A Beginners Solo Guide
by Tore Andersen


Are you tiered of dying, but still can't stop playing this very unique and awesome game? This guide will get you past the frustration of constantly getting shot by high-level hunters, and make progress despite the un-equal odds. You CAN win with a basic Tier 1 hunter, even though it's difficult. Hunt: Showdown is a very unique stealth/horror/survival/hunting multiplayer-game from Crytek, the company behind the CryEngine, and the Crysis game series. The game is meant to be played in teams of two, but it can also be played solo. The reason why this is so difficult, is because the game doesn't divide solo-players from teams when setting up a match.

The Basics
Hiring the Right Hunter
02: Loadout
03: Server
04: The Map
05: Fighting a Boss-Monster
06: Sneak Attacks
What to be Aware of
07: Creatures
08: Monsters
09: Sound
Good to Know
10: General Tips


The goal of the game is to hunt down the Boss-monster(s) on your contract, banish it/them to hell, and escape the swamp alive with a bounty token. To find the monster(s), you need to find clues that are placed around the map. The clues can be seen in dark-sight, and when found, they will update your map. 3 clues are enough to pinpoint a monsters location. Killing a monster is not difficult, but killing it without getting ambushed by other hunters can be very difficult, especially as a solo player. Playing in a team with a friend, or having a high level hunter is significantly easier, but where is the fun in that? Hunters are hired for money, which will run out fast, unless you are successful in your missions. The hunters you can hire to begin with only have basic weapons and very basic skills. The higher level you get, the better hunters you can hire. However, even a basic hunter is still sufficient to win a match, using the right strategies. If you run out of money, you can get free hunters, so don't worry too much about money.


1 - Hiring the Right Hunter

Hiring the right hunter of course depends on preference. However, there are a few general things to be mindful of, that might not be obvious at first glance.

1: Look for a hunter that already has the weapons/tools you want. You can buy equipment in the shop, so don't worry if none of the available hunters have exactly what you want, but you might as well save your money if possible. (Tips on loadout are below)

Look for the kind of health-bars you want. The health-bar is divided into chunks, which vary from hunter to hunter. The total amount of health is the same (150), only the division of chunks are different. When taking damage, the bars will regenerate up till the next chunk. If burnt with fire, any fully burnt-out chunk will disappear for good. At least until refilled by killing a monster on your contract. Smaller chunks means that you loose less health if a chunk if burnt off. On the other hand, bigger chunks are less likely to get burnt off, as you have more time to put out a fire. Personally I prefer 3 big chunks instead of the smaller chunks.


3: Look for the hunter with the darkest cloths. This is the most important factor. NEVER get a hunter with a white shirt, or you will be a walking target.

2 - Loadout

A good loadout only depends on preference to some extend. Not all playing styles are equally effective when starting out solo.

1: Primary weapon. I would recommend a two-hand shotgun. A rifle is not very effective against other hunters because of the low damage. Unless you are up against another low-level hunter, you won't stand a chance. With a shotgun you have a chance if you can sneak up close. High-level hunters don't have more health than you, and can be taken out with a single well-placed shot. A shotgun is also more effective against the monster(s) on your contract. The problem with the shotgun is of course the limited ammo. If you rather want to take your chances from a distance, go with a rifle instead, just be careful not to engage with high-level hunters. Sniper rifles will be good later on too, but you can't get any decent ones in the beginning.

2: Secondary weapon. I highly recommend a melee weapon. At least until you can get a one-hand weapon with a silencer. The machete is a great and cheap choice. The melee weapon is your most important weapon, as it can kill silently. A VERY important factor, as you want to make a little noise as possible at all times. The machete has enough damage to take out any creature, with the exception of the boss-monsters and the meathead. (See tips about creatures further down)

3: Tools. the only really useful tool that you can use in the beginning is the knife. If you already have the machete as your secondary weapon, then you actually don't need any tools at all. Later, when you get to have First Aid Kits and Decoys, I will recommend one of each.
Most importantly, DON'T get the Electric Lamp. In the daytime you won't need it, and if you use it at night, your will get killed in a matter of minutes. A lamp is basically a highly visible beacon that says, here is an easy target.

