NexusMods stole a total of 48 of my mods, plus my earnings from their site

Evidence below

NexusMods finally deleted the mods they stole from me


What happened:
Another mod author incorrectly accused me of using his files in one of my mods. A Nexus support-staff member by the name of Rakkosuki, Aka AltheaR, banned me right away without checking the validity of the claim. ..After I got banned, NexusMods kept my files! They cut me off, and stole my mods & my earnings.

48 active mods. User status: BANNED.
Rakkosuki, the incompetent support-staff who did this, has done this to others as well: LINK
No proof of his/her claims, and no decency to contact people first. Even if this person is acting independently against NexusMods guidelines, NexusMods ultimately has the responsibility of who they hire.
Edit: NexusMods hos now deleted the mods they stole.

Their accusation:
I NEVER uploaded anyone else's files. It's a flat out lie, which is easily provable. But it's easier to ban a non-premium user, instead of correcting a premium user, regardless of what's right or wrong.

About the mod:
The mod I uploaded, was a mod that altered an NPC from another mod. Nothing borrowed, nothing stolen. 100% self-made and by the book. 4 files I created, that replaced 4 other files in the other mod. Standard mod practice. ..But the author of the mod, which my files would overwrite, thought that I had stolen his mod and re-released it with some changes. Which was NOT the case.

What now:
I will no longer be using Nexus for anything but download. All future mods will be hosted on the MayheM-7 Mods website and Patreon. My presence on NexusMods was not big enough for me to bother filing a lawsuit for theft and harassment, even though that would be the appropriate thing to do.
Edit: NexusMods tried to block my IP in an attempt to prevent me from downloading from their site. This attests to their utter incompetence. If this happens to you, just use a VPN or change your IP. Easy as that.

A word of advice, NEVER upload anything to NexusMods that you don't want stolen. Downloading all you want, but don't sign up for their premium membership service, and never ever upload anything.

If you are in the same situation, and NexusMods stole mods and/or earnings from you as well, write me at: I might pay their office a visit to collect, next time I'm back in the UK... Or, if we are enough people with provable evidence of their misconduct and theft, maybe a lawsuit would be worth it.

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