Heroes of Might & Magic 5 - Expansion Pack Combiner

Heroes of Might & Magic 5 was the first game in the series to be developed by Nival, following the unfortunate closure of 3DO. It was released by Ubisoft in 2006. The game comes with 2 expansion packs: "Hammers of Fate" and "Tribes of the East". Unfortunately, they were made as separate installments, instead of expanding content to the original game. This patch will put all 3 games into one, enhance the AI (Optionally), and improve performance on newer systems.

Heroes of Might & Magic 5 and both expansions, updated to the latest version (GOG and Steam versions are already updated)

Download the content pack (LINK)
2: Unpack the content into the "Tribes of the East" game folder.
3: Open the "bin" folder inside the "Tribes of the East" game folder, and make a shortcut to "H5_AIadv_31j.exe".

That's it. Tribes of the East will now contain all 3 games (The original game, Hammers of Fate, and Tribes of the East).
Use the "H5_AIadv_31j.exe" shortcut to start the game with modified AI and performance enhancement.
Use the regular shortcut to start the game in it's original form (But with all 3 games included). *Use this version for online play


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Heroes of Might & Magic 3 and 5 are considered the best two games in the epic fantasy strategy series. The games have very similar game-play with masterful soundtracks and beautiful graphics. The main difference between the two games are the use of 2D/3D. Each game presents itself extremely well, with unique and detailed worlds and well balanced factions.
Heroes of Might & Magic is a turn based strategic fantasy game about different factions fighting over land and resources. It takes place in the same game universe as the Might & Magic RPGs, and have the same monsters and humanoid characters. The game is primarily multiplayer, but it contains several single player campaigns as well.

Heroes of Might & Magic 5 factions

This is the faction of humans. Populated with peasants, knights and religious warlords. The Holy Empire of "Law and Order" and faith in the Dragon of Light, Elrath. Heaven is the primary faction of the single player campaign quest-line. The heroes of Heaven are Queen Isabel and the faithful Godric, the king's uncle and high general.

The twisted and dark faction of demons from the depths of the underworld. Their specialty is the ability to bring demons to the battlefield via "gating", summoning them from the depths. The demons heroes are Urgash, the Dragon of Chaos, and the Demon Sovereign Kha-Beleth, the evil overlord. The Inferno campaign part is revolving around Agrael. Ambitious and ruthless against all other factions.

The dark and dead side of the Empire and the Silver Cities. The Necropolis s ruled by vampires and mad undead wizards, who worships a spider-like version of Asha, the Dragon of Order. They seek everlasting peace and beauty in death, and use dark magic and necromancy to raise the dead in the battlefields. The hero for the Necropolis campaign is Markal.

The underground empire of the Dungeon faction, is populated with dark elves who follow and bow to Malassa, Dragon of Darkness, secrecy, plots, and betrayal. They are former Sylvan members, but became renegades after falsely being accused of Brittiga's burning and king Arniel's death. They have strong irresistible magic, which makes for very powerful heroes. The hero for the dungeon campaign is Raelag, a very ambitious and secretive warlock.

The Sylvan is equivalent to Rampart from Heroes of Might & Magic 3, but with a more distinct elvish style. The Irollan kingdom, which is said to be blessed by Sylanna, the Dragon of Earth, is the heart of nature and life. Their heroes as well as inhabitants focus on archery and healing magic. The Sylvans are the counterpart to Dungeon, even though they were once one. The hero of the Sylvan Campaign is a fighter and diplomat by the name of Findan.

This is the faction of wizards and magical creatures, living in a city in the clouds of mystery and wisdom. Most of the Academy heroes are focusing on magic, each with their specialty. The Dragon is Sar-Elam, the Seventh Dragon, who was once a very powerful wizard. He became a Dragon to help banishing the malicious Urgash (Dragon of Chaos), they stayed a dragon. The hero of Academy is Zehir, the son of late Arch-Mage Cyrus.