4: Consumables. I recommend getting two vitality shots, as they can very easily save your life in a bad situation, and a fire bomb. The stamina and antidote shots are not very helpful, as they take just as long to use, as to wait for the stamina to go up again by itself, or the poison to stop draining health. The fire bomb is good to have so you can immediately burn other hunters after killing them. If you are up against a team, and you kill one hunter, the other hunter can revive him/her unless you burn the body. The oil-lamps that you can find around the map can do the same job, but while fighting other hunters, you won't have the time to look around for one.

5: Traits. These are skills that can be learned as the hunter level up. The best low-level trait is the Greyhound. Sprinting for a longer time is very useful as a solo-player. Later, when your bloodline levels up, Fanning will be the most important one. Fanning is very powerful if used together with the Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol. You will be able to kill the boss-monsters very fast, and you will have a good backup for almost any sticky situation. Quartermaster is great too because it will allow you to equip both a sniper rifle and a shotgun at the same time, but that's for even later, when you can actually get a decent sniper-rifle. Anyway, to begin with go for the Greyhound, and get the other traits if you have extra points to waste.


3 - Server

The best server may not necessarily be the one closest to you. In terms of connection, of course the closest server will give you the best result, but none of the servers are terrible, no matter from where you connect. The only one I don't recommend is the South American server. I have tried it twice. The first time it gave me an error message as the map loaded, and the second time the game had heavy lag.
As a solo-hunter, you want to play against as few other players as possible. In my experience, if you choose a server where the local time is between 05:00 in the morning and 12:00 noon, there won't be a lot of players online. Also, some servers have more high-level hunters than others. The North America West server is particularly difficult for solo players, as there are an excessive amount of high-level players. Playing on the European or the Australian servers is much easier, and there is no difference in lag as long as you play on the early hours, local time.



The ground rules of Hunt: Showdown

1: Stay alive. If you die, your hunter is dead and gone for good, including all items and player-xp. The only thing you get from a dead hunter, is half the bloodline-xp and money earned on the map.
2: Stay silent. Sound is key to Hunt: Showdown. Any noise you make is a risk of being spotted and killed. Also, any sound you hear, may give you an advantage in knowing where other hunters are.
3: Always suspect the worst. The second you start feeling safe or heroic, that's when you are about to die.


4 - The Map

Once you have accepted a contract, the game will start looking for other players to setup a match. The game starts once 10 players have been found, or if the timer runs out. It can be either 5 teams of two, or 10 solo players, or anything in between. Teams and solo-players are put in the same matches, which is a significant disadvantage for solo-players. If the timer runs out, you won't know how many players are actually on the map, and there is no way of telling. If the game starts before the timer runs out, then there will be 10 players for sure, including yourself.

Image number 1 below shows the spawn-points. As you can see, you might actually be very close to other hunters already from the very beginning. Starting out solo, you might want to avoid meeting other hunters as much as possible. If you stumble into a high-level hunter or a team of two on equal ground, you won't stand much of a chance.

1                                                                        2                                                                         3

The first thing you need to do when the match starts, is looking at your map. Depending on your spawn point, decide weather you want to stay one step ahead or one step behind. The images above show the moving direction I recommend for each starting point. (this may of course differ, depending on the location of the extractions points)

