Deus Ex - Revision

Deus Ex, cult-classic cyber-punk first person action RPG, developed by Ion Storm and released by Eidos Interactive in the year 2000. Legendary game, and a milestone for first person RPGs, but needless to say, the game experience today would be greatly degraded by out-dated graphics. Deus Ex Revision is a total makeover with new textures, models, effects and UI. The games age is still visible, but due to it's unique style, the makeover result in a vibrant retro-futuristic rough metallic look, which matched the original game perfectly.


Download Revision (LINK)
Revision is available for both Steam & GOG version of Deus Ex - Game of the Year Edition


Deus Ex - Revision Screenshots





Deus Ex Original Game Screenshots




The first Deus Ex game was by far the most revolutionary, but technically, the newer Deus Ex games are of course superior. Currently the Deus Ex series is both developed and published by Square Enix.

The story of Deus Ex takes place in a near future, where the player takes control of a government agent with cybernetic enhancements. The robot parts can be upgraded as new tech becomes available, which makes for a quite unique leveling and progress system. The mission is to fight terrorists and gangs who wants to sabotage the government from selling vaccines for a world wide plague. But soon a larger plot unfolds, as the player finds out that the government that he is working for, has been fabricating the plague in order to sell the vaccine and gain power and control. The player can choose to keep working for the government, join the illuminati or follow a super computer "who" is trying to construct global peace through governmental takeover.

The later Deus Ex games revolve around conflict between cybernetically enhanced people, and "all-natural" humans. Robotic enhancements have become more and more powerful, which have let to some bad incidents of bad people with powerful abilities. Cybernetic enhancements then become "unpopular" among natural humans, and the cyborgs become hunted.


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