to Google how to obtain the same settings.
Open up the nVidia Control Panel, and go to "Manage 3D settings". Then click the "Program Settings" tab, and add STALKER (XR_3DA.exe)".
*If you have the Steam version of STALKER, you need to apply the same settings to the desktop Shortcut as well.

Set the following parameters:
Antialiasing - FXAA                                (Off or Application-controlled)
Antialiasing - Gamma correction           (Off or Application-controlled)
Antialiasing - Mode                                 (Off or Application-controlled)
Antialiasing - Setting                               (Application-controlled)
Antialiasing - Transparency                    (Off)
*ENB has it's own AA settings, so no worries, AA will be active anyway. If you enable the driver AA, ENB will be disabled completely.
Threaded Optimization                           (On)
*If you don't have a multi-core CPU, set this: "Off"
Vertical sync                                             (On)
*If you prefer higher FPS instead of tear-free smooth game-play, set this: "Off"

Start S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 1: Shadow of Chernobyl
After launch, go to "Options" and make sure AA settings are "OFF", and Full Dynamic Lighting is "ON". *Needed to make the ENB work correctly.
Start a new game. Old save-games won't work with the Complete mods.































Texture Rework:
* Locations - All location textures have been replaced with higher quality photographs. Partial use of original files.
* Creatures & Humans - Retouched down to the finest details.
* Vehicles - 20 year old vehicles in the Zone now appear realistically rusted and abandoned.

* Bug fixes.
* Realistic weapons names.
* Increased actor's height.
* Increased inventory weight limit.
* Extended quest times, and more.

Artificial Intelligence Reworking:
* New abilities - NPCs can avoid anomalies, remove dead bodies from camp sites, throw grenades, change armor, and even heal other NPCs.
* Early detection - removed the ability for NPC's to notice you at unrealistically large distances.
* Stealth - Removed the ability for NPC's to notice the player at unrealistically large distances.
* Death panic - Reduced the sound distance of death cries.

* Replaces in-game sounds. Including: Weapons, anomalies, equipment clatter, footsteps, nightlife, bullet fly-by sounds and more with higher quality versions.
* Adds unique ambient sounds for each weather cycle.
* NPCs will now only say their lines once.
* Additional ambient sounds like bar kitchen cooking, nighttime horror sounds, fog sounds, and more.
* New music collection, featuring 84 new acoustic guitar compositions plus a few vocal songs in authentic language unique to each faction.
* 19 authentic music tracks can be heard on the radio and from the megaphones throughout the Zone.

Improved English localization.
* Better English translations.

* Custom user interface. Main Menu, Loading Screen, and redesigned HUD.

New Features:
* Sleeping Bag - It's always in the inventory and allows the player sleep in-game.
* Faction Change and Reset.
* Ragdoll Physics.
* Bulb tweak - You can shoot the lights out!
* Gnomus' Scopes - High resolution scopes for widescreen and standard monitors.
* Repair Kit - A special item that allows you to repair weapons and armors out in the Zone.
* Repair Services - The bar trader and Screw now sell weapons and armor repair services.
* Chernobyl TV - Replaced the original TV animation with actual Chernobyl footage.
* Elite Night vision - Black & white night vision based on the psy-antenna-postprocess effect. This one really makes you see in the dark.
* ZRP Teleport - The ESC J shortcut lets you jump between the points in the environment.
* Third-Person View - Press F1, F2 and F3 to cycle through camera views.
* Authentic food and drinks.
* The ability to drag dead bodies.
* Ability to carry selected explosive fuel cans & barrels.
* Ability to shoot birds, and more.

New End-Game Feature:
* After your journey ends (with the "good" ending), you'll get a dialogue that will let you continue the game in freeplay mode. This will allow creatures and NPCs to migrate freely about in the environment. It will be a living and breathing zone with a self sustained A-Life and unscripted events. This feature doesn't remove the ending scene, so you will still see the cinematic completion of the game.

The following two features will be removed by fix (If you want to try them, just don't install the ENB)

Weather system:
* Natural multi-phase day and night transitions, based on daily observations, photographs, and studies by artists from Dolgov Studios.
* Vast distant views, creating a  large open world.
* New multi-phase moon design authored by Dolgov Studios.
* Proper sun travel according to date (01.05.2012) and geographic location (Ukraine).
* Enhanced High Dynamic Range lighting and Sun effects (including realistic sunsets and sunrises).
* Increased weather cycling.
* Different types of storms, both fast and slow.
* Wet surfaces during rain.
* High resolution nighttime constellation map.
* Improved water animations.

Shader Model 3.0:
* Parallax Occlusion Mapping.
* Screen Space Ambient Occlusion.
* Particle system - Enhanced rendering of fire, explosions, smoke, muzzle, sparks, falling leaves, anomalies, fog, and more.
* Water Shaders - Improved water effects ported from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky.
* Fire Dynamic Lighting - Fire now illuminates the surroundings, casting dynamic shadows.

What makes these mods different?

Besides being a collection of the best mods from the years following the release of the respective games, these mods have artwork and modifications from real professional artists. The games have been redesigned with new visual qualities, which both technically and artistically enhances the experience. Each mod for each game has been compiled into one single easy installer, which speeds up installation drastically.