If you start close to the center (2nd image)
, then you can try to stay one step ahead. Use your dark-sight and get the direction of a clue that is towards the center of the map. Sprint to reach it before any hunters from the corners, but be aware of the environment of course. Never go where you won't be able to defend yourself with a melee weapon. Most importantly, avoid Hellhounds and Meatheads. As soon as you hear a Hellhound, stop sprinting and be careful. Keep your distance. If a Meathead is in the way of a clue, look around for oil-lamps to throw at it (You need 2 to kill it) If there are non around, skip this clue and go for the next. Also avoid crows and ducks. They are not dangerous themselves, but they make pretty loud noises when they fly away, and other hunters will be able to both hear and see your location. If a clue looks like it will take too much time to get to without using firearms, look for the next instead. See if you can get towards the center of the map, or slightly towards one of the extraction points. Locate a monster as fast as you can, but silence is more important than speed. Keep that in mind, and listen for other hunters all the time. If you hear a few gunshots, then it might just be a clumsy hunter that stumbled into a dangerous situation. Be a little extra observant and avoid running in that direction. If you hear powerful weapon sounds, like several shotgun blasts or machine-guns, that's a hunter you very much want to keep your distance from. If you hear multiple gunshots, then most likely two or more hunters are shooting at each other, and there will soon be one or two less players on the map. If the shooting continues, someone probably found a boss-monster and started fighting it. If you hear angry zombie grunts, dogs barking, horses, chickens going crazy or crows/ducks flying, then there is a hunter near by. If you hear or see the crows/ducks flying, and it wasn't yourself that scared them, then there is someone very close to where they flew from. If you suspect you are being followed, and hiding is not an option, sprinting in the opposite direction, unless you are ready to engage. The other hunter might hear you, but a fast moving target is more difficult to hit than a sneaking target if spotted.

If you manage to locate a monster before anyone else, you can either engage in battle right away, or check the area first.

Note: A well knows strategy is finding a camping spot, and waiting for other hunters to come and start fighting the monster. Then sneak attack them while in battle. This is however not a very effective strategy, as experienced hunters know all the spots, and you will be taken out fast and easy.

If you located the boss-monster quickly you can start the battle right away. It will be loud, so other hunters will be able to hear you, and even see your location on their map once you have killed it. I suggest only going for the battle, if you are pretty sure that the other hunters are far away, and won't be able to come intervene before you have killed it. If it took a while to locate the boss-monster, or if you are unsure if other hunters are around, don't start the battle right away. Walk around and listen for other hunters. Especially if it seems a little too quiet. A hunter might be camping near by, waiting for you to attack the monster, and then sneak attack you while in battle, or shortly afterwards, so they don't have to kill the monster themselves. Sneak/walk around very carefully and check the places that would seem like good hiding spots. Be quiet and ready with your shotgun. If everything checks out fine, and if you don't hear anyone approaching, then start the battle to kill the monster.

5 - Fighting a Boss-Monster

Be extremely observant. Keep one door open, preferably one facing in the opposite direction of any hunter-sounds you might have heard. Run outside for a very short while now and then, just to listen, but make sure that you are not an easy sniper-target. If you hear or see anyone approaching, close the door behind you and make it seem like you didn't hear anything. Listen for flying crows/ducks, dogs or horses. They are easily heard, even from within the buildings. Keep your cool, and keep fighting the monster, so the approaching hunter(s) don't suspect that you have heard anything. A good idea is having all doors and windows closed, and have bars on doors where possible. Make sure to know all possible access points to the building, and keep running in between them. That way you can clearly hear or see if someone enters, and you will have a pretty good idea where they are. Putting traps in front of closed doors can be useful as well. Typically approaching hunters will move slowly or even sneak, if they think that you haven't heard them yet. The most important thing is not to panic. This can be difficult in the beginning, but once you have killed your first hunter(s), it will become easier. Greet intruding hunters by throwing an oil-lamp at them, if you can find one. There should be some laying around in all of the compounds. The intruders will most likely panic, as they realize they have been spotted, and they have caught fire at the same time. Now they have to put out the fire before they permanently looses health. This is a good time to use your shotgun, unless they are firing crazy in every direction. In that case, take cover till your hear that they need to reload, then run at them blasting. If you kill one hunter, set him on fire right away, even if you haven't seen any other hunters. You never know if he/she is part of a team. If so, the partner will be able to revive him or her, unless the body is burnt. Always suspect the worst, or you will be dead very quickly.
After successfully killing any intruders and the boss-monster, start banishing it to hell. This is the most dangerous part of the job. The banishing will take a couple of very long minutes, where your location will show on every hunters map. In other words, you are a sitting duck. You still have the advantage though, as you can sit completely quiet and ready, and you will be able to hear approaching hunters. Avoid looking too much out the windows, or you will be an easy target for an approaching sniper. Find a spot where you can hear all access points to the building, but where you are not visible to them. Listen and be ready. If you hear or see a team of high-level hunters approaching, exit the building quietly and forget about the bounty. It's very annoying, but still better to run away than it is to die. Head to the nearest extraction point and try again.
If everything goes well, and you either manage to kill the intruders, or if no one comes, then pickup up the bounty from the banished monster, and head for the extraction point. For a short while you will be able to see other hunters using your dark-sight. It will last you long enough to get out of the compound without the fear of being the target of a sniper, but it won't last you all the way to the extraction point. Be careful as you approach. Don't panic, and don't necessarily go for the nearest exit, as snipers may be waiting.


