Prey (2006 version) - Resolution Fix
by Tore Andersen

The original Prey from 2006, developed by Human Head Studios / 3D Realms and released by 2K Games. For unknown reasons, the game doesn't support the 1080p resolution. This is very strange, as the game engine, iD Tech 4 aka. Doom 3 engine, is fully capable. The game only supports 4:3 and 16:10 aspect ratio. The 16:9 menu is there, but has no function. The developers must have overlooked this by mistake, but it is easily fixed.

1: Open the Prey game folder and open the "base" folder.

2: Open "preyconfig.cfg" with a notepad, and find the following two lines:
seta r_customHeight
seta r_customWidth
seta r_mode

3: Change the values of Height/Width to the resolution of your monitor. (For 4K use w3840 h2160)

4: Change the value of r_mode to "-1", as shown in the image

5: Save and close the file.

That's it. Prey will now run in any high resolution, as it should.



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