Step-by-step guide by Tore Andersen



1: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky. Version 1.5.10 or newer. (The Steam version comes already updated)
2: Start the game at least once before installing mods.
3: After installation, start a new game. Old save-games will not work.


Download and install the following mods in listed order

Absolute Structures (LINK)
Download, unpack and install.

New fsGame file
Download and unpack to the game folder. Overwrite the file.

Complete Mod 1.1.3

Download and install.
*If for some reason the installer can't find the game installation folder, just download the package instead (LINK) - Follow instruction on the site.

Weight Mod (DOWNLOAD)
Download and unpack into the game-folder. Overwrite.
*This will change how much weight you can carry from 60kg to 6000kg.

HDR Reshade
Download and unpack to the game-folder.

Start S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Clear Sky
Make sure all settings are at maximum. *I strongly recommend turning motion blur off.
Start a new game. Old save-games won't work with the Complete mods.




   ReShade                                           Original                                                 ReShade                                             Original














* New distant scenery textures.
* New lighting effects.
* Natural daytime/nighttime transitions.
* Vivid sunsets/sunrises.
* Redesigned emissions
* A new high resolution nighttime constellation map.

* Reworked foliage and terrain.
* Detailed textures for most of the weapons.
* Replaced bricks, concrete, metal and ground textures.
* Refined human and mutant textures.
* New details such as smoldering firewood, leaves, and stones.
* Vehicles now appear realistically rusted and abandoned.

* Enhance the ambience and atmosphere
* Higher quality and more realistic ambient.
* Each map now includes a sound theme that varies between night and day.
* All new weapon sounds.
* Improved analogues, footsteps, bullet impacts, anomalies, creatures.

* Nearly a hundred acoustic guitar and vocal songs added to campfire music sets, unique to each faction.
* New and familiar music tracks can be heard on the radio and megaphones throughout the Zone.

Bug fixes:
* Crash Fixes - Many potential “crash to desktop” errors have been eliminated.
* Quest Fixes - Fixed bugs in 9 quests that couldn't be completed under certain conditions.
* Game-play Fixes - fixed a large number of bugs that could keep the game from progressing.
* Weapon Fixes - Animations, incorrect iron-sight etc..

* Reducing the grenades available to NPCs to prevent "grenade spamming".
* Bandages and med-kits heal and stop bleeding, and less bleeding in general.
* All pistols now have iron-sights.
* Weapons now have real-life names.
* Enabled NPC weapons, ammo and supplies trading.
* Reduced military mini-gunner's vision distance.
* Added the ability to carry explosives.
* Corrected Bandit behavior so they won't mug the player if their player-status is friendly.
* Increased flashlight output.

* Sleeping Bag - Allows the player sleep in-game, and now features an advanced safety level indicator.
* Gnomus' Scopes - A scope system similar to one used in most modern FPS games.
* Elite Night-vision - Improved black & white night vision.
* Teleport - Allows the player to jump between points in the environment with the ability to save custom coordinates for future use.

User Interface:
* The HUD colors have been muted so they don't distract.
* Inventory window is now semi-transparent.

What makes these mods different?
Besides being a collection of the best mods from the years following the release of the respective games, these mods have artwork and modifications from real professional artists. The games have been redesigned with new visual qualities, which both technically and artistically enhances the experience. Each mod for each game has been compiled into one single easy installer, which speeds up installation drastically.