If you start the game in a corner of the map (3rd image above), then you might want to stay one step behind instead, and walk quietly along the side of the map for a short while before hunting for clues. If you head towards the middle of the map right away, you will most likely stumble into other hunters, so walk to the back instead and use your ears. If you hear shots close by, or people running, wait and keep quite as a mouse. If everything is quiet, use your dark-sight and go for a clue, but take your time and be as quiet as possible at all times.
A good strategy is checking your map to see where the extraction points are, then go for clues heading in the direction of one of them. If you are lucky enough to find a boss-monster in a compound near an extraction point, you might also be lucky enough to kill it and escape before any other hunters can get to you.
However, most likely you won't be able to find the Boss-Monster(s) on your contract that fast, that's only if you are very lucky. Most likely other hunters will find it/them before you, and if so, then I suggest to gather as many clues as you can, and head for the extraction point that is furthest away from where the boss-monster(s) were found. (It will show on your map once killed by another hunter) Clues give $25 each, and you can collect 3 pr. boss-monster on the map.
You can also try to engage, if you find a boss-monsters location before it has been killed, even if you can hear that other players are fighting it. In some cases you might have a chance. Attacking other hunters while they fight a monster is however not as easy as it sounds. If it's a team, one hunter is probably on the lookout while the other hunter is shooting at the monster. Also, you probably is not the only hunter who got the idea to engage. On the other hand. If it's another solo player attacking a monster, he or she will be very busy, and might even be low on health. Find a spot close by where you are relatively hidden, and listen for a short while. If you hear other hunters coming, or if you hear the noise of very powerful weapons, like machine guns or shotguns with 5+ rounds, forget it and head to an extraction point instead.

6 - Sneak Attacks

If a battle is going on, and it doesn't seem like no one else is coming, then you can try to engage. Your best chance is to run in and make a sudden attack when you hear the most noise from the battle. The hunter(s) won't be able to hear you while shooting at the monster. Usually people are fighting a monster with a shotgun, so you will have a 50/50 chance using a shotgun as well, which is as good as it will get. See if you can time your attack so you come blasting while the other hunter(s) have to reload. Later on when you can get sniper rifles, you can stay distant and see if you can spot openings to the building, or notice if the hunter(s) run outside now and then. You need a really good rifle for this, so don't even consider it before you have one. Also, even if you have a good sniper rifle, camping outside a compound may not be a great idea, as the hunter(s) can see your position after picking up the bounty. If you plan to snipe them, try waiting near an extraction point instead, or somewhere along the way.

Note: Slowly sneaking your way in, is usually not a very good plan. The hunter(s) fighting the monster will be expecting visitors, and the longer you are at approaching, the more likely you are to be spottet.

