GTA 3 Beautification Project 1.0
by Tore Andersen

The GTA 3 Beautification Project is a small enhancement guide with step-by-step instructions for modding the 5th Grand Theft Auto game. It will fix a lot of issues with regards to newer computer systems and significantly improve both graphics & effects. Grand Theft Auto 3 is not designed to be modified, but it's still possible with the use of some editing tools. The game was released in 2001, and the graphics and mechanics are very far from current day GTA games. With this modification guide, GTA 3 will get better textures & lighting plus a new custom shader for better image quality.

: Mods
2: Screenshots
3: Game Art




1 - The G.3.B.P. Mod-List

The following mods need to be installed one by one, in the order they are listed. This is important, as some mods overwrite files from others.


Mods 1: Game Fixs & Tools

Fixed Exe (DOWNLOAD)
Download and unpack into the GTA 3 game-folder.
*This exe has extended memory limits. It's needed for the mods to work.

SilentPatch (LINK)
Download "SilentPatchIII 1.1 Build 5" and "SilentPatchIII 1.1 Build 5".
Unpack both files into the GTA 3 game-folder.

Download and unpack into the GTA 3 game-folder.

Cleo (LINK)
Download Cleo for GTA 3, and unpack into the GTA 3 game-folder.

Limit Adjuster (DOWNLOAD)
Download and unpack into the GTA 3 game-folder.

Ultimate ASI Loader (LINK)
Download and unpack into the GTA 3 game-folder.
*Download the 32bit version. The 64bit version has stability issues.

Widescreen Fix (LINK)
Download both files and unpack to a temporary folder.
Move the files from within "GTA3.WidescreenFix" and "GTA3.WidescreenFrontend" into the GTA 3 game-folder. Overwrite.

Windowed Mode (LINK)
Download and unpack to a temporary folder.
Move the "III.VC.SA.WindowedMode.asi" into the "scripts" folder inside the GTA 3 game-folder. Don't copy any other files.


Mods 2: Textures

Natural HD Textures (LINK)
Download and unpack to a temporary folder.
Open the "modloader" folder inside the GTA 3 game-folder, and make a folder named "hdnatural". Inside this folder make a new folder named "models".
Go to the temporary folder and move "txd.dir" and "txd.img" into the "models" folder you just created. Don't copy any other files.

Download and unpack into the GTA 3 game-folder.
*This is a repacked file for easy installation. If you want to install the original mod instead (LINK) just make sure you put the files into the fight paths.


Mods 3: G3BP ReShader (Only for Windows 7/8 or 10 pre Creators Update)

NOTE: Unfortunately this ReShade doesn't work on a fully updated version of Windows 10.
Download and unpack into the GTA 3 game-folder.
*If you use Steam overlay, there is a chance that the display will have way too much contrast. If that happens, just disable the Steam overlay and run the game once, then you can enable it again.

Make sure that "Trails" are set to "Off" in the game options menu. See image:


Mods 4: New Cars

There are literally thousands of car replacement mods for GTA 3. (LINK)
Replace as many or as few as you like. Follow installation instructions for each mod. *Use the Mod Loader mod, and trying new cars will be fast and easy.


End of Mod-List


Grand Theft Auto 3 is ready for launch
If the game crashes on the very first launch, don't worry. CTDs sometimes happen at the very first launch after file changes. Start the game again, and everything will be fine.



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3 - G3BP 1.0 Screenshots












Original Game Screenshots (For comparison)





4 - GTA 3 Artwork







Fan Art




Brief info about Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand Theft Auto 3 was the first GTA game to be made in 3D. It was a huge step from GTA 1 & 2, but it still managed to keep the same level of detain and atmosphere. GTA 3 was a milestone in the series, and became the template for future GTA games. It takes place in the fictional place of Liberty City, which is based upon the real world New York City. Same place as GTA IV. GTA III was the last game to be developed by DMA Design before RockStar Games took over. It was released in 2001 after a short delay due to the 9/11 attacks, as some content had to be removed.

Grand Theft Auto 3 - Maps

Grand Theft Auto III plot:
During the getaway from a successful bank robbery in Liberty City, the player, Claude is betrayed by Catalina, who shoots him and leaves with the money. Claude is on his way to prison, but the transport is ambushed by Mexican cartel members and the player manages to escape along with another prisoner by the name of 8-Ball. After getting to a safe-house, 8-Ball introduces Claude to the Leone Mafia crime family and the S Club 7 owner Luigi. From here the player slowly works his way up in the ranks of the Liberty City Mafia, and establishes a name for himself.