Alien Rage
Steam Fix

Alien Rage is great game from 2013. Unfortunately the Steam version has an error that prevents it from launching on modern computer systems. The developers and the team at Steam seems to have abandoned the game completely, even though they still sell it. The error is caused by the "steam_api.dll" file, so I'm not entirely sure if that's a fault of Steam or the developers from CI Games. Regardless, the error is easily fixed by replacing the file.



Steam Crash Fix (DOWNLOAD)
Download and unpack into the Alien Rage game-folder















Game Info
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Alien Rage is a first-person shooter with pretty linear levels. You meet many hostile aliens, and at the end of every few levels, there is a predictable boss fight. Very cliché. You get points for annihilating as many aliens as possible in the shortest amount of time. Regardless if you use explosions or bullets. No surprises. The player can use both human or alien weapons, which is cool but predictable as well. Assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, and miniguns, same as in every other 1st or 3rd person shooter. The game has competitive multiplayer, but no servers are running. The ironic thing is, the multiplayer version of the game actual works without a fix, but since the servers are not running, you can't play. The single-player version of the game, which doesn't require any running servers, doesn't work without the fix from this page. Brilliant. Alien Rage takes place on an asteroid for space-mining Promethium, a dangerous source of energy. Surprise. Jack, the player, is sent to the mining facility to destroy it, and wipe out the aliens as well. Because, why not have some fun.