If the monster is killed before you engage, the hunter(s) who killed it will be on guard, so in this case you will have to be sneaking, otherwise they will be able to hear you coming. This is however also a very risky plan. Hunters guarding a vanishing monster will have the advantage of hearing people coming, and will be ready in position. Unless you are an experienced player that already knows the good spots in every corner of the map, I would suggest to leave it alone and head for the extraction point instead.



7 - Creatures

Grunt (zombie): The weakest creature in the game. When they spot you, they will make hissing noises and start walking slowly towards you. If you don't move away, they will get angry and charge at you. They can be killed with either two light melee hit with a knife, of one single heavy blow. The only thing to be mindful of, is if they are carrying weapons or torches. Those with weapons will cause you to bleed if they manage to hit you, and those with torches will set you on fire. If you see a group of 4 or more grunts, expect to loose a little health if you engage with a melee weapon, as you only have stamina enough for 3 heavy melee blows.

Armored: A slower but more dangerous form of zombie. They take 3 heavy blows with a knife, plus a few light swings to kill. If you use a machete, then you can kill them with 3 heavy blows. Don't be afraid to engage with a melee weapons. When you hit them, even with a light blow, you interrupt their attack. If you don't miss, you can kill them without any resistance. However if you do miss, expect a heavy blow from them. Don't engage more than one at a time. The fastest and most secure way to kill them is throwing an oil-lamp at them. They will die from one lamp.

The Hive: A very weird-looking witch, that will send poisonous insects your way, should they discover your presence. You can kill them with 2 heavy melee blows from a knife, of with one heavy blow from a machete. Engaging a Hive with a melee weapon WILL get you stung by the insects, and you will be poisoned for some time. It will however go away within 30 seconds, and will most likely not cost you any health that won't regenerate. The best way to kill them is be throwing an oil-lamp at them. One is enough. Or, if you need to kill one fast, just shoot it. They will die from one shot if you hit them in the head, which they carry on their back.
Don't try to sneak around these creatures. they will randomly spot you and send their insects after you. In a sticky situation this can be fatal. Always take out Hives around areas where you plan to stay.

Meathead: The heaviest creature in the game, next to the Butcher of course. This creature can't see, only hear. It unleashes a couple of poisonous leeches when it becomes aware of you. They don't do much damage, but they poison you, and the Meathead will be heading for you. Don't take on this creature with melee weapons. It will kill you first. The best way to handle a Meathead is to use a distraction, and simple avoid it. If you HAVE to kill one, either shoot it with a shotgun, or preferably throw two oil-lamps at it. One lamp is not enough to kill it.

Hellhounds: Undoubtedly the most dangerous creature in the game. One bite will drain half your health, and they will charge at you fast. Avoid them if possible, or kill them from a distance, preferably from a place where they can't reach you. From behind a fence or from the top of a wagon or something. If you see Hellhounds charge at you without a cover, use your gun. It's unfortunate that other hunters will hear you, but it's a better alternative than to die. You can't sprint away from a charging Hellhound, so you HAVE to kill it.

Water Devil: A nasty creature that lurks under the surface. Don't get caught by one while in deep water, or you will get a very sudden death. You can easily hear them, so don't be scared to cross waters, just NEVER take chances with them.


8 - Monsters (Bosses)

The Butcher: The easiest of the two contract monsters. This however doesn't mean that you shouldn't be careful when fighting him. The best weapon against him is a shotgun. Explosives work too, but they make very loud noises. He's immune to fire (not gun-fire, but flames) so fire bombs or oil-lamps won't work. Note: He is also immune to headshots. His head is actually just a costume.
Avoid getting hit by him. Shoot him till he staggers, then run away while reloading. When he comes running for you, shoot him again till he staggers. Repeat this till he dies. If he sets you on fire, don't start putting it out before you get far enough away, or he will just set you on fire again. Don't worry too much about lost health. When you kill him, all health will fill-up again, even burnt chunks.
If you manage to get Fanning before you get a shotgun with room for more than 2 bullets, then kill him with the Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol instead. It will be very fast and easy.

The Spider: This monster takes a while to kill. It's very fast, and runs around the building like a maniac. Do your best to shoot it, and avoid both it's spit and being overrun by it. The spider is immune to poison, but nothing else. A good idea is to set up traps around the floor. Just be sure to remember where so you don't trip them yourself.


9 - Sound

Sound is key to the game. literally. Be sure to use a surround set or a headset with surround, or you will have a serious disadvantage. Any sound you make will give your location away, but this also goes for anyone else in the game, so to use it as an advantage.

Crows/Ducks: Make sure to avoid them, especially at daytime. They not only make noise, they also give nearby hunters a visual of where you are if you send them flying. If you hear or see flying crows or ducks, take a look around. Someone has just been very close to where they flew from.

Horses: They make sound when approaching. Not the loudest, but still enough to ruin a sneak attack. You can kill them with a melee weapon to shut them up.

Dogs: The dogs are very loud, so you definitely want to avoid setting them off if you can. Should they start a big howl, throw an oil-lamp over the fence, that will shut them up.

Creatures: The various creatures/monsters do make some noise when they discover your presence. However, they also make noise on their own at times, so an irritated grunt is not necessarily an indicator of another Hunter. They make a little more noise when attacked, but not enough to give away your location, unless another hunter is really close by.
*Hives: The hives make random creepy cries and screams. If you hear a hive scream louder than usual, expect a swarm of poisonous insects coming your way.
If you hear growling at a low frequency, that means that at least one hellhound is ready to attack you. Stand still and draw a gun. Either nothing happens and you can sneak away, or it will charge at you. If it comes for you, make sure to shoot it in the head before it reaches you, or half you health is gone. If two or more hellhounds attack at the same time, you better hit your targets, or you will be dead.

Weapons: Only melee weapons and guns with silencers are noiseless. Use them whenever possible. Only use regular fire arms when absolutely necessary. A gunshot can be heard all over the map, and will instantly signal to everyone else that you exist, and in what direction your are.

Water: Walking through water is a little noisy, but nothing to worry too much about, unless you know there are hunters very near by. But even so, I would still recommend sprinting, or at least walking through water, or find a way around. A moving target is more difficult to hit than someone sneaking around in open waters. Just get through it as fast as you can, if you HAVE to cross.

If you are planning a sneak attack, nothing will give you away more easily than opening a noisy old door. If you sneak while opening a door or a window, it will open almost silently. If you don't suspect any nearby hunters, don't worry too much about the open/close sounds.




10 - General Tips

+ Max health is 150. This number is the same for all hunters regardless of level and xp. Knowing this will give you an idea of how many bullets you need to take someone out, when looking at weapon damage. (using attacks within the recommended range of course) Attacks from greater distances, will lower weapon damage.

+ There are 10 players in a match. Some in teams, some solo, but 10 total. It can be either 5 teams of two, or 10 solo players, or anything in between.

+ Headshots are ALWAYS fatal. No matter the weapon damage, and no matter the level or xp of the hunter.

+ Red barrels will explode when shot at, and yellow barrels will burst into flames, sort of like oil-lamps or fire bombs.

+ Weapons with silencers can be used to distract enemies, including other hunters. Shoot at crows/ducks for instance, and a nearby hunter may think he can make a sneak attack. When he is our looking for you, probably sneaking, he will be an easy target.

+ Medkits and ammo is not only found at the marked points on the map. Houses usually contains medkits, and some times ammo too. Compounds always have plenty of ammo crates inside, and oil-lamps.

3 clues is all you need to locate one boss-monster. Each clue is worth $25 after the match ends.

+ You can increase the amount of ammo, if you have two weapons that use the same type. If you want more bullets for your rifle, find a handgun that uses the same ammo type, and equip it. This is especially useful if your rifle uses Compact Bullets, like the Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol. You can increase the amount of ammo quit a bit using this pistol.

+ You can bash in a closed glass-window, but not one that has been blocked with wood-planks.

+ The Butcher is immune to both fire (Flames, not gun-fire) and headshots. His head is just a costume.

+ The Spider is immune to poison.

+ Don't take cover behind a single tree. Some trees can be shot through. (Error in the game) So use trees mostly for visual cover.

+ Extraction points make noises when you are near by. Make sure that you are not followed. If you see a red exclamation mark instead of the countdown timer, then another hunter is close by. Time to run or to fight.

+ If you see open doors or windows be extra alert. Most doors and windows are closed when the map start.

+ A black hole in a clue, means that someone has already been there. The clue still works just fine, it's just useful info.

+ Always burn other hunters after killing them. That way their partner can't revive them, should they be part of a team.

+ It's a good idea to count and remember every time you hear shootouts. That will give you an idea of the number of players are still on the map.

+ If you loose all your money, you will be able to get free hunters. However, not a very good one.

+ You can buy health-chunk with upgrade points. If you manage to escape a map with a hunter that has a burnt off health-chunk, you can use the upgrade points to buy full health. Another option is to kill a boss-monster in the next match. Ass soon as you kill it, you will regain full health.

+ Don't ever use the electric lamp. Other hunters can spot you miles away. Also avoid walking outside with oil-lamps at night.

+ Don't ever buy a hunter with a white shirt. Unless you enjoy being a walking target.

+ Don't camp. It's a bad strategy, and will only get you shot, as experienced player know where to look.

+ Don't sneak too much either. Sneak around horses and crows/ducks and Hellhounds, but don't sneak over water or around in the bushes. That's just creepy, and experienced hunters will see you right away. A sneaking target is a much easier headshot than a fast-moving target.

+ Don't stand around looking out of windows. It's creepy too, and you will be a very easy sniper-target. Look now and then if you expect company, but be fast.

+ Don't walk around too much at the edge of the map. Many new player tend to walk there, as it seems safer, but when high-level hunters go newbie-hunting, that's the first place they start.

+ Don't try being a sniper until you can get a decent sniper-rifle. If you don't have a weapon that is good enough to make a headshot from a far, don't even try. You won't be successful.


Happy Hunting!








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Game Info:

Hunt: Showdown is a first-person shooter survival game developed by Crytek and published by Deep Silver. The game was released in early access in 2018 and officially launched in 2019. The game is set in the 19th century and takes place in the swamps of Louisiana. The players take on the role of a hunter, tasked with hunting down dangerous creatures and other hunters in order to claim bounties and survive.

Gameplay in Hunt: Showdown is fast-paced and intense, with players having to manage their resources and equipment carefully in order to survive. The game features both single player and multiplayer modes, with players able to team up with other players in order to take on the game's challenging enemies. The game also features a unique permadeath system, where players will lose all of their equipment and progress if they die.

The story of Hunt: Showdown is set in a dark, supernatural version of the 19th century, with players having to contend with a variety of supernatural creatures and other dangers. The game features a variety of different characters, each with their own unique abilities and skills. The game's graphics are stunning, with detailed environments and character models that bring the game's world to life.

The development of Hunt: Showdown began in 2014, with Crytek bringing together a team of experienced developers to work on the game. The game went through several iterations during its development, with Crytek focusing on creating a game that was both challenging and fun to play. The game was officially announced in 2016 and was released in early access in 2018.

In conclusion, Hunt: Showdown is a challenging and intense first-person shooter survival game that offers players a unique and exciting gameplay experience. The game's story, characters, and graphics are all top-notch, making it an excellent choice for fans of the genre. The game's permadeath system adds a level of tension and realism that makes the game feel even more immersive. The game's development and attention to detail make it a must-play for fans of the genre, and is likely to be a classic for years to come. The game can be